The Apothecaire and The Tramp

Breaking the FIP’s:

https ://www .ouest-france .fr /economie /greve /direct-greve-du-5-octobre-environ-200-manifestations-prevues-perturbations-dans-les-transports– b4db0a3e-25aa-11ec-af2f-332dac360860

En contexto for the pharmacienne at The Place where Evry Body knows your name.

” Right now oysters are being robbed of their sole possession”

Rather quickly, ‘cus i haven’t got the RUPEES to top of my LYCA card¹, a BENEVOLE asked me, after i asked her first, what it was/is that she does for work when she is KNOT saving the world (in France)? Her answer reminded me of that Doctor that EYE told y’all about… many, many Ale’s ago.

Really, a pharmacist (pill pusher, eh!)
— Well, a pharmacist is more that a person behind the counter, pushing pills…
You don’t say.
Fo’Sho she said, or something like that in Cool French. And then she told me about how she is developing a better fertilizer for CARROTS, or some other Fruit of the rue des Lombards.

And Rev. AL, that’s no JIVE.

 “Right now a tired man with a wounded heart is sitting in a coach seat on an eastbound transatlantic flight looking out the window wondering how to say “dog” “howl” and “moon” in French just in case it comes up”… FOR Unlawful CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (1991) Van Halen.

https ://www .ilxor .com /ILX /ThreadSelectedControllerServlet ? boardid =41&threadid =103749

Not to be outdone by the INTERPROFESSIONAL manifestation of La Rentrée of October the 5th at Place de La République, The fip sirens (those whailing motherfuckers) went on STRIKE (One). Sources close to the MONK PHISH³ relay that Denis Soula (that son-of-a-bitch!!!) turned into Dockthor Frankenstein and that fucker is EXPERIMENTING with the programming or the patrimoine, of some at that cabin.

RAPE… Rappers Against Phonie entertainers*
Rape… A Type of French cheese, processed in China!
Rape³… A sort of fish (po’mans lobster in WaWa Land)
Rape… When sex is used as a weapon in EXCHANGE for a service, in particular, when said exchange results in actions done intentionally to punish other people because they have done something unpleasant to someone with A LOT of POWER and MONEY.

* 3rd Bass
Derelicts of dialect (1991)

WADR*… Rewind

*With all due respect

La Remontada Conquista… ya quisiera el tal ZIGARO, chinga’eau

Dear,  LE COMITÉ DE SOLIDARITÉ AVEC LES INDIENS DES AMÉRIQUES i don’t select the events, and i definetly don’t select las palomitas. Now because la forma es fondo here’s a little background on the pentagram at Nation…

[time-delayed-delimeter with HILO, HAWAII]

Well, I, armando segovia, PUBLISHER of this WordPress© Scroll in the form of a digital blog have been telling you this since the Great Big Moon of El Año de México en Florence Cassez (which is why Eye is Driven to TEARS, Gordo… to TEARS, Sting), charity without justice is (haga usted de cuenta doña Vilma Fuentes) Kabuki Theater for the mass-es, é.




Zapatistas Viva Mexico productions presents

Wadrhistoire d’eau… with Musical Guest, QUIET RIOT

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2020/05/29 /asi-respondieron-cientificos-a-amlo-por-tacharlos-de-corruptos-y-recortar-el-75-del-presupuesto-de-investigacion/

Starring: Blanca JIMÉNEZ CISNEROS, PhD. (inge medio… ambientalista)

The Best WaWa in the Whole Wide World del Mundo de Le Monde

https ://www .muframex .fr /arrivee-ambassadrice-du-mexique-septembre-2021/

MUFRAMEX, it’s like Motherfuckers but with a Masters degree, or something like that… 

Synopsis… Agua pasa por tu casa meets Candil oscuro en Coahuila… CathéSISMO en EL Mundo de Le Monde on page one. And just to spite the locals in Paris… TEXAS! The ad man placed a FULL-PAGE  solidarity message to the women in Paris… Texas. ISSY, it’s begining to look a lot like They of the Dead (over yonder)

sponsored by Topochico®


https ://www .elsoldemexico .com .mx /mexico /sociedad /blanca-jimenez-se-va-de-conagua-pero-deja-conflicto-6611247 .html

El Fondo es CYAN… artist unknown or anoNYmous.

And still to come, last week Öüï brought you “The Ultimate FAKE Book, with over 1200 Trillion likes“, Knot this week Missy, today Eye is going to reveal to all Y’ah MUFRAMexas the way of THE LORDE (Amen) the WAY of the C-Section in, “The New REAL BOOK volume 3“… can’t make this up, it’s for Scientific Research. It’s Trou, —Doct’a.

