Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]… now about that Centerfold

Who’s on Third? Un théoricien de chars, D.A.T.’s who, a pre-cursor to the Air-Land Doctrine FM. It’s a 🕳️ thing, look it up or, « Be All That You  can Be ».

And, Louka… off course you have to have “el fondo” of what Jorge Saldaña in Acapulco called, “Remplacement des importations” and aware of Luis Mariano’s visit to La Colonia Roma in Barcelonnette, knot to mention read this blog like a manga magazine from JAPAN.

La forma es fondo.
Recycled history.
Assembled in Mexico.

Now, about “la forma”… it’s a new format, but you have to be on the loop of this IRONY in reel time in order to begin to KNOT the elements of this story:

https ://www .bbc .co .uk /iplayer /episode /m0013fmz /hardtalk-bassem-youssef-comedian-and-writer

Over at the BBC

L.A. Persons who WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN in San Fernando Valley
it’s part of the Bpi “Magic Mountain” snub of Alejandro Jodorowski
on their divination arts* shrine in front of the
sorriest, saddest, limited,
and off-limits
in Paris,

Meanwhile in Lima, Ohio… it’s fire-fire pork barrel treaties… and Excellentissime Ambassador Blinken, i SWEAR that EYE is Knot Making This Shit Up, sir. Last night Öüï HO’id a strange acute sound, the sound emminated from the front of the CNES building, the one next to the Poquelin’s Indiana Tropical Fruit Paradise next to this fucking “Au” Chien Qui Fume. It was fuckinig annoying,the strange sound, not the fuming dog it was the sound of a shitty car with its ignition key left in the “ON” position, not to mention the dang’ON driver’s door wide-open. So I screamed some very bad French obscenities such as « KURWA », or « PUTAIN de LA SACRE VACHE » at the motherfucker standing next to the trunk of the abovementioned vehicle, and kindly asked the driver of said ride to close his fucking door, (S.V.P.) and AbrAcAdAbrA, problem solved.  

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10388087 /Australia-spends-3-5billion-purchase-120-tanks-United-States .html

Page 10 Tú Cero Tú Tú — Weekend at Boris with the BBC

“Like some cat from Japan”, El hijo de Mil Máscaras y La British Geisha, KATRIX KAY.

And, Annitta Chiquita, you might be wondering what in Sherlock’s knickers brings me to the Rosbiff Broadcasting Buffet, and by the power vested in Mí by the legendary geisha, Katty Kay, Eye reminds your producers that this is UN USO JUSTO DE todos Los Fueros.

Top Speed Avocado edition… [B]ut FO’ist, Öüï catches up with La Mairie de Paris and their TOP List of baby names in Paris, over on the last week today, Öüï, relayed to the rest of our non-reading public that GABRIEL (WATTAGE) or the 3rd in the order of ANGELS and executioner among other things of les épouses indociles, the bastards, the reprobates,  and just to close the STAR of DAVID in a FULL CIRCLE, the children of fornication (WTF???³) was on the top of the “machitos” on the list, over on the FEMINA side the most popular name was that of a little ol’French heroine called Louise³³.

³.~ What in the Wild World of Sports!!! Aren’t we all the sons and daughters of fornication?
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Grabiel
³³.~ Over on our Special Coverage of the 150 Anniversary of the Paris Commune, non-readers can catch up with how Louise Michel was snatched by the New York Yankees franchise to work the gutterlines of a baseball field as a “BALL GIRL“. Louise, worked her way out of the “FOUL LINES” and in no time made “THE PLATE” where she took the position of “BAT GO’il” and redefined the role of CAT WOMAN when the former French medic, journalist, sports broadcaster for the BBC nemesis, —therfi“— and, lest Öüï forgetsVersailles BABY BURNER”  was promoted to GENERAL MANAGER of the minors.

https ://www .fox29 .com /news /he-was-going-down-doorbell-footage-shows-helicopter-crash-in-drexel-hill

Calle Tumbao n° 10

Sources close to the SMITHS at the Bpi, suggest that the ASTROLOGY section of The Georges Pompidou Centre sees “A HELICOPTER-style” of coaching for them minors, especially when meeting the Philly Phanatic.

And if you are into Cricket, you are not going to enjoy what follows.


Spring Training is for fags… And you are not fooling anybody, Thierry Raphet, Öüï knows that you are the ILLEGITIMATE basterd’ doppelganger of David Crosby with a modest ‘stache.

