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In Hilo Hawaii

In Hilo, Hawaii, it was Twenty two hundred hours on HST, over at the Funès Police Station (75008) it was 10 am… Issy, it was a comedic riot inside. Eye mean, who schedules an appointment at a government office, on Sunday! And lets not forget, Negrita sitting in for Joy Anne Reid that May 25th, 2020 fell on a motherfucking Monday.

We [the staff] had been given a Date for fingerprints; the they would fall after Independence Day on Lafayette Sq. Time (that’s FRENCH for the 5th of July) and that appointment was issued way before D.A.R.E. was even such AUSTRALIAN notion as “Lafayette Square”, (That’s WELSH for “did you see that D.C. Cop punch that focken Aussie in the face after trying to feed him his Government Issued riot shield through his focken Australian abdomen?) so keep that jive, Man; put it yo’pocket till’ Kanye WEST calls François Hollande to bee his running mate for 2020.

My Niggas in Paris… did ya’Say you wanted Magic,  siréne?

Indeed, Tiffany, in•deed… as i (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto) was heading down Fg. Saint Honoré back towards Washington St. after the shouting contest between a stupid American and a peace officer on Staff Duty at the Funés Police Satellite*, Eye noticed that Louis Vuitton is a focken brand thief. Eye mean, to see that flag (of Louis Vuitoon) wave dead smack in front of Washington St. with that stolen Valvoline “V” made me want to puke, and the nerve! The nerve, Elise Jordan, of inconspicuously coloring-in the Rachel Maddow colors over the French flag made me want to GAG.

* Of course, Tiffany, you must brush-up on your Castellano because you are supposed to relay the above in a Luis Funés voice, —not the Louis with the backwards French accent after the Fun on ès. And Tiffany, don’t you go leaving the spent tissues on A.M. Joy’s desk because Le Cardinal Bienve’illant get’s all hissy about #em.

Still to come… The Moon!

But FOist, we kindly go back in time to the Time when John Mill Ackerman and El Club del Cinito Mexicano en Paris went on the OPPOSITE direction from this OUTFIT below ⬇️ during the height of AWARENESS in Europe for the murdered students of Ayotzinapa (and some little league soccer players from Iguala) …


Marianne — Come Dance With Mí

Location: La Brasserie Bienve’illant, rue Clément (75006).

Tonight's feature

*Intro .:. 9BEC56B2-3090-4ADF-8AD3-AB7C703BEF16 🇺🇸 … [T]he following is a Kindley reminder from Cardinal Bienvei’llant: por favor no tire sus pinches Kleenex®️ en el piso porque se atoran por debajo del puto piano wait, scratch D.A.T…. del chingado órgano.

Note to editors: *Intro must be read in Cpl. “Radar” O’Reilly’s voice… https ://francetvinfo .fr /culture /musique /jazz /johnny-mandel-compositeur-du-theme-de-m-a-s-h-et-du-celebre-the-shadow-of-your-smile-est-mort-a-94-ans _4028473 .html

… Lorem Ipsum, amen.


Previously on : Pago en especie

Publicidad: Season 2, Episode 4.

Deer, Nicolle Wallace, give that Stangle fellow a week detention, —for pissing on the job!

And not to be outdone by Professor Eddie Gloude Jr., El Mundo de Le Monde went ahead and dedicated six motherfucking pages (from 46th to 51) to The Ruins of James Baldwin and, just rub-it in, those motherfroggers, TWO Whole pages to “the taste” of Mexico, —oh, the humanity.



Un Mundo recortado nos vigila

Deer, John Mill Ackerman, hang in there champ! If we [the staff] can put up with what you describe that happened to you, your family and, most important, your patrimony for the past nine years, surely, professor, you can handle the flack while you are part of the new (sanctified and holy) ruling Class.

In local nows:

Las noticias del Mundo de Le Monde reports that Vladimir Putin can now reign in peace now that the overwhelming majority of people at the voting booths in Russia have given the green light to Mr. Putin to rule the old Soviet Block for life. Over at the Rockefeller Comcast Observation Room, events beyond FloriBama are of no consequence for the good pundits at msnbc.


Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw

Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw .:. D7003735-BEB5-4F3F-BCB5-A115453F15FB .:. Coming to theaters on 4th of July 2020
The Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw
A band in parts and Fickle Fucking Flack production. —_•!•_— The evangelists changed his name from Did–y–me to Thom-as, they did D.A.T. to distinguish him from Judas, the Benedict Arnold of the Superstar Traveling Act. “Doubting Thomas” earned his A•PO•DO (or nickname) because of his skepticism… “ver para creer,” is what he preached to his lying eyes. Scripture source: Defendente Génolini at CNEWS Matin.

On that same panoramic page, Le Monde reports that London will give Asylum to all of those W.H.O. went ahead and got smoked in Hong Kong.

The Twilight Zone (2019)

The Twilight Zone (2019) .:. 8C1B5E47-4D4E-4561-B8B9-A39A899745AA 🛸 It’s Weekend Edition: Independence Day sous les jupes de La Bastille… literally*

* context follows

“There are more important things than life” in Texas

Dear Mount Rushmore:

Donald Trumpscovich

Donald Trumpscovich .::. 5D35D426-F75F-4653-8F21-56636300E036 .::. Our first Russian president.

Remember The Alamo

… and D.A.T. is tonight’s last word in Hilo Hawaii, where TIME NOW is Oh–Four–TWENTY in PST (punto y coma) in New York it is pineapple time with Steve Schmitt.

🎶 What the world needs now
it’s [some] accountability
Short of D.A.T.
a Kamakazi Helicopter pilot

Not to be outdone by Bill de Blasio…

Paris, France_ Et Si…

Courtesy of msnbc

Courtesy of msnbc .:. 7F96EBB6-6598-4F68-8033-77FC9608B881 .:. A Hamburgers in paradise productions.


True to form, Donald John Trump is complaining about a “Black Lives Matter” mural in front of the hotel where the current president of the United States hinted that he would someday, —could shoot a person and get away with it.

Happy Birthday, America

Happy Birthday, America! .:. 9F4039C4-10BE-45DF-A553-99C6EFEA309A .:. The African Diaspora and a band apart VOSTF presents: La Semana Que Philippe Labró… in association with: don’t you D.A.R.E. Shoot The Messenger productions.

At Champs Élysées, the French have already started to promote a “What if” documentary on the history that öüï go through life with, and not the history that some would hypothesize about.

At Avenida Reforma casi entrada de la Embajada de los EEUU, pues allí nomás (marchantita) nomas no sigue pasando mas que una chingada y pues para muestra un David Brooks, en Versión Original Sur con Tratados Forzados (en la letra “chiquita*”).

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /economia /2020/07/02 /trump-el-t-mec-es-201cmi-triunfo-politico201d-anuncia-visita-de-amlo -5548 .html

… but never•mind the Brooks–es–es—esos, because we [the staff] are just getting to the part of John Mill Ackerman’s Russian Television opinion spin regarding the sub-servant relation of the President of Mexico, on the occasion of being summoned by the president of them united states of America.

Fair use of all media

Fair use of all media in the overhaul of a political spin .::. 5138A7DC-8E32-4FCB-8A56-5BBF82074BD1 .::. * Dear, John Mill Ackerman, your opinion on paragraph 4 (referenced below under the Fair Use clause) leaves me wondering if you remain an American citizen or, if you just went ahead and Jim-it by going ahead and canceling your subscription to that Ivy League (☠️) heritage of yours, —doctor?


AMLO y Trump, ¶ 4:


Trump será muchas cosas, pero no deja de ser el presidente constitucional de nuestro principal socio comercial*. Mantener una buena relación diplomática con Washington, de respeto mutuo y sin subordinación alguna, es esencial para la fortaleza de la economía nacional y las relaciones internacionales de nuestra nación.

John Mill Ackerman

1 de julio — Bald Kneady People

It’s 20 past the 11th hour in Hilo, Hawaii.

Sect. 8, Obituaries

Sect. 8, Obituaries .:. 4306E03D-59DE-4688-B7BC-420D433313A5 .::. “And now, the rest of the story”, sponsored by MACY’S®️

Good morning, John Mill Ackerman… you probably thought, back in 2014 at the IHEAL (75006) D.A.T. Eye would not make it this far, didn’t–ya? Anyhow, professor, you also didn’t think that a Hickenlooper would let a Romanov take the control of Fort Cartoon, Colorado, now—did’ya?

