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This just in beefour the Record:
‘the’ Bri–Wi Files reports that Katz are now officially giving birth to Teddys. This, said ‘the’ Bri-wi, “just in time for the “RES•truc•tu•Rey•chión” del progressive bull moose ticket », or some Jazz like that.



This just in.


Dear, Marianne, ” I’m Late, i’m late!” — fig. 454; Pygoscelis Raptor

Le Coq de Notre–Dame de Paris

A Funny Thing Happened on the Güey to The F.O.R.U.M.:8D97B03F-B9EA-49E0-8C17-A934AB763F29:. •|• QUOTE “Un cotidiano parisino alegó a sus lectores, desde hacïa ya un tiempo, EN TITULARES: El Cardenal Suhart gritaba que el gallo de Notre–Dame no era un emblema maçronnique… ne fût pas un EMBLÈME maçonnique ». Page 182, LE COQ DE PARIS; Les Compagnons en France et rn Europe. Vol. I, Garry. •|• ACTUAL TIMESTAMP: 20h40 CET 16/04/2019.

Rue des Deux Boules, formally known as
Petanque Flor de Rivoli; 75001

Stand–by your buttRESses–esas
and, Buddy,
Keep your Squelch–On.

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Los Compañeros de los Indios Carpinteros

En el cantón de los Indios… de Ciudad Juárez à París, vía Los Angeles, California; A.Z.T.L.A.N.

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“Frappe La Monnaie et Les Espirits”


Linda factrice à Sergé–en–Anjou–Bleu (49’er).

To: M. Alejandro Valenzuela.
Cc: Mme. Sandra Luprecio
Bcc: Exelentísimo señor Agustín García de Longchamps

…[“]you and Eye have memories
longer than the road that stretches
far away”… or something like that.

Two of us
in the Key of Chente.

Any güey, Puy-du-Fou

Logistical limitations continue to interact with the staff’s attempt at not covering, we repeat, our attempt of not covering the news about The FOURTH Mexico that FOX news forgot to mention on the news of the day.



…[O]n our next segment,
Angelitos Negros picks up on the shop–chat
with ‘the’ Bri-Wi on our segment:

“…[A]And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you’ll derive out of bein’ alive”, dijo Franck •|• 70493D03-FB4A-45B1-80CB-15705CA29123 •|• The Reconstruction will be automated, according to the BFM’r TV.

No Se Vaya, —deteniendo!.

Dear, Bri-Wi … construction was visible. Affirmative.

Paris, France. April 15th, 2019.__ Reception is very weak. The Ship still stands, pero La Flecha ya no apunta pa’rriba. La historia de Francia tendrá que ser renovada.

Still to come: a big boat goes down. And in Paris, Parisians are clapping at firefighters going by…

“It’s a terrible thing,” said, Anubis, an Egyptian restaurant owner, but luckly the fire has been contained.

.: C.O.N.T.E.X.T. :. follows…

Series: chez Jupiter — [Breaking the news*]

We [the staff] regret to inform you that the scheduled verbena en chez Jupiter tuvo que ser anulada a razón de que alguien le está quemando las patas a Judás con las plumas del Gallo de Notre-Dame de Paris…
Al regresar:
Efemérides del 15 de abril.

French bashing para hobbyists.
Concejo para el patrimonio de la humanidad presenta:

¿De qué color es el humo amarillo?

… and starring as Terrance Hill: Sinead O’Connor

Viewers [all] agree with the “finger licking California pinto veterano—ese,” on the SNL League, season 44; EP 18th Street, —via the

Dear, Bruce Lee:
BEE a nobody”.

Bud Spencer awaits for Ewe at the OCTAGON in Albur–coy–qui.

Full disclosure: No horses were hurt by Nobody on the making of:

il mio nome é armando segovia.