On the menu: A hamburger with a donut for a bun… 👌You Woman’s Rights in Paris.

Previously on, Alejandro González Iñárritu can lick on my Cat Soup Paletas ✊🏼

Samuel Cook’s Drive-Inn

Across the border, El Doctor Simi awaits a new shipment of The Morning After … Pill☢️… reality sets in and “abortion” is a word that is relegated back to the dark ages and Öüï shall KNOT speak of it.

Musical guest: A cover of Kate’s Bush.

… Congratulations to the 45th President of The United States of America for his victory today, your cult just got stronger. But you know what, Oli and some other skinny bastard (at The Johnny Hallyday Plaza) are going to perform more introspective shows, apparently they became French Paratroopers in Bulgaria, and then, after that after party— you are going down, Donald Trump.


Dear, Beto O’Rourke… Ay-tú! Reserve{s} the Right for a Pardon.

You, Sir, of all Chucos Postizos knows that … hold for ✊🏼, vato.

Frenchie: A hamburger with a donut for a bun? There really is no God here… (What’s next, ketchup on a sucker?)

— And, Willie Geist… Beto is what Emmanuel is to Congressman Scarborough, so be it. Ted is Le Pen… by the way is that French Blue you’re wearing? It’s fashion week in PARIS, so your shoes better be in tone.

Ohhh, Donna… please relay to Beto that if he is going to go with sneakers to not make the mistake of that Ross guy on the msnbc’s, you have to wear SOXs with BASKETS, otherwhise your feet are going to get TOE jams and they will smell like cheese.

Mayra, in case the good people in PARIS missed the flip.
https ://www .texastribune .org /2022/06/14 /texas-special-election-tx-34-mayra-flores-dan-sanchez/
that’s only TEN (guey) Theys away, ese…
José Díaz Balart, would say 21³ more than THE UVALDE “incident”.

³~. Enter AS promised


Jack Jordan²: I just ran over a man and two little girls… so that would total 63 g or .74 oz.

²~. According to El Chapo’s capturer and his then main-Squeeze
Kate del Castillo, “we all lose 21¹ grams… at the exact moment of our death”.


¹~. 19 children + 2 adults = 21 (man)


¹~. Salvador the gunman (one little girl)


¹~.The broken-hearted UNDERPAID teacher’s husband who perished Theys later (one little girl)

… And Donna Perino, Cheech is ready for you, Chong is out of the room, and have i got some CHEESE for you—You bring the “Jesus Juice”.

For the record, Eye does knot smoke and Öüï dreams of beans

And starring as Cheech Marín, Samuel Stains

One fox in Rome leads to a New York Minute ⏱️⌛
Time of the Signs… The French call it a Carte Blanche

If this is your first fashion rodeo in Paris, perhaps you have noticed how the average bistro-sittin’, small coffee-sippin’, pastry filled-with-hazelnut chocolate eating French, will not hesitate to give a cigarette out to any given person on the streets, there’s a reason for it…

American Graffiti in American Sign Language…

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers /pickpockets-vols-a-la-tire-arnaques-ces-pieges-qui-guettent-les-touristes-a-paris-24-06-2022– ZBBYQUN6UJFJHHOSDLV25B4KHA .php

Army Dreamers… A cover of Kate’s Bush.

_but this blog ain’t adequate enough to explain it to the Tenure-track professors of the academic intelligentsia at the IHESS or its mother ship, located somewhere inside of the bowels of La bendita Sorbona.

Live from Toulouse:

https ://www .20minutes .fr /arts-stars /culture /3313519-20220624 –plus-peur-vide-veut-prendre-parole-quand-trucs-dire-assure-oli-bigflo-oli

Deer, Oli and Bigflo… Ewe tú are starting to look like Laurel and Stanley, but only in the size of clothes that you wear. May Eye, have a cigarette?

Nº 3748 of 20 minutes
Grand Paris.

Inverted Utopias… AVANT-GARDE ART in LATIN AMERICA with José Díaz-Balart

Pardon, Mí, mister O’Donnell, do you have any Grey Poupon®️? Eye has the 🧾 ask Stephanie Ruhle, she’s our undisputed foxi champion of The Webs.

