Deer, rédacteur–en-chef à Rennes…

Corrigez-nous si Öüï, —the staff of this most non-consequential blog— estamos en un ERROR, but whatever killed BARBARA was a French inspired thing and/or feeling… are we wrong?

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz

… et TOI, Siren, do you feel like listening to a Crying Song, or are you just happy to see me wear Pink on the Dark Side of The Moon?

FYI Radio France, your Real Time song listings are not working in REAL TIME, in order to find out what “jinggle” played before “the current track”, Önë has to refresh the player. Now then, because Öüï know that them Sirens don’t read us, this entry therefore Wont Mean A Thing, because if the Blessed in their Hearts French don’t “bestow you with Swing” then it’s nothing more than una pinche MANUELA. Ask a Mexican.

And Siren, nevermind the Keys, öüï know The Combo.

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