Nevermind the catnip, Joe Scarborough is a Son of A Bitch!

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros, Maverick.

Still to come, Dave Mustaine stars as The Barber from Savannah, Georgia. And, oh what a coincidence, the minute that former president George W. Bush slips on Sigmund Freud’s dick, the F.B.I. releases a Top-Secret plan to kill that sumvitch. Here’s wisdom, it was not an Iraqi dissident who plotted the hit, it WAS the ghost of former Arizona Cardinals #40, and U.S. Army Specialist, Patrick Tillman.

And Katty Kay… I am below the pissers, so nevermind the next segment of Line 12 à Concordia. But what is the deal with Cousin Joe not feeding Mika’s Pussy cat? Deer, Lorde, bring in That recently laid-off SNL character.


But first, Öüï can’t reververate this enough, Joe Scarborough is a Son of a bitch. And here is why:


Because he (the former FloriBama congressman) continues to trickle down on the little man, man!!!

I can’t remember what Mika’s big fat Pussy cat’s name is, suffice to say, Mika’s Pussy cat 🐈 is a rescue, which explains Évry thing.

Cousin Joe just doesn’t know how to hear the Blues, man! To him, and his Evangelical ways every lick is a kiss from the Devil. Sanctimonious sonovabitch!

And, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo… la Palma no murió, IT!, Never did.

GLORIETA IS NUTTIN BUT A ’round Ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh bout.

… Endless Money is for oligarchs.

Take for instance Joe Scarborough’$ Nantucket cabana, why the ‘icebox’ alone has enough meat to feed the entire Russian army and the prison population of Georgia.

But dare a cute little Pussy cat meow next  to that carpetbagger, Long Island Iced Tea sippin’, Cockadoodledoo sucker’s ear and the, so-called former ‘distinguished’ gentleman from the Redneck Riviera, immediately—EYE SAY!— Will Immediately scream “that Pussy needs to go on a diet”.

Pelos güeros, Pelosi!!! Pelos Wueros!!?

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