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And in Washington, With–All–Due RESPECT:

1. BFM’er TV is bringing back, or their viewership do want to bring back*, the Guillotine, or firing squad, or the NOOSE to the Supreme Court in France.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /police-justice /une-majorite-de-francois-sont-favorables-au-retablissement-de-la-peine-de-mort _AV-202009150140 .html

* Inverse Property of Colors in political parties affiliation, there is a F(x) for, IT!, but for now just note that “Liberal” in Europe is a “CON-ser-va-tive” in any of the 3 Branches  of public service in them, United States.

2. Facts for this story are still marinating, wait one… because it appears that Phil Griffin (that motherfucker) decided to bring back the “ticker”…

Just the Facts, Kayleigh

Just the Facts, Kayleigh! And then, off–course öüï Fuck. .:. 542DE29A-3249-4A45-AD4E-17F8375EB0AF 🏛 Your boss, Kayleigh McEnany, is responsible for all of the deaths on that god-damn news ticker. EXTRA CREDIT IF, and ONLY IF… tonight’s Siren Den staff can figure out the INVERSE F(x) for the letter M, mr. Wilson. “It’s Symbolic, of course,” Kayleigh McEnany.

y’all remember the news ticker don’t ya! NOW before you all go on and get them fancy g-strings all up in a bunch, Eye needs you to remember that the following is part of a Human Number, its number you ask? Let u.s. ask N°42.

3. … [A]nd in Washington, Joyanne Reid is pulling a JAY LENO move on the AM weekend shift, oh—the irony within the cable news tyranny. Sadly, those dang’on Eddy Currents are acting up, which off-course prevent Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo from TUNING IN right now (at the 17h in CET)… it is however, not important AT ALL, what with u.s. being a most non–consequential blog; just like Civics in junior high, who cares, eh! ELECTIONS‽ Supreme Court??? Is that like a “supreme leader judge” for Donald Trump… Yeah, Buddy*, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

* … [A]nd, because the president’s fixer, and Donnie Deutsch–es–es 5th Avenue drinking buddy, Michael Cohen told all of you motherfuckers at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., right now, “that the president has no sense of humor,” then you should EQUATE that that motherfucker at the White House (William Barr) is thinking that his number one client —Donald John Trump, or “individual ONEin some docket of El Chapo Guzman’s jailers in the Southern District of Nueva Yo’l— is already thinking how he could muzzle the Justices for BARRON The First.


19 de septiembre, 2020 — “There can only be one”… or something like D.A.T.

Must masturbate to clear any anxieties on Deadline…

This has been a public service announcement: Vote.


Breaking the news for the fip . fr news delivery service, which was discontinued, or not reissued after the end of the Covid19 lockdown of Spring/Summer 2020.

But seriously, now more than EVER!

Tumblr weeps

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18 de septiembre, 2020 — La otrora Cuarta Transformación

Cualquier parecido con Hermann Göring is probably better explained in the Wikis.

Pg. 36 L'embrigadement nazi

Pg. 36 L’embrigadement nazi .:. A751B1DF-7F90-4527-BF7D-6AAF7115A5AB 🏛 Documentation Photographique de los años 30’s del siglo 20.

… and in Washington, playing the hidden Right-Hand of the pianola, the president of them united states of america issued an Executive Chancellor Order establishing the Deer Leader’s Montessori school of the americas, and to christen D.A.T. vessel, little Wilbur Vassoughian Mohyeldin, is done with the letter “Z” and he is ready to go all Greek on the horizon… ¿AGUAS?

From Left to Right

The Poles are Talking .:. C7B84F7D-052E-42BD-9ED1-182005FC3ABB 🗺 The Little Basterds… all of them were “boy scouts”, except for Little Mikita (a.k.a. “the cookie pusher”)… jump to Page 2, for the rest, —of the story. 2️⃣ He was called a loser by the Party and he was shun by the high brass up the chain. In the picture, a young Brian Wilmer (recovering after the prisoner exchange with “the enemy”) shows the Deer Leader’s Montessori school newspaper board the clandestine gifts that “the enemy” bestowed him with before departing the demilitarized zone. —_•!•_— From left to right: Little Mikita Brzezinski, Rolo LeMire, Little Joey Scarborough the III, and the one and only, Willie Geist. 