And, Avi Velshi… hoy no hubo Beatles on The Johnny Canales Show

And Tiff Cross, Wheeeee is definetly not going to use the Instagram because Öüï’s been told, and Eye has been informed, that “the gram” is worst, much WO’ist in real time no less, than them Cuban microwaves 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

One thing is for sure Tiffany Cross, in theory, the debt of that McCarthy Guy is not the same as U.ncle’s deep pocket ceiling… if Mr. M. defaults on his debts his first-born is taken away by The State, if the U.S. defaults on our debts, then the Washington Pentagrams start a war and Liberty, liberty, liberty (pay only for, yada-yada-yada). Eye is old enough to remember the year of Mexico in the “it’s too big to fail” remesas of 2008… it’s not as if America³ was Haiti and the WORLD BANK would bank roll a coupe.

³:.(…Or, the soon-to-be renamed Country of TEXAS [plural].

Over at The Johnny Canales Show… It’s a new kid on the block, his name is don CORNELIUS, —reina.

📻 ♫ ♫ ♫ Hey hey we’re The Crickets… and Öüï’s looking for a new love, a new love, —Alicia Menendez… leave the Mecedes-Benz at The Church, Wheeeee’s not going to need our Flintstones vitamins to THEY.

Witt that in mind, Alex… you’ve heard about the TRANSFIGURATION (Bam!) in the SYNOPTIC Evangelios de MATEO and the other three fools on The Hill (or was it a mount, Olivia?—) Anyhow, Alicia Menendez, it’s not one of those (FOUR), this here — motherfucker— is THE TRANSMUTATION of CORNELIUS into REYNA on the Johnny Canales Show. Starring SELENA in the role of Whitney Houston.

And starring as don Cornelio, reina: That Tony guy, Matthew López

Lupita for the Role of Houston Lone Star, from New Jersey, Whitney… unless you wish to go The Filipino route and look for a Diamond, Philippe?

Take it away“.

And, Baby Blue, youse like Saturday Morning Cartoons, ese.

Over on our Twitter crutch… it’s all Crickets, and That’s the way Öüï likes it

The October Commune de Paris Classic 2021

Page 666: Splish Splash / Stand By Me (punto y coma) followed on p. 667 by non other than The Star Spangled Banner… And Little Steven at the Underground Garage, page 665 preceeds all [THAT JAZZ ] with SPIDERS and SNAKES… look, IT!, UP—motherfucker.

Let Mí Take Ewe down… Strawberry Filelds [in frames, ésé]

PAGE 453: MEMORY (from CATS).
Music by A. L. WEBBER
Text by T. NUNN after T.S. ELIOT.

Indies Short Tails vs The Washington Pentagrams
https ://www .rollingstone .com /politics /politics-news /havana-syndrome-crickets-not-microwaves-report– 1235163/


On the same sphere Eye noted that @jonlemire was such an Actor, yada, yada, yada. The reason for that, Cousin Joe, is that yesterday during your holiday in Nantucket, AP Lemire threw some major shade on the “Classic-lovin'” mélomanes Issy*, vato.

*; / French cacophonie for the English translation of “HERE”, ese.

Now given our reduced resources, Öüï cannot bring you a snapshot of the screengrab so our new Intern, Wheeeeee, is going to paraphrase the conversation for your sorry Bostonian ass… Gooooo, Dodgers!

In contexto.

Top seating from right to left, Creme Tangerine and Montelimar
Bottom row, a ginger sling and pineapple heart

In a new tell-all book, “deepthroat” confidant Bob Woodward and that PBS guy with a Méditerranéen last name (probably from Macedonia) Bob Costa, detailed how POTUS 45° was soothed with Broadway tunes when he got angry. It must be noted that Lemire pouted dissatisfaction (kind of sort of like Diego Luna does) when saying the following:

https ://www .newsweek .com /trump-was-allegedly-kept-brink-rage-song-cats– 1633691

[A]nd then she said that aids rushed in with his favorite tunes, such as “Memories” from the musical CATS when they heard Trump scream in anger³, while sitting at The Resolute Desk (which was quite often).

³.)_ No mentioning if Mr. Trump “ever looked back” while fuming at The White House.

Live from Ventimilli*, casi esquina con NICE, it’s the Sopranos at the Big Screen

*:] Ventimiglia if youse knot French.
… y ya no insistas Suzi Siréne, mi corazón es mio y de nadie mas.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /hommage-a-dr-lonnie-smith

C’mon fuckers… ketchup:

La pila (🥁) seca.