Eiffel, in his wildest dreams could knot write this shit up on Edison’s desk at the top of his version of The Iron Lady, a “BAT BOY” position with the Evil Empire, but then again, Eiffel did not have to go through the biggest snub in military sales and exchange services (DOWNUNDER), which is where our news byte of “Happiness is a warm Smooth-Bore 120mm Main Gun” comes into the picture.


You see, GABRIEL (that motherfucker) just happens to be the patron saint of Telecommunication workers, radio broadcasters, messengers, postal workers, clerics, diplomats, stamp collectors AND, —AmBASSadors!!! So it’s no coincidence that a compromise would be reached with the PERSHING Field INDIANS and the Salaried players of the MLB in BOSTON.

Page 9 Tú Cero Tú Tú — Toro Rojo Wan Wan

Over at El Autódromo de Las Concordia, Öüï touch base with an old friend.

Háblele — Neither The Prospector or Minero Magazine (@utep), nor GANNETT (The Coloradoan) would allow Mí to cheat, Eye offered them (on a Silver Platter, no less) The Trailer to The Original “butcher board” of The Rápidos y Furiosos of The Mérida Plan.


Meanwhile in Georgia, in Georgia there is a Danger that after the the blacks are segregated again in the U.S., the Russian Federation is going to take back what Stalin claimed for St. Petersbourg.


https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /fauci-hearing-live-project-veritas-omicron-b1990788 .html

And, DNC Harrison, I bet that you think that the meaning of “revolution” is change. Wrong! A revolution is a return to where we (… a more “perfect union”) were before, Ewe know: ROCKRIDGE… 🎙️ “You know, morons”.

Walk a mile like an Egyptian in El Ey, Ese.

Por ejemplo, DNC Harrison, when? When did the United States of America go into the MEXICAN FUERO system? Eye always thought that if someone, anyone was summoned to court you had to actually show up or get hauled in. And here, while stranded in Europe I get to find out that Republicans get “Mexican visas” to get out of jail.


https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /For_ (droit_coutumier)

Ewe don’t say… this whole Coronavirus is a menstrual industry scheme to drive Vania’s Stock up!!!

One FLU over the cookoo en la mañanera.


But FO’ist! Nah, nah, nah and HOLDER!!! Did you, Politico LeMire, see that plane below the former Atty. Gral. Eric HOLDER, IT’S Spiraling down,  —and watchout for that intercity train.

And, Mr. Martin III, i hope that you don’t interpret this as jumping on the Metro ‘bus’ 166 in El Ey bandwagon, like those Al Sharpton “troublemakers”, and here is why, young Luther, but first little ol’ASP needs to find a computer in order to behold Javier Sicilia’s ass at The Foreign Correspondents room of The Big ol’Palace in Paris and, La Plaza del alcalde del Estado de Cuernavaca, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, and what Hubris looks like when the Compagnon®️ ignores Physics period!

The physics of failure

In the mean time, allow Mí, to show the King part in your nomenclature what the FRENCH version of TIME magazine « person of the year » looks like, TROU to form the cover ignores the worthy one and selects “the” consequentialism of the usual consequences.

Issy, she’s just a girl.

Hold it now.

And in Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China, the rag thickens:

Study links Covid-19 vaccination to small increase in menstrual cycle length, but experts say it’s no cause for concern*.

SOURCE: https ://www .cnn .com /2022/01/06 /health /covid-vaccine-menstrual-cycle /index .html

Jump to page 9 Tú Cero Tú Tú

“Get off of my plaza” — Janvier 1965, page 7 of El Mundo de Le Monde

But FO’ist!!!

Entitled cat. Breaking update: Mr. Novak will be performing down Victoria’s way.

DJOKO GETS A MEXICAN VISA to look at Kangaroos and possibly a fair share of syphilitic Koalas.
No word yet if Mr. Novak will be able to swing his racket Downunder.

Successeur de M. Lopez Mateos à l’Internationale socialiste de Veracruz

[Nereidas suena como fondo]
https ://www .sortiraparis .com /actualites /a-paris /articles /210710-crue-de-la-seine-paris-en-vigilance-jaune

X marks the spot… shoot to kill.

Le président Diaz Ordaz mettra l’accent sur l’expansion économique du Mexique, or how i learned to love el PRI in the role of el MOvimiento  de REnegados NAcionales

In recent news, congratulations to “La Vieja del Sapo productions” who just secured a juicy contract with la Bibliothèque publique d’infomercials à Beaubourg.