Deer, Senator Scarborough, please relay to Willie Geist to forward to Mika, D.A.T. MEMO from the month of January (punto y coma), the one with the the basement at “The Twilight Zone.”

For the record

For the record .:. 05E11B71-D7AD-4A33-B40E-6EFEB0F9AF7D .:. Considered for your approval, travel back in time six-months in the content to Ketch-up! Come on, Mika, Ketch-up. “Get it‽ ”.

… D.A.R.E. is a template for D.A.T., patrón.

After the break, it’s John Mill Ackerman’s Russian Television political spin column in “La Jornada”.

It was only a matter of time before “el huevo” de John Mill Ackerman, el político estadounidense with Mexican citizenship would crack, it was inevitable, Johnny “putin’s boy” Ackerman is the only one who can infantilize the spin of the upcoming trip of the backyard’s keeper (Apocalypto López Obredor) to the Big White House of Mr. Donald Trump.

El mayordomo de Chapultepec

El mayordomo de Chapultepec .::. E56ED48A-9D2C-4DEC-88A6-61A28E948423 🛎 Pilot Episode. Nepotism and an infected presidential cabinet member spouse carrying  the Coronavirus with her forces a university professor to hatch into the spotlight as an advisor to the man with the title of, “El mayordomo de Chapultepec”. —_•!•_— In the dentils, “You Might Also Like”, The Twilight Zone [https ://imdb .com /news /ni62937045]

¶ 2:

En agosto de 2016, Enrique Peña Nieto utilizó los recursos, el poder y el prestigio del Estado mexicano para intervenir en las elecciones de Wa­shington…

Dear, Mexican (John Mill Ackerman): please accept this courtesy check on the incongruence of paragraph 2 of your “AMLO and Trump” opinion material for the masses. Don’t forget, —motherfucker— that you had an opportunity to denounce (but didn’t) Los Recursos de La Fundación Televisa at the IHEAL in order to hype Peña Nieto’s image in France during the time that you, Sir, gave populists nursery tales to Master Level students and, señor profesor, quite possibly current decision-makers in Latin America.


¶ 3:

En cambio, hoy aún no inicia la campaña presidencial en el país vecino del norte¹. Si bien ya es un hecho que tanto Trump como Joseph Biden serán candidatos, todavía no se han celebrado las convenciones correspondientes para oficializar sus nombramientos ni arrancado formalmente la disputa electoral para la Casa Blanca.

John Mill Ackerman²

las comparaciones

£as comparaciones por eso son odiosas, por ejemplo, Johnny m’Boy .:. 77FB9998-49DC-4461-9852-0D7CAD08F24D .::. Only a fool would compare Chamberlain to López Obrador; the inference here being, señor profesor, that Hitler had some Trumpian tropes.

¶ 3: John Mill Ackerman is full of shit:

Day 1,258 since Donald John Trump has been on “the stump”

1.) .:. 71009D25-1795-4874-A2E8-E7E9DDDE8C3D

312: https ://news .rthk .hk /rthk /en /component /k2 /1535164-20200701.htm

Deer, Cousin Joe… the phone is ringing

Dear, Sen. Scarborough… remember when the entire Brian Williams “network” shut-Mí Down, before “the Wallace” even conceived the idea of an 11th Hour, [way back]when Eye questioned what professor Eddie Gloude Jr., calls “the lie” of Exceptionality?

As the “network” toasts professor Gloude’s new book, please say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd as them little bubbles tickles your vocal chords.


Volare… nel Frank, no Disneyland~Paris for you, period

Meanwhile in Brussels: what a surprise, “it’s like, nobody knew it could happen”, with Donald Trump and Apocalypto López Obredor. Directed by Mel Gibson.

Anyhow, Congressman Joe, please stand-by for July… in the meantime Katy Kur is wondering if the postal service is going to be able to deliver the voting–by–mail election forms to the voters and, will the turnaround of the properly completed forms to wherever these need to go? Who knows, that’s still developing.

Over on Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace just revealed that no one can voodoo the voodoo
like Heidi can do. Sincerely : The Leakers!