A brand KNEW band is hitting the scene. They call themselves “The Beatles” and on October (en octubre tenía que ser) The Band is « debuting » their backwards style Deluxe Edition of “Let It Be” at the end of a long and winding career, working their way to page one (77) in New Zealand, knot Liverpool. Read all about it on the Charlie Watts edition of Rolling Stone (PUNTO y COMA) BUYER BEWARE, edition N° 136/October 2021 of RS came out defective, it’s in FRENCH.


Previously on Season 6, Episode 11 at the Pont Alexandre 3 in Paris, Carmela makes the good folks of Au Pied du Cochon an offer that they can’t refuse.

Segn*or Manuel Valls… Pablo Picasso has something to say

*:]… ñ

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /vox /societe /manuel-valls-immigration-tout-repenser-a-partir-de-zero-20210928

¡Vamos, majo! Móntese en las piernas de Io (not to be confused with Jupiter’s  moon, eh), de paso señor Valls, invite a Miguel Bose and here is why: Eye bet that from the list of luminaries that you grew up with some are artists that I —armando segovia— actually admire, but that I would never want to meet.

Now because i am working with limited resources i will be very—very Brief, so brief that the ride will last ONE SPINNING WHEEL ride « mo’less », which is pronounces MOW-less, ¡not MOLES!, porque ahorita Io ya merendó.

Back in 2015 you found my prescence in FRANCE in conflict with the The Year of México in France… se acuerda usted Sr. Ministro? Bueno, para causa y efecto let’s say that your memory won’t allow you to think about that incident because you probably know where I am headed with this, ISSY, I am headed to Lille, not NICE.

With that in mind, Madame Mayor (Hidalgo, 75000—CEDEX) let me wrap a lien around you just in case Mr. Valls wants to run for your current post once you leave your position at EL AYUNTAMIENTO, think of this as un pase para VERONICA (suerte taurina del primer tercio, no la cocaina para la novia del otro día)… so if you are really thinking of OverHauling your immigration version for the masses start with the ACADEMIC TOURISTs that come to France to sow their wild oats at Sciences Po, l’ENA and of course la bendita Sorbonne and then, Monsieur concejero de Barça, go back to their countries to become the loyal bureaucrates and fonctionnaires of dictators, quasi-dictators, and/or corrupt regimes like the one in Mexico, which (as an independent academic researcher) legally brought me to FRANCE in 2011 under the auspices of a TALENTS and Skills visa.

Cambio de Tercio

I am going to request a el JUEZ de PLAZA que por favor no saque a los embestidores, let ME, motherfucker… enjoy la faena sin necesidad de debilitar a la bestia, que en este ruedo en forma de blog es usted.

Muleta en mano, don Manuel, le comentó que… el monarca del trincherazo, es Silverio y esta MONTERA va por le caporal-chef Maxime Blasco. Cualquier parecido con los soldados de Afghanistan en la portade de LA ECRAN DE VEILLE, edición de lanzamiento o, como dice La Legión Extranjera, la N°1es pura SALMA HAYEK en DOGMA.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Trinchera_ (passe)

With all due respect, Presidente Macron… i don’t select the news of “The Night Before”, heck you were the Ministre de l’Économie, de l’Industrie et du Numérique when the MEXICAN ARMY brought it’s CIRCUS to Town…. Vielle for all the LAZY Americans at La SORBONNE meansWOKENESS“, AUSSI… Mr. President, Öüï is talking BIG BALLS here, not VALLS.

https ://www .la-croix .com /France /hommage-national-caporal-chef-Maxime-Blasco-letincelle-courage-2021-09-29-1201177888

https ://fr.wikipedia .org /wiki /Passe_de_poitrine

Previously on, The Bpi à Pompidou plays no *LIES… it’s the Universality of the N° 18 (Philadelphia edition)

And Starring as Kareem Abdul (33) Jabbar: Eugene Daniels

Track 6 _ Ain t IT! Fun!!!

… and Cousin Joe, FYI, I met the current President of the United States of America while covering the 18th District and, motherfucker, CAMDEN, New Jersey. Enjoy YOUR latte. WADR… ask TIM R.

Or KNOT! In any case that you put Mí in, we are following a thread from Yesterday’s content and one of the lines that i am going to connect now is with the Great Mexican State of COAHUILA DE Zaragoza, home of mi tocayo, and most corrupt senator of El Primer Ojete of that nation.

