Issygny, Natty Congeroo and The Durango Kid agree

What the fuck is a ‘Twitter–in–Chief‘ and how do you package and sell mental illness?

… [Y] ya todo mundo sabe cómo es de celoso y ranchero ese pinche « Pajaro Loco “, explica Sean Penn.

Dime a dozen, Monchis. Dime a dozen.

Televisa presenta:
… [Y]a todos sabían que’ra pistolero,  ya todos sabían, que’ra muy… wait, Scratch that. Ya todos sabían que don Ramon era también carnal de Marcelo, lo que el mundo de Le Monde no sabía es de que fue precisamente por el servicio militar de don Ramón, que su Carnal Marcelo le pudo conseguir a Tin Tan, aquella famosa tocada con Los Beatles.

Quiero Rascarme Aqui.

“Denle gracias a Dios (o sea a Maradona) que los alemanes viejos no ganaron la guerra, precisamente por andar En Busca De « Ancient Alienes », en el Polo Sur, nos narra Pedro Navajas, abogado defensor de Rubén Blades, un empresario de Sushi peruano en Paname.

Let's face the book and twitt

Let’s face the book and twitt, ya’bums!!

8.20 Normandie Time

“Woke up, got out of bed… [scratch that last part]”,
WOKE up, got off the ground and did not give a flying fuck about my hair, because we [the staff] adopted a stray (look it up).

In Parisian news

In Parisian news:
The Twitts have secured a Partnership with Le Chapitre du clergé de Radio France International, Amazons and Books with Faces need not apply. The Roll-out for the mood–suggestion-OverDrive is set to coincide with the G5 deployment of GüaGüey cell phones with a fipian app on the S.H.E.L.L.

La estación del trenes en Bayeux me recuerda la razón por la que ni en una puta pesadilla visitaría el sector americano de la batalla por los quesos de Isigny en un fin de semana como el de hoy. And that’s because there is A Virtual WALL preventing them to visit the SANCTUARY of heroes that Donald Trump came to Piss On (D–Day actual).

Or did you really buy them Trump’s act, where the former baby millionaire pretends that he gives a flying fuck about this region?

“All that Donal Trump sees in this place is another motherfucking Golf Course,” dijo Andrés López Manuel, obrador de Macuspana y presidente de la Hermana República del Plan Post-Merida de Yucatán.

Entitled and, not to mention stupid, my American paisanos began to stroll-in to the train station at around Oh–eight hundred hours ; the coffee machine is broke and most if not all of them Tom Hanks loving tourists are currently [at about Oh–nine–hundred hours] pissed-off because they could not get ANY–motherfucking–WHERE near the Yank sector of the Spirits that left their blood, guts and soul on this neck of the hexagon [which resembles the head of a schnauzer] look it up.



Now, “amiga” Nicole, check this out, because this is an InTERvention dressed up as a mini digresión, but first, we’re going for a hike, to get our cup–o’Joe, and Smoke Sime some POT as the ARMY goes Rollin’ Along.


!Goooooooool!!!!!! — Dear, John Heileman


Here to catch the match?

— Indeed, Sergent Major, indeed.

Here to make the CATCH

Not really, Blondie… more like HERE to make the CATCH! Lucha Libre, Baby.:663B7E21-D3FE-4164-8AF5-57DB8E6B65D3… Free Entry, eh? —and You Say FREE FOOD‽… Tell you what, Sir ; if, and Only if, you throw a Sleep Mattress with a My Pillow®️U.S.A. on the DeAl, and EyE guarantee you that we’ll take the CUP.

Thursday, June 8th 1944. Katy Kay [in the R.O.L.E. of Amandine Henry] scores an Olympic Goal on the boys.

—– More —–

Happening now on MSNBC, horse puckey.

The gloves are off, The Wi Tang Clan bitch-slaps The FOX Hannity and the Banana Republic that Rupert Murdoch helped create in Washington, D.C..

Digresión from the HoBO on les Tripas de Caen

So we [the staff] ended up spending our most privileged, not Entitled bandwagon of the American Forces in Normandy with the Brits, the Canucks and yes, even the Poles. If you are not reading this, the Rafales are bending them big ol’trees like the Spice Girl toy:

La Patrulla Pasa

La Patrulla Pasa, la caravana goes: uhhhhhh!

Meanwhile, the reverend Al Sharpton calls in the Defender: Wendi Renard [in the role of Karine Jean-Pierre] People who know, know that the Renard is literally head over everybody shoulders, according to Twitter, or some penetrator like that.

Breaking the KATZ:
Minuto 85: Katy Kay scores.

I always thought that  Dennis Farina was joking when he delivered the classic, “EyE thought you (fuckers) invented the language”, on the set of “Get Shorty”, but walking next to drunk Welch lads is really on another level. It’s like going back in time.,. scratch that, it’s like going back in Eras, no lie, we [the staff] had a Sir David Attenborough moment. Eye shit you not Heilemann.

Moving on

Punto de conchas

Punto de conchas — You don’t know, if you don’t know Jakob’s musshell.

We [the staff] found the source of Las Conchas de Santiago de la llamada Compostela, SIN EMBARGO, Brits are securing the Access, —no hay pedido— öüï got friends in LOW places and so we turned over to Floor, a jeepster from Holland.

Recon report from our man Floor reports that the fipian tribe did not heed the warnings from The Eisenhower farewell address. Right now, the sirens have been penetrated way beyond sector G. The situation is Stormy. Everything got wet. Bee adviced that it only took one fucking like from the TwittSyndicate for them floosies to roll on their back and demand a belly rub.

Coming up on Ancient Ailiens

Coming up on Ancient Ailiens … los piratas de la otra costa.


Ladies in Gemini: Katy Kay playing the Role of N° 6

In no particular order, it’s another edition of: Moving on… it’s 4.20 at the motor pool.



* Based on the best–selling: A day in the life of Amandine and the boys.

Churchill goes rollin' along

Churchill goes rollin’ along

In Paris, Katy Kay is getting ready to break the truce with the South Koreans…

Next meet The Montgomery Squad

Next meet The Montgomery Squad…

“And you better not blink,” Willie Geist.

Las Chicas del coro

Las Chicas del coro