… [B]ut FO’ist, the staff remains at–large, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo has been tasked as a sort of bouncer at a dive called, Suspended Reality.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/09/16 /que-grite-la-economia-peter-kornbluh-4109.html

“Ese hijo de puta, ese Allende hijo de puta”, exclamó Nixon en una reunión posterior con Korry en la Oficina Oval. “Vamos a aplastarlo”.


… no se vaya, “porque aun hay »;

Q-Vo: Todesengel is a cradle robber… and Todesengel is not ashamed

Still to come at 19h11 in Central Siren Times:

Mingus. Mingus. Mingus.

Yeah, Buddy!

Yeah, Buddy!… you might want to ask Yoko Ono why you have got, —Eye is telling YOU— to “know your Chicken”.

QVo: (pochismo) contraction of ¿qué hubo?  pronounced as a Question in Spanish using the English phonetic sound of the letter ‘q’… KeeUhVo

Previously on

Previously on 🛤 FA69BB9A-320C-4854-BB5F-50585082036A 🏦  “Ces Messieurs De La Santé »… Le snapshot de MSNBC comme document historique, próximamente para la memoria del Tribunal Administrativo de París, en Septiembre de 2020; VOSTF.

With that in mind, earlier en la transmisión the Lyndon Baines (Marie) Johnson School of política ficción on the outskirts of Austin City Limits released a FALL/WINTER semester tease, via professor Victoria de Francesco-Soto. The course is tentatively being called “the politics of political fiction” and the course is worth of course, 3 credit hours towards your resume fluff.

¿Qvo güey, No Que No Son Nazis?

PolSci 1932

PolSci–1932 The Politics of Fake News… or something like that 🎪 6D9481CC-D40F-4005-99BF-A9D24A89EFD1 🗺 Pre-Requesite: The student must have CONTEMPLATED, upon completing the following dossiers:
1. Le cinéma de la crise
2. Cinéma, reflet de société
3. Cinéma d’evasion

Note to Stu’s:

Juan-Pedro Jeancolas, profesor de historia, y–a–parte (el muy bombo) crítico de cine (en Francia) advierte a los adheridos y a los matriculados en el curso de Otoño/Invierno sobre Fake News y Política Ficción, que los díaporamas suelen desprenderse de las carpetas correspondientes (1,2, y 3) arriba citadas. De ser ese el caso cuando toque repasar ese material por favor Constituya usted mismo los dossiers o carpetas de los años 30’s de la Edición n°6031de “Documentación fotográfica” de Octubre de 1977. SOURCE: La documentation Francąise Secrétariat Général du Gouvernent Gouvernement … quai Voltaire, 75340 CEDEX 07.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/09/14/ de-pastorela/


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/15/2020 in CET]:

Deer, Donna Edwards… there’s a sticky note here for you

For all legal purposes, Post It®️ cocked blocked the semantics of the message.

… and now, for the rest of the syntax:

Pantry n°1: Nicolle’s “General Chinese Turkey Tso” recipe.

Yeah, Buddy. It’s cerveza night in Paris… see you at Oh’dark 30, and Mr. Caputo, no sea PUTO, them shadows are the least of your worries when your time to cross onto the other side is up. And you know Mr. Caputo, those shadows that haunt you have a name. Call it out, before it’s lights out for you, Sir.

Pantry n°2: Say it loud… say her name Loud, Mitch McConnell.

15 de Septiembre, 2020 — Happy Birthday don Porfirio

… y que viva México, también.