Lady-like delivery, you should be an ambassador.

Page 120 (slash) 121:
Of Terrorism in the Arts
Ángel Rama y Los Amigos Invisibles*

Techo d’esto… told y’all that I was going to Squeeze a Whale.
The following is a Public Service Announcement.
If you are going to use the Bpi please be advised that the LOO 🚽 is under repair (again), plan accordingly.
Also, starting next week all Derelict-es-ese must enter the Bpi through the Place Georges Pompidou, it’s a scheme concocted by The Paris Tourism Board in order to fool Spy Satellites into thinking that the line outside is for the Art section of The Building.
memo 📝 to the Library gods, in the form of a Kézako:
… nothing out of the ordinary, but why is it, that out of 40 computers only n⁰ 14 and n⁰ 15 have the headphone jack installed?… the new keyboards are Magnificent, notwithstanding.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark: /34201 /nptfl0000599539?search Token=34adfe7c13c2741ee5a777421f5dbdc6f9607f20

“A monkey plan for a baseball game,” according to Joyce Vance on the Jan. 6 Awards, on MSNBC… Eye wonders where she got that lead from?
Probably from Pitorreal.

TÉL. 42°20°97


Yale University and Arbusto Museum of Fine Arts.

Negocio Próspero
Snapshot of Black Humor
1963 — Venezuela

Meanwhile at the ta’Güeno Corral, it’s Bannzzaaiii aïe.

Hoy no hubo Warrant

After the break, it’s, “Eye Dream of Beans”.

Friggin’ George Cluny… if only The Paris Tourism Board had an imaginary concert

WaWa Wars… followed by “the Flava’s” on your FANTA Nilhs!

Across the street, on The Peacock Society, the Poles are talking and the ‘proud boys’ on Fox Props are trying to convince Tulsi Gabbard that her seXy-Evil ass is a Hawaiian Donkey and not an Hilo Republican.

Unicornio Azul.

And, RNC Steele, da’Fuck is ‘virtual signaling?

The Ubalde Tourism Board unanimously voted to move the man responsible for children being murdered at Robb’s Place, over to the Watersports Department, where Mr. PEDRO Arredondo is slotted to take over the LifeGuard’s department.

Text with Payne in a stupid suit, tailor-made for Hershey’s Walker.


Any moment now, a hip Parisian gas station is about to blow up… fire departments in all arrondisements are on alert and for good reason, Zoolanders are all over town. Aussie, Öüï picks up a scoop that MODESTO, the lone Mexican giraffe that recently passed away, left behind a Wife and Calf à BEAUVAL-de-Briezesinski.

A gas holiday on Urban Safari.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/05/23 /politics /georgia-republican-senate-herschel-walker /index .html

After the break is JaNice and her mood rings. And over in I–RAN a Flock of Seagulls just melted out of the sky there, where the temperature 🌡️ is hotter than Death Valley, CA….

Jazz is Dead, ese… remesas del Norte follows

Where Have You Gone, Moi Camacho?

https ://facebook .com /hitazo .mx /posts /894551150999653 /? refsrc=deprecated &_rdr

—… y don Moisés responde:

I’VE bean Évry Where, man!


I don’t think that word on your Jersey means what you think it means, Mr. Moses.


Bark at The Moooooon, Bannzzaiį, after the Hawaiian time shift for our Wednesday (Slash) Jueves coverage, Öüï Ketch’-es up with the Tarahumara Narco League where The Tchüekos del Portillo got to “church on time” and put two Padres de Cerocahui down witn a runner on Third.

Check please

M stands for, me LA pe LA—n… You Saw It Here First.

Version Monty Alexander.

And, BannZzAaY chica… Did Eye ever told you how Iris loves ya’, but you got’s to watch out for them Sunshine laws in Georgia… just say’n

In The City, City of Sunshine

In The City, City of Sunshine… —Jazz can lick my avocados… We’re Open, Aussie.