Marilyn the misfit… well, you have already heard about Frida’s troubled relation with the American, “surgeon sons of bitches²“… but Eye is willing to bet that THE FRANCE-AMÉRIQUE are unaware that Frida Kahlo was a fervent ANTIDENTITE!!! Öüï can attest that her grill was just as fucked up as those 8 Spinal Chop-Chop Tap operations that she went through. Spinal Tap, man! Spinal Tap.

².~https ://www .karger .com /article /fulltext /91136

    1. Kettenmann A: Frida Kahlo. Köln, Taschen, 2003.

https ://www .pinterest .jp /pin/449585975274380433

“La Frida”, as she is known in La Colonia ROMA, secured a security guard position with the Centre Pompidou after a judge in Mexico ruled that the heirs of the FRIDA KAHLO ESTATE can profit from the COPYRIGHT mug shot of Salma Hayek.

True to form, FRIDA wasted no time to plug* her Tam-Tam™ tangas, all while delivering a sucker punch to the American Ambassador’s neighbor at rue Gabriel:

*.~ to take the opportunity to advertise and/or self-promote an idea, a statement or a lowdown dirty ass mattress they sale

Obligatory mask in your ass³

… and She Was, the little creature she was.

³.~ Ewe literally can’t write this shit up.

The ballad of Brnabic and Djoko

Ah, shit… there’s a shitty Arctic Blast ahead. “Select” your Mutually Assured Destruction player; your choice is Napoleon One or, Hitler.

Nope, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just a stupid set of Dayton Wheels for nerds. Lucky Charms, mis huevos.

On this section, Corey Coffin, will explain how an excentric Serb sparked the First World War of the mechanized world, and the illegitimate bastard son of George Harrison, RAF³ Sanchez (sin acento) will explain to Saúl “el canelo” Álvarez why this blog was behind GGG’s CORNER during the Great Golden Boy promotion GWARS.

³.~ Named after the Royal Air Force of the French-Amsterdam Hilton, or Something like D.A.T..

Here are the official Avi Velshi bootleg instructions for the task at hand:

X marks the spot

FO’ist!!! You lose the “apple” and give your professor a bucket of chicken, not chicken ‘tenders’ or chicken ‘nuggets’, a motherfucking bucket of chicken, from Popeye’s not from Mitch McConnell’s “gerrymandered secret recipe biscuits from the Cracker Barrel”.

Hey, Siren… Would you like, Mí, to make you come, to my birthday party?

Meet me at San Cristóbal de les chez en Santiago Papasquiaro casi entronque con El Espinazo de Marcos, just a few steps from Au Pied de Cochon and the 7th Circle of Hell à Châtelet* [Album Secret de Paris, page 52].

Click… Ice Cube is a Draftin’ foo, and Avi Velshi knows that Ice knows the

 difference between the ‘dentils’, the walls and, the mothafunky Dayton’s… “the industries only maintenance free wire wheel (never need truing).

*.~ “C’est désormais un haut lieu de culture…”
o como dicen en el teatro de los dos pueblos,
« hoy en día un lugar de cultura bien perrona ».

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/12/16 /delegacion-zapatista-ya-se-encuentra-en-chiapas-tras-su-gira-por-europa/

Melle. Lucas, of the DAFFY Lucas clan… Gotcha— Bitch!
And, Chavelita Marant, your circle of contacts didn’t think that I could go back in Time to January of 1994 to get this snapshot of el « alter ego » del Sub comandante Marcos, eh!? It’s the Zapatistas Birthday and were just lining up SIX STRINGS UNDER Major Tom, for the occassion.

Neo-zapatistas… I will put those fuckers in Saint-Denis to the test. And they failed, period! And there is a reason for it, it’s complicated (if you go beyond their orbit and/or bubble³) and this paragraph only covers my close encounters with Los Zapatistas in Paris, which at first sight it seems mired in local Latin American embassies, academic “reaserch”, political propaganda and, a place to squeeze the benefits of any of these on their c.v..
https ://www .service-public .fr /associations

Source: PABLO GLEASON (2011-2015) ; Zapantera Rosa Paris (2021)

Yadda bottle no soup for Ewe…. Shit follows, in the mean time, Avi Velshi, stop acting like Rachel Maddow.

But FO’ist:

You are not a friend you are an associate, with Tiffany Cross, edición Día de Reyes.