* Like a ghost .:. E95783ED-AE77-4DD1-A129-D14BFCB49DB4 📰 Meanwhile near Tombstone, Arizona… in Tombstone, Arizona no pasa nada. 🦠 IN•DEED, As The World Turns, it became clear that NATURE wanted to get D.A.T. “OlHickory Smoked” flavor on the U.S. of A. from See to shining Ear. 🌬🔥 Hello, I’m JOHNNY CASH, … [A]nd, Willie Geist, the slow water influx on the terrain of the GuAZTeKa del Mississippi  (in Louisiana) where the River is supposed to meet the Gulf can only mean one thing, that D.A.R.E.  brisket is going to be kept warm on a very Big Ol’ “Baño María”.

But FO’ist, the staff of this most non-consequential blog would like to remind our non-readers that because we’ve seen this movie, aussi, öüï covered it. — MAKE TURKEY TASTE GREAT AGAIN!

Musical Guest:


Cinema d’évasion and The Politics of Fake News at the LBJ School of “política ficción”

Carpe Diem _ 75001. Police in Paris got a lead on the “equine serial killer cult,” from France, in the vicinity of la rue des Bourdonnais. Witnesses close to a bum, a clochard and, a “so called” SDF, spotted a pair of sketchy animals prancing along one of the most benevolent arteries in the city of Paname.

Igor, a Lithuanian refugee, claims that the visions were way creepier than any “long shadow” on top of any given Trump official apartment ceiling in Washington.

“I mean, the White Wabbit looked pretty hot, sure, them little creatures are made for fucking, but she did, the wabbit looked pretty hot, but the Zebra, oh-la-la…”, said the drunk Lithuanian basterd before passing out.

It’s been 3 weeks since the FO’ist mutilated carcasses began to appear in different picturesque regions within the ‘hexagone’, and ponies are not exempt from what has been filed under the “it’s just kid being kids” to “this is some bat-shit crazy Ancient Aliens shit, ” cabinet.

Scenty Le Rom, for his part, was not impressed, “in Romania, the horses hunt you!”.

Let them eat Apples

Let them eat Fiona’s Apple! —_•!•_— Concerned for the well–being of his own kind, el hijo del llamado “Blackhorse” del cuarteto de Liverpool (name withheld to protect the stables) hired a washed-up FBI Agent to team up with Semolina Pilchard and Luc Fregón to see about about the mutilated zainos.

Among the initial suspects, the Prefecture de Police —as usual— rounded up all of the gnomes, because truth bee told, gnomes are despicable little fuckers and surely, Brian Williams, those fracking gnomes have a hand on the mutilations in France.


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 15/09/2020 in CET]:

Del Fernan .:.

And now, “Page 2” … the rest of Del Fernan story… sponsored by genealogy point gov .:. 1968CC1F-C1D9-4E5F-B14F-18BAF509B4D1 🐴 And starring as “MoStang”: Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, Jr… un guión basado en Las Aventuras de “Neto El Rebelde”.

Eagle-eyed non-readers will recognize among MoStang’s gang, Michael Richards and Carlitos Estevez-es-es abuelitos, it turns out that grampa Figliuzzi was a career criminal that ran the Spaghetti Couscous Paella syndicate until Mussolini forced Fernand Contandin into the Edgar J. Hoover novel new program called “The Witness Protection Program”, so to make a long-fictional story short:

The Contandin’s became the Figliuzzi’s, the Estevez-es-esos, naturally became the Sheen’s*, and Michael Richards became Cosmo Kramer.

* With the exception of EMILIO, that motherfucker became a “McCarty,” but Everyone in Orange County, California, knew him as BONNEY.


Lunes 14 de septiembre, 2020 — A Tale of Two “cachitos”

Cambio de Tercio with KC/DC

… Ladies in Gemini, remain seated, there is no need to panic, a few moments ago gremlins got in the way of our nap, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo inserted the wrong pre-recorded zinger on the Certains l’aiment with Susana Puveda [slot].

Skip the middle man

Fuck the middleman, that’s what Marco Rubio and “little Havana” are for .:. 3F037D89-4A38-4ADF-AD49-17A03337B5F6 📰 … [A]nd in Washington, Avi Vittali single handedly “MURDERED” the « She Session » on the KC-DC time-slot.

With D.A.T. in mind, please note that NATalio Reyes Colas, and KNOT, Nat•King•Cole, is under the jupes de Suzi… aussi, dichas « jupes » no son de Suzi, dichas “ JUPES” son de una tal MABEL! —But everyone knew her as Kasie, said a guy next to Faul.


Over at Ashley Parker’s penthouse:

A show about NADA

A show about NADA… and it came to pass, that at the start of HisPanic Heritage Month (in Florida) Kasie DC was short-circuited by a swift Way To Early AC jolt from “CACHITO” N°1.

The Plant
— Deer Lorde, Ashley! Did you get a hair-doo?

Ashley Parker
It’s for the dîner gig at the Community Theater.

The Plant:
The one with the Nazis from Natchez?

Yup. I got the role.

The Plant:
What’s the waitresses name?


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/14/2020 in CET]:

La fiesta ya comenzó

🎹 La fiesta ya comenzó .:. 50EC46FF-60E6-4249-A45E-377556B27FFA


In the Today Eye Learned nuggets:

Dear, Joe Biden

Dear, Joe Biden .:. 2A1E69BF-8ADC-4D7C-BCDD-79EEE3BAC63F .:. Hello, Joe. Let’s pretend Trump is ousted in November, tell Mí, what’s fake and what is true in this RT-by any other name–report, aussi, this is “cachito” n°2.


It appears that from the perspective of a note left here at the controls, Mayor Bloomberg is a “Latino leader”, according to the news coming out of CACHITO N°1…

In the words of a Tennessee historian from the Willie Geist neck of the Woulds: It’s a–gonna–bee a hell of TEST on the well lit porch of Ivy Leaguers, or something like D.A.T..

13 de Septiembre — Objective Tere

Do you feel it?

Rigo Tovar:
– Indeed, I feel it, but Eye feels it in a different way.

Las Fuerzas Vivas
¡Viva la Revolucinco de Mayo en Septiembre!

Issy, Mr. Berjon, as the Sirens properly recorded previous to the 19 hundred hour Hoy No Hubo Jazz session, Eye might bee, “A bug on a rug in a building,” but that building was the Cinéma Étoile en el 20eme, and the occasion fue la antesala de lo que sería el llamado “Año de México, en la Porte de Lilas”, yeah, Buddy, –it’s a Trilogy.

Check it out, Mr. Berjon, and never mind Duncan Bridgeman on the congas, here’s what öüï are going to arrange, it’s–A–goona bee a rumba, and keep the “hache” out of it until after the show.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip /africa-mia-la-fabuleuse-histoire-de-las-maravillas-de-mali

People W.H.O. know

People W.H.O. know, know .:. 6481FCA1-7A37-43B9-B946-C7C6FE8994E4 🇲🇱 l’incroyable épopée du premier groupe “afro-cubain”, dicho d’otra manera, cuando Guantanamo era otra cosa en un mapa mundi.

Right now, Mr. Berjon, and for the next hour you will be the right-hand on the piano’s keyboard. Got it, Frenchy? Eye is going to make you part of the motherfucking soundtrack, meet Mí below at the 19 “hache” timestamp for details on who your left-hand in the bass quarters of the piano will bee. And no, Eye knows that Sabina Bee thinks that it is probably going to be her co-host. Pero, no. Aquí no es así.

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 13/09/2020 in CET]:

Page 13

Page 13 — 6EDDA4D7-0CCF-4D75-8B08-A8F9F98BA123 — Featuring Nat King Cole sur les jupes de Susana 🎞📽 Comme chaque dimanche.

… gonna take a nap now, y si nos dejan, pues entonces habrá rendez-vous ce soir como a eso de las 3 de la tarde en Hilo Hawaii.