Eye swear, if I didn’t have to see what’s for dinner—Eye’d nevah— would have seen how Maddona and Bon Jovi went about it, it would be nuttin’ if I knew how to Jive, … motherfuckers.

And if Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, fans, are in on the Joke

Then this should make sense…

Told y’all that I was going to pull a whale out.


If, Simon Rattle had any good reporters à rfi Internacional, they would crack-up at the physical synergy… No Graffiti goes here.


Deer, Éric Dee… It’s like you have to wear ‘special socks’ to be a part of this number. Fashion Weak follows, putos are Knot fahr.

Hey, hey! Öüï-r The Monkees!

Agro fashion: LUCY says aLLo Allô! 💎

Suck on it… Sponsored by French’s Suckers

Qui Ki Ri Ki!

Strauss is a nepotist chord.

El Gallito Inglés en Francés:

Sponsored by Phal Industries… You’re Such a fag you don’t need to go to SciencesPo. Fashion Week follows.

But FO’ist!!!

CSPAN… when all of your morning shows are on, C-SPAN is conducting the BDSM* sessions with the callers of a place called, America.

Gonna take a shower now, and maybe, just maybe! Squeeze out a whale… ‘member now, Jonah is not a fucking Algerian on this blog, JOnah is customer at Monoprix®️.

Laugh about, IT.
Talk about, IT.
… and then go fuck Youssef !

Somewhere over the Rainbow… En Chihuahua

Warning ⚠️ Slippery 🩸 When 🩸 Wet 🩸…
Musiques des films qu’il faut avoir vu avant après 14 ans, in Allegretto en Las Alturas, Municipio de Cerocahui en La Sierra Tarahumara.

Trou 🕳️ story, ask Musicopolice… the only france musique disc jock who can play rock and roll:


For the record ⏺️
Víctor Quintana Silveyra (2013–2014 IHEAL / morena-francias godfather, —literally, not philosophical, despite his PhD*) once asked of his Sorbonne Annex students what all of the information that they (Masters-level courses, o algo así) compiled from social media was for? What good, the professor asked, was scrolling and scrolling through the internet in the end?

Cat Soup… Get it?


If the good Profe could see U.S. now, and if Eye could recreate that sticky early-evening class setting, Öüï would tell him that all that scrolling is the Harmony in la pianola, après Le MIDI®️

Full disclosure:
… at the time, I only scrolled the interwebs for porn, on CSPN, of course, and occasionally on the Buzzfeed.

Living on a prayer now with Mariachis and Low Riders, verda’ d’Dios Que Sí. A Huevo Que Sí³.

³~. A huevo que sí 🇲🇽 = 🇫🇷 bien Sur 

Behold! Yo soy del mero Chihuahua y Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

Sources close to Las Dunas de Samalayuca y El Rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” relay that over at Taco Bell Central (The Great Sovereign State of Chihuahua en Las Galaxias) the body count for the month of June just topped 60 souls, and in the following section, our Brad Pitt puerto riqueño, FENSTER the Copy Editor, will figure out just how many GRAMS, collectively they weight.

Ladies in Gímenez… JESUSITA en Chihuahua no es JESUITA, and she fucking hates YODA!

Mientras tanto, allá en la Diocèses de Molière, Colbert was breaking the rules of The Temple. Trou 🕳️ to form, Colbert sent his sicarios to pound on the doors. May God help us all and bay bee 🐝 Jesús keep U.S. on his baby 🐥 prayers.

Living on a prayer and Taco Bell.
🎶🎸 We’ll Give It A Shot!

Latte- drinkin’ Libérals … Where is my bucket of ChIkEN?

Liberal in France is not what you/s thinks it means

— motherfuckers… Bringin’ all this RUCKUS TO MY steps… GET OFF MY YARD —ewe HIPPIES!!!

… And yet they manage to fuck-up a wet dream.

Co-habitation vS Absolutism

Now, at 21h20 NATO time… Two white maddafuckers are fondling 33 1/3 rpm’s right in front of Mí… The Gall!!!

To quote Mel Brooks… “Isn’t anybody going to help that LP?”