And mr. DMZ (you know who Eye is talking about) how can Öüï even begin to explain them “Old Thyme” gumball vending machine novelties, the adorable “HOMIES”, it would be like trying to explain to the good people in LILLE, FRANCE what this Saturday Morning CarTune from Cuernavaca {https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/01/06 /cartones /rocha-dominadas/} means, in relation to Trocadéro in 2006.

ISSY!!! Of course I, little ol’ ASP, is talking about GENARO GARCÍAdel otro lado de laLUNA, and el Blanco (which in this context translates to target, not necessarily ‘white’) de Cuernavaca… “does anybody remember El ESTADO de CUERNAVACA? »

And the answer, is always… wrap it up in a DUMPLIN’ for Chinese New Year at Mardi Gras

Who’s afraid of the Cube?

… [A]nd in France, Mr. De Wilde, do you know WHO else celebrates a Birthday? ?

NOTE to La Bibliotèque publique d’infomercials (formally d’information) Centre Pompidou:

If youse gonna do the Astros and don’t feature Jodorowski, A., next to Crowley A., than you are nothing but cheating your audience, but then that is the whole point of these Elements.

Now, about that fucking birthday…

And Zeppelin goes here.

Me, and again after The Red Moon. And here’s the kicker, knot a punchline, i don’t even have an alter ego, o como dice Jorge Saldaña (en Banderilla, Veracruz) un « autre moi », ASP turns 11 years old this coming 18th of January and to celebrate the Bpi is doing a SATURN is NOT what The AQUA VELVA think that it is, o como dicen en el CNES: Les arts divinatoires, narrated of course by the great CARL SAGAN… note to the Peoples of the Pale Blue Dot, don’t take the latin Eye too serious on the Bpi section of the Georges Pompidou, for example, the youtube® video below cannot be rewiewed on the Bp “i“, nor can you check a tweet, or visit a facebook account in order to complement a review of the Pléiades or any of its  Crabby nebula sisters.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =Iunr4B4wfDA

Across The Universe… indeed, Cerf-panthère (20 minutes france) if what the Bpi says on its “Les arts divinatoires : Une mode chez les jeunes ?” exposition is true, that in 2020 la Fondation Jean-Jaurès found that FOUR, (Eye say FOUR!!!) out of every 10 French motherfuckers in France actually believes in, and Eye quotes, “l’astrologie », then it follows that with the lack of a TELEVISA-deportes to entertain its genteemmerdada“, or Miserables if you are into kinky shit, have no other choice but to swallow Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes.

INFOMERCIAL from the Smiths at Beaubourg
sponsored by: VANIA
https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2022/01/06 /profeco-vigilara-precios-de-productos-de-gestion-menstrual/
For the record, Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes are know to cure all variants and/or strains of the Corona® crudas…

Simon, eh…  Cerf-panthère, ” Funkier than a MOUSTIQUE Tigre »… 🦟🐅

Little black letters disclaimHER: Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes can’t do nothing for your “gestionmenstrual other than to tell you what fucking Constellation is rising during your fucking period, period!

So, sticking with bull, Taurus-es bull let’s… review:

Following the first lockdown of 2020 la Biblioteca pública de “informercials³” en Paris (Beaubourg) opened its doors, at first by appointment and/or registration and then The Smiths there decided that they would open back to pre-pandemic glory with the sole exception of wearing a mask inside (and no smoking marihuana in the terrace)… Aussie², (LAT 34.1 S ; LONG 117.2 E) youtube® is blacklisted and RADIO LA NUEVA REPUBLICA, a propaganda machine from TACHIRA, Venezuela, operating out of Monterrey, Nuevo León and Banderilla, Veracruz (home of the Foreign Legion Borrégos brigade) became a PORNOGRAPHIC site.

².~ Somewhere near Perth, Australia… access denied; Djoko.

And, Michael Steele, fuck you, Eye is no fortunate Sun… as Eye types, IT!, has to switch between the node at the library and the phone on Mí’s left hand, SO PARDON our “horrores ortográficos“, but the technology is only as good as its updates and protocols, you know, JUST LIKE HEAVEN… good thing that there is always times to CHANGE the Road that you are on, according to Jimmy Page. And Siren, this blog is all about the pages.

Over at a known record peddler in le quartier des Ternes, David Bowie is celebrating his birthday, for the occasion former band members and collaborators (minus The Spyders from Mars, pour des raisons évidentes) are going to be jamming next to Valérie Pécresse-ces-ese presidential campaign headquarters. “If the house is a Rockin” that’s probably because SRV is going to riff “Let’s Dance” for all the alley cats.

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