With all due respect… GÜau—WÜau

It feels fine…

… and unlike that “hound dog”, je suis “high class”…because i’m a mut, ya’bum…

Anygüey, amigo… kind of ran into technical difficulties all fucking day long, Aleluya! Give me more give me more, i grew up where the Dust Storms were the attraction in town, allá en San José de las Panochas, municipio de Mapmí, Durango…

Tumbling Dice Fusion from New Jersey…

Bueno, Jon Henry, un juarense adoptado lo gritaba mejor: Sobre Aviso No Hay Engaño*… te dije que hoy y mañana es fiesta nacional en Francia, y el exitazo de Los Rieleros del Norte ( de Nantes) de la ultima manifestación los convocó para que amenizaran en la Gare de Lyon, y la del Norte, y la del Este, etc., etc., etcétera…

With all due respect… it seems that even the French Information SuperDupper–Highgüey (that’s the IT fellas at La Mairie de París) had a national holyday … }—-~~~\*>  Of course you know, or should know by now, that it was the French, who invented “The  Boss”, es decir, los interWebs…. “Can You Ask For Anything More? …TimeStamp: 21h38 in Siren Time.

the good thing about today’s sundown hour was Bruce Springsteen over the Seine waves. In the mean time, Larry Merchant afterdark is searching por un satelite chilango de nombre Fran Hevia on Derek’s Mexican Drunk History show… Salud!


… And Yes, Donald Trump: “I WAS BORN IN THE U.S.A.” pinche presidente de mierda!

Chicken hawk–in–Chief….


All the cool sources lead to Steve McQueen and his motherfucking Triumph, and not to a stupid–ass Trump:

… all the way to Juaritos… “So it goes”.

Coming up after the BreaK it’s : Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

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