No insistas, Comadre LETY!!!! Christine Lagarde is at the Plate

Aquí nomas sus chicharrones truenan

Aquí nomas sus chicharrones truenan.:.EFE8E58D-2BAE-4A32-BCF0-3C0DC2648EA6 •|• in Cinco de Mayo news, el embajador de America de los estados unidos Henry Lane Wilson felicitó a Eugenia León.

It’s the middle of the Eight and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound, y en esta esquina, por el bando de los técnicos (sin protocolo) figuran El Perro Aguayo, The Iranian Sheik y “Borolas“…

It's Will Good Hunting season

It’s Will Good Hunting season…

I don’t know who sent the three amigos to the opposite corner, but we [the staff, in a Vince Scully with intermittent observations AND/OR objections for the JUDGE by Humberto Luna y sus Lunáticos] suspect que son Los Rudos (con S.O.P. !A huevo!!!) y que el sobrino de un tal “El Santo” envió a un Ultimate Aníbal flanqueado por Roddy Piper y “Lou Costello”… Tinieblas es el UMPire, y “Alushe” es el REeFeree.

Dear, Stephanie Rhule, no fighting

Dear, Stephanie Rhule, no fighting, but let Mí tell your, FEMME, you lied, Bitch!!! — Check it out, señora Rhule, don’t you go on the Ari Melver show and pretend that the MEDIA MATTERS crew did not HEAR esa boquita de pundit decir that YOU, señora Rhule, would “show you (o sea enseñar a los de su distinguida AUDIENCIA, señora Rhule) how to DRINK straight from a cup.” Heck, señora Rhule, you grabbed the cup to enhance your Pike Place manifesto. —_•|•_— STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE would direct any SCIENCES PO mashable mind to Chris Matthews because he, and only he, has access to the media that matters on the msnbc’s, period

This event is sponsored by LOS PIPOTES DE STEPHANIE RHULE, on Mika’s desk; LOS PIPOTES DE STEPHANIE RHULE available at Sewers, Rivers and for the next millenium, on every fucking Sushi Roll you get to eat.

It’s the bottom of the EIGHT and Madame Christine Lagarde is at the plate, AGUSTIN CARSTENS is the coach at Third and I don’t know is standing next to Carlos Slim at the owners box.

America de los estados unidos

America de los estados unidos is in fact a Non-welcoming country for communicators like Mí.

Hey, Marianne: I Object to le Préfet du Police, “Article Three”, amigos, eh!

A funny thing happened on the way to Forum

En Resumen, 20142018:

Hey, baby… eye wants to bee your man
Not your poke-mon…
take the soul out of your Cocoroco and you (have) got nothing fip, nothing, period

All Eye wants is a Remedy

Let’s eat some Crows.:.3E0B7262-8E26-4984-B563-1062E5C19D16 •|• The Black Crows, dix it! Eat a Peach… Syria is now under Russian control ; you’ve BEAN warned… got Beano®️? Period

Francia, en el sentido de Nación–Estado, o algo Montesquieuviano por ese Voltierisko, es una exploradora a la cual le Gusta enseñar. Dicho de otra manera, el francés no cacaraquea por el mundo para que le “enseñen”, —y menos, Raquelito— en su chingado

let's take five

FIP Radio, now with French commercials, —of course.:.8E0EECE9-D097-4E38-9544-1B0370E2836A •|• back in Five Sambas desde Brazil… in his Joungen Years, Marcus Miller wanted to bee a Trombone player, but he lacked the Hip-hop side of the Venn Diagram, period

Advertisement follows, but FOist, nothing tastes as good as those lonely peoples, except being FIP, nothing tastes as good as being fip, period

¿Cómo qué?

¿Cómo qué? Cómo un Rin-Kin wey!

Dicho de otra manera, Comadre Lety… no insistas, but can you please explain FIP.FR, how Oprah Winfrey is a “journalist”, is that the standard to join the AFP Syndicate? You get a car, you get a gallery, you get an Año de [insert country] en La France, eh‽


Fuck the Marshall, eh!

POR QUE DéJAME que te cuente Amanpour à La Unesco, —con tu ahijado Buzzfed— como moderador del embajador de Peña Nieto en esa institución. Dicho de otra manera, Asilo tu chingada madre, Your Fucken France invited me, Armando Segovia, in, you used me, bitch, and then when it suited you, FRANCE, you advocated for what this little CUEhead (below) said while doing the UNION stipulated real time with William Maher, on HBO tv; but because you, FRANCE, did not invent the Hobos/SDF, you have no recollection of the “memories”.

Allow me to digress,
you LeadHoneyBeesBetter, you: