The VE–Day After… it’s the 11h in CET

The Chaos Doctrine

Beyond Klein’sShock Doctrine” .::. F1CE40F9-3A1F-49D5-8419-CA71CDF985D6 🎞 SILENZIO… 🎥 Action!!!

Alármala de tos…

Framing of the news travels faster than a supersonic bird in the sky, especially on an election year threatening to split the results in a three-güey race (punto y coma) case in point and not to be outdone by Axios TV’s,  Alexi Mccamond, a “Business Insider” with ties to the “Underground Railroad” took the viewer all in with a very bold, and very bronze classic frame D.A.T. is heavy enough to say to the soccer moms*: “Look At Me! I am woman, hear my claim.”

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /news /politics /onpolitics /2019/05/22 /harriet-tubman-20-bill-delayed-2028-mnuchin-says /3769291002/

Where is my TWENTY?

Where is my TWENTY? .::. 0FE20456-CD5F-4B50-9FFC-798BD17ED7D6 💸 If you think that the 2028 postponement of the Harriet Tubman note was an “unintended” consequence of the 2016 General Election, watch out for the third equine in the democratic race because along with the Reverend Al Sharpton’s Donkey a little pony waited until AFTER the dust settled to show his true colors…

* The Karen demographics.

Uno, dos, tres,…

“I’m Orvis Goodnight, record producer… I spent $3.5 million for that stucco castle over there and I don’t get the same (police) protection that Dave Whiteman gets”

Twenty Minutes:

Little Richard, CRÉATEUR DU ROCK’N’ROLL, est mort à 87 ans

Botellita de Jerez,
en la voz de
Barack H. Obama

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