…[B]ack at the embassy — on the Chuck Todd telenovela

Jack Ryan, Season 2; EP 2
“La quinceañera”

Press One to activate

Press One to activate Art.:.EFA37B0E-13C4-4ACE-8B0E-D6EF0A0A30A1 •|•

[The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice]


— “November yells for a doctor…”

En un día de noviembre como hoy — no hubo Jazz

Las efemérides meets una tal elegía.

la tele

la tele.:.77795F87-8BC5-4A5E-AB42-21BFDAB029D2

La destitución de Donald John Trump, por el otro lado de El Atlántico, sin embargo, puso a cantar a los guardianes de El Tío Sam. At one point during the hearings, Team Republicans (who are in favor of turning “the” Republic into a Федерации) equated “truth” in the same way the U.S. Supreme court describes P.O.R.N.


Uso justo de todos los WaPos

Uso justo de todos los WaPos.

… In Local Motion knews News,
nō apartment productions
in collaboration with
Bearded Brothers under covers

People trafficking is closer than you think

Art Activation.:._”People trafficking is closer than you think”, dijo The Fresh Prince of Belleville. Uso justo de la semana que Philippe labrará.

Art Activated on the MoJo Show, after the break, it’s: Who stole the days on that “collection” D.A.R.E.? Either someone at “sea knews” forgot a Zero on that purple bar there, or someone is holding a 10…

And still to come:
Life imitates Art, when “the” Jack Ryan Season Two installs a presidenta on a Banana.

Synopsis: Wait for it, after “la quinceañera de la sobrina” scene.

No insistas, comadre Lety, for every kiss you send

Eye will send three to ya sabes quién.

Y en Washington:
Cousin Joe likes PURPLE
and the Dream is at a crossroad,
while the FBI is officially en Agua Prieta…
Los mandados“, de don Chente, pero al revés.

Güera Cachiruliada

Eye told you, that there was a Güera Cachiruliada on The Horizon beyond the fucking wall, period

...Güera Cachiruliada Follows.

heterónimo nm (voz con proximidad semántica).
Aussi: Hétéronyme a.k.a. Identifad Ficticia; as in… wait for it, monsieur le rédacteur en París, wait.

Ladies in Gemini, welcome!
To another edition of Jeopardy,
with your host, Alejandro Trebek

On Trapeze, Cousin Joe “flies through the ring… through a hogshead of real fire,” and of course el potrillo de don Chente “dances the Waltz”.

Neta que sí...

Neta que öüï, “¡qué bonitos son los « bad heterónimos », period

“…[A]nd Mr.  H.  (Recep Tayyip)
will demonstrate
Ten summer sets he’ll undertake
on solid (Oval Office) ground.”

Cuand las barbas de Bolivia veas remojar

Cuando las barbas de Bolivia veas remojar.:.C02F9BC6-6351-4328-BA8B-FBA8A62E46EA •|• …[P]on las tuyas a remojardicho popular en Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Undercover Who?

Cuerno de Chiva

Cuerno de Chiva.:.7.62 x 39 mm

No tiembles, Francia…

It’s only California and the Ring of Fire, knocking.

[A]ny güey, if only France had a fucked up Health racket like the U.S., Eye would make a killing, Jerry! It would bee Gold, Jerry. Gold!

Crépuscule aferrado

Crépuscule aferrado… mind if Eye drinks one or two beers while you suck?

Mi compadre “Pelos Tiezos” tiene razón, ora verán:

"is d.a.t. all d.a.r.e. is?"

“is d.a.t. all d.a.r.e. is?”  AMLO gets one point for houseguesting Evo. Bravo… Atte: el padre amaro

“Que bonitos son los hombres”, dijo Fco. Villa, un general, o algo así.

Coming up on Morning Joe: Judge Judy

…[A]nd in Washinghton, Donald Trump praises the will of the Military “brats” in Bolivia, while forgetting that the Majority of United States, —peoples— voted for Jill Stein.

Meanwhile en México

Meanwhile en México.:.1CAB4952-C780-44A4-BD08-8487412340D7 •|• Doña E. Poniatowska has a point when she asked the new arrival to La Quinta de don López Obrador., “Why do you fuckers wish to stay in Power, for what seems an Eternity (in a democracy)”, and Eye agrees, but it still does not negate the fact that What happened in La Paz, was un evidente Gol•pe de Es•ta•do.

With musical guest:
Los Pachamamas de la sierra
performing their number one hit,
“Dream a little dream”

Deer, Black Spy...

Deer, Black Spy.:.A25879C6-583F-4F7A-B191-6B3FB9D95379 •|• your delivery experts…

https ://www .reddit .com /r/ mexico/comments/duw37q/pregunta_poniatowska_a_evo_morales_por_qué/

Opening act:
Los Better Angels

The Poles are talking

The Poles are talking.:.0FF4EAE2-3155-4B60-A7CA-C973A23A285C •|• …[P]ero sí, don Monreal, ¿qué pinche rollo con ese feudo familiar en Fresnillo, Zacatecas, pues?
Dicho de otra manera, por qué eternizan el poder En Familia? ¿Quién sigue, el sobrino, cuñado—La Comadre‽

… [N]ice touch with the GARRO background D.A.R.E., mr. Mundo (redacción); who was she? Was she a pain in the butt? People who know, know B.oD.yOdor, period