ARMANDO GUADIANA, shares not only LO GERUNDIO de Mí, but he also happens to be a MINER³ and for that RACHEL MADDOW i am going to show YOU the rule of THREE, which happens to form part of the Mexican section of this most non-consequential WordPress Blog©, as always, Öüï strives to show you the work, not just the answers from the BACK of the Sciences Po book:

And, Madame Mayor¹ (Hidalgo*) this line is for the good people that make up your TOURISM BOARD… AUSSI, don Calderón, i am so sorry that my commentary from LAST WEEK TO THEY gave you a Heart ATTACK!!! We wish you a speedy recovery and WELCOME to the bandwagon (you fucking Spearhead you… are you also a veteran of the 8ID or are you just Ate Up? And, just in case you are wondering what “ate” pronounced like a Gringo Eight, ask a el baboso-in-charge of killing the Environment in CUATRO-CIEN-EGAS, COAHuila what pendejo means.

¹ to be continued… sorry about that we are running on fumes, but if you know What TRACK TWO is about than you know that WE KEEP Truckin’ on.

³./ Ask BETO O’ROURKE what the difference is.
But because he doesn’t know what happens BEYOND Samalayuca i’ll just tell you here. Mi tocayo, don Guadiana, is a COAL miner and me i just happend to have made the mistake of going to college… should have been a MULE and maybe i could have work my way into politics in EL PASO.

* Not to be confused with “chingue a su madre el que deje algo”, because, MADAME HIDALGO that is what that Mexican Delegation that you had to welcome into your beautiful OFFICE did, —BACK in 2015. And i guess what I, armando segovia, is trying to say TO YOU, Madame Hidalgo, is that this is what my tangent with YOUR OFFICE is all about. And, Madame Hidalgo, I don’t select the NEWS of the DAY… and CASEY JONES is HIGH on COCAINE, is the reference for the AMTRACK train that derailed… I told you that I would make La Bendita SNCF look good. And here is how:
In France the Trains derail when the conductor lets their KIDS drive the ENGINE, in the STATES there is no SNCF… and WIKIPEDIA quotes:

SNCF will begin disciplinary proceedings and take punitive measures against employees responsible for, among other things, the “reckless presence” of children on the test train, presence of seven people in the cab, the lack of rigor in creating lists of those onboard and controlling access to the train, and “without doubt” the human errors in the cab



It’s TROU!!! The Bpi à Pompidou plays no *LIES

Breaking the NEWS… The Reverend Al Sharpton just renamed the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, his name is now Alejandro MARAKAS. In other news:

4 173 en vente à partir de 0,34 €… look, IT! Up, it’s TROU motherfuckers! TROU Eye Tells EWE.

“I used to love her, but I had to KILL HER — I knew I’d miss her — So I had to keep HER — She’s buried right in MY BACK YAaaaaaaaa-ah’RD 🎶

And Avi Velshi our prayers were answered, and today it was FISH TACOS… it’s always FISH TACOS in France, it does not matter if they serve the Fuckn’ LAMB.

Anyhow, Avi Velshi this is Last Week To THEY and Öüï is going to draw the lines on them Circles (not to be confused with Venn’s diagrams), and Eye begins with Hallie Jackson’s dearly departed dog*.


In context, a CAUCASIAN (by CENSUS standards) went missing in the Great State of WHY-Oh-Ming, her lover, a guy by the name of LAUNDRY³ or something like that is the main suspect (punto y coma) yada, yada, yada, the CAUCASIAN’s deteriorating corpse was found in the middle of nowhere (as Eye mentioned the attention and FOCUS on this CAUCASIAN’s case develops in the STUPID state of Wyoming)… in this MEDIA CIRCUS process, a reality TV star who goes by the name of DOGG the Bounty Hunter (or something like that) was spotted yesterday knocking at the Dead White Chick house, and word at the GEORGES POMPIDOU public information Library is that even MAJOR THOM at the International Space Station is on the lookout for the DEAD CAUCASIAN’s lover, who might Öüï add, IS… on the motherfucking LAMB!

³./ Öüï might have mispelled her lover’s name— but Eye does not speak French and, Fenster The Copy Editor is on vacation with Bob Costa in Florida.

ANYHOW, Chet le Boulanger, Track 6 of Abbey Road is basically the same song that IGGY and The STOOGES recorded on TRACK 6 of RAW Power and Track 6 of Georgia Peaches.

Harrison titled his, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” while The Iguana went with the more needy (pardonner la Re-don-Dance):

You won’t find any G-n-R on stock at the Pompidou Juke Box, but GEORGES surely stocks the STOOGES* en Juke-BOX
Track 3: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
(Originally titled “Hard To Beat”)


https ://www .discogs .com /fr /Guns-N-Roses-G-N-R-Lies /master /9480
R-Side 1988
Track 3: Used To Love Her
… bonus
track four: The Éric Zemmour National Anthem



TODAY in History, 1969—ABBEY ROAD is recorded/released, it would be The Beatles last and the ART depicts the FUNERAL of “the cute one