The unmentionables

I’m seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy’s…”, cancel the breakfast.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /espectaculos /2020/06/30 /muere-el-comediante-de-eu-carl-reiner-a-los-98-anos-8171.html


To: Actes Sud; Cc: Vilma Fuentes, Pedro Miguel, Morena–Francia

(“Qué bonito es lo bonito”)
Qué bonito es Chihuahuita


En las Artes Marciales (de la sociología del Instituto de Estudios Superiores de América Latina en Saint–Germaine des Prés) a estos individuos se les conoce por el mote de: saltamontes .:. 4161A388-1692-48F5-BDF5-268AA8EF30E5 .:. En las logias del Yunque y en los salones de Los Caballeros de Colón a estos políticos se les llama “buenos elementos”, grillos, pues.

Previously on, La NOMENKLATURA de Morena… a ver, a ver, a ver, don Miguel Pedro, por parafrasear al “ilustre” profesor de la antigua opinocracia, y agente de RusiaTelevisión, John Mill Ackerman: ¿en dónde [chingados] se encuentra[n] la[s] cabeza[s] y los pies–es d’este Chucho¹ PANista² tiznado³?

  1. Partido de la Revolución Democrática or “PRD”, the moniker “Chu•Cho” is a reference to a stray dog and/or the hypocoristicon of a person named Jesús. Mr. Quintana was a founding member of that now extinct party.
  2. Partido Acción Nacional 

J.A.Cedillo | Los nazis en México (1)

or simply, Acción NACIONAL, founded by actual NAZI followers, Acción Nacional is the extreme Catholic’s favorite bet. Mr. Quintana switched horses in mid-stride from morena to el PAN just 4 years ago, now he wants to switch back.

    3. Tiznado… look it up, it rhymes with Prieto, Moreno, and of course a son of an Aztec translator that HIStory decided to call: La Malinche… who’s the real traitor here, ¿morena de mi cucharón‽

So, Madame Lira-Saade, it finally makes sense, —o cómo dicen en Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua: ya me cayó la kora‘— why Mr. Quintana had been recently WeLcOmEd back to the written pundit space in your newspaper, La Jornada. I, armando segovia, can’t help but wonder if WHILE professor QUINTANA was ADVISING the National Action Party governor from the State of Chihuahua, your newspaper « La Jornada » had him on hiatus, political absence, or he (Quintana) never actually left? Which one is it, Professor Ackerman?

P.D.: Señor Pedro Miguel… se me había olvidado apuntar en la lista del otro día, —para que don Cueli no nos cuele entre “improvisados”— que yo, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, fui testigo de como el  profesor Víctor Quintana Silveyra bautizó a la comitiva de Morena en Francia; también, me tocó ver como “el futuro” candidato de Morena a la gobernatura de Chihuahua fue “saltándose” al Partido Acción Nacional. Hoy desde el exterior, veo como el señor Quintana no tiene eso que se llama carácter. O es populista (de izquierda) o es fascista (de la extrema derecha), de cuál es, señor profesor?


Ahhhh, Purple Pundit, now you’ve done, IT!

Deer, Nicole Wallace, we regret to inform you that it’s TWUE! A spoiled apple rottens the bunch… or something like that. Did you hear what Putin’s apologist just did to Kier Simmons virgin ears‽ That’s bullshit, pundit. Bullshit and a soup sandwich to go, To Go, pundit. To go.

On the other side:

Hear Mí Out, Figluzzi… hold the line, you have to factor in the international incident that “la wallace” has gotten poor president Trump into, —with the F.C.C.!

Indeed, adding to the responsibilities already on the U.S. Attorney’s dockets, his excellency, William Barr has to provide counsel for the Russian Communications Propagandist after he (Dimitry Peskov) followed suit and dropped cow manure on American Red Blooded tele-web-broad uploaded-casts.

“It’s outrageous, if anyone is to burn for this, it should be that « purple pundit » on the Deadlines of msnbc,” said the attorney of Donald John Trump.

After delivering his trademark I–pooped–my–diaper smirk and puppy-eyes, Donald Trump’s personal attorney assured The Nation that, “if our Russian Communications ally had not listened to Ms. Wallace potty mouth last Thursday night while interviewing John Bolton, our client would not have dropped manure on the NBC Exclusive mics”.

Las Cruces del Curios

Las Cruces del Curios .:. 9DC8C796-6E14-4B23-8E57-794D88DBEA46 .:.

“I thought that bullshit, in America —like in Mother Russia— was the norm,” said a rather laid-back Kremlin Communications agent.