sEgovie not Segovia, bartolomE not Bartolomé


Pleased to meet you…

1918 – Russian Revolution: Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinburg.

And, Madame Hidalgo… “isn’t anybody going to help that PO’h Man, Bam-Man Watta Bam-Bah! —_*¡*_— Eye said it once, and AY! Says, IT! A-gain the rEgie thinks that he has an imagination… the RéGIE DOESN’t. 🛶 Eye calls this snapshot: Grafiti EnSabHanado. 

“Are we supposed to google in the solo”

🎶 And the colored girls go:

That depends, Stephanie Ruhle.


Eye means, it depends if little “Frida Sophia’s” FAKE sobredosis de Cemento means anything to Ewe, I mean, Stephanie Ruhle, ‘member that very real anguish that you felt upon seeing all of that rubble on the kids?


Now i know That Camus said this, but under the circumstances (in real time, not after half of The Vatican relocates to La Argentina after the Parisian Velodrome incident), i think that i am saying this best: … “ context for The American Priest in Paris, follows », even if Saint-Eustache has a hair up their EAR DRUM 👂🏼. Hiccups for freedom!




https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-07-14 /condenado-a-208-anos-de-prision-el-director-de-obra-del-colegio-rebsamen-desplomado-en-el-terremoto-de-2017 .html

Let It Be Sympathy FO’ lumiEr, pues. _*|*_ Last week today witnessed the removal of the statue of Yosemite Sam from the Anastasia memorial in Yekaterinburg, but what this week here to They might be unaware of is that Mr. montes d’Eco here [ironically] got the idea to “coin” the term, « l’Ur-facisme » from non other than “el sacerdote rupestre”, primitivo y esencial dijo la hache que por cierto, Carla Bruni, es muda como la de Umberto.

Public Notice. Washington, D.C.


The Reverend Kasie Hunt ceased operations as a pundit and will now operate under the title of Dr. Hunt, M.D… hilarity ensues when Brazilian President gets a marathon case of the HICCUPS.

1945 – Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph Stalin (all pictured), leaders of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union respectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-war Germany.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /us /charlottesville-remove-confederate-statue-center-deadly-2017-protest -2021-07-10/

A KINDER Gentler Hitler.

🎵 Killed the Tsars and his ministers
Anastasia (sin anestesia) screemed in pain

And, Pierre, please relay to Clementine that, yes, yes, yes; with sugar on top, —La Tour Eiffel est lA.

Así es, Pablito… Jean de La Fontaine (1621-2021) is a fag!

400 years del futbolista le plus fabuliste… it’s on page 56_oh L’Humanité Nº spécial 23222 (Dimanche).

COPIEUSEMENT IGNORÉ PAR louis xiv, and here is why, mr. Pérez… Page 9, nº 23222 de L’Humanité:
Let’s hear it: “This is the problem. All the literature of the seventeenth century has given a magnificent description, which perhaps corresponds to the glory and pride of French royalty, but not in the least to the state of France.” J. Giraudoux¹

¹.)– NOTHING, and as a matter of fact, remarks Jean Giraudoux, “on the  misery, the poverty, the anguish, and the exhaustion of the nation…” And if, “The first BIG OPERATION of State propaganda succeeded it was thanks to Molière, Racine, Boileau and consorts…”, page 9/10 ibid.

… Four (stars) Out of Five:

July 16–24, 🚀 1969 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Establishing Aussie, the first Hotel and Casino on The Moon! ON the MOON ALICIA! El La Luna.

🎶 Advertise in imaginative ways,
start your free trial TODAY.

Hey, Mairie de Paris Tourism Board bearded Monkees listen to The Arctic Monkeys. It’s for your own good for it appears, judging from the Stars, that they have read Rosecrans Baldwin’s very funny look at Melle’s Pitch pub world in, “Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”, and check it out, there is a chapter in there that explains why there are only Four and not Five stars at Major Thom’s Tranquility Base circumventing The Globe.

Anyhow… Tiff Cross just turned 25 and she wrote an essay, —silly Cross! Nobody reads in El Ey. But Eye tells you what Girrrrl, that Charlemañe fellow has a point, It’s hot up in this Mutah*…third district.

* mUTAH’s third district is of course, the UTAH Jazz (gremlins are in fully engaged, Tranquility Base was assaulted via ipSEC protocols and what should have been published last night 10 pm CET has to be salvaged from ruins and completed in HAWAII Standard Time)

Should have registered the trip as a relic bounty delivery to La Bourse district.

Apollo 11 in Black: A small jump for Man kind, a raised fist for L’Humanity 🖖🏼 but FO’ist! Don’t You (izquierda en Paris… including the neo-Zapatistas de Ayotzinapa de Saint-Denis en Jour et Nuit de La Fuente de Saint-Michel) forget that–This–is–HOW the Mexican foreign service works. Just like Old Cuba, but then Mexico never got a Sin Embargo point of view embargo.

Coincidentally, to They in History:

1954 U.S.A. “Operation Wetback”

1954 : Operation Wetback” is launched by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about four million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals. The operation began in California and Arizona sweeping northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day.

Let me guess, it was because of a fucking, “Guioncito”, right?… más hipócritas, only los Amigos de don Poquelin en La Bourse de la AFP.

Intermedio with The Vampire

£orem ipsum

SissyPussy remains Solidaire with 🇨🇺… for the occasion, SissyPussy had a mojito®️ en La Ciudad de Paris vía Barcelonnette, on her güey from Cannes.

La Asociación 1901 de Gilberto Bosques en París, celebrated Cuba’s resistance by staging a performance show at La Villette, vicinity Puebla Gardens y, simón Bolivar, Alemania y los Flamencos acaban de valer Belgas con Tláloc… Ewe ain’t seen nuttin’ yet, Signores.

—_•!•_— But enough about Mexican exceptionalism at L’HESS, L’IHEAL, La Sorbonne and off-course: at the one and only SciencesPo… va’Por ti MediaPART 🗯 via LCI 📰 TV February 2017, and Pablito… you are going to like the way you look, but first Eye must introduce you to the opposite side of Sesame Street (🎶 I can show Ewe how to get to Sesame Street… just ask the Muppets in Juvisy-sur-orge

Context follows… “prefiero ser homosexual,—que un maricón”, según Pablito en una tarde del mes de abril, o de mayo… no me acuerdo muy bien habrá que preguntarle al señor que estaba al lado de don Pablo Bartolomé, cuando Pablito estaba clavando un calvito y practicando el trablenguas de los Spaghettis Spagnoles de los Morricones 

https ://muppet .fandom .com /wiki /Category :The_Muppets_Characters


Not exceptional just the exception to the rule

Intro to Serendipity… last FridayToday!

https ://thehill .com /homenews /media /563340-kasiehuntannounces-she-is-leaving-nbc

SHE’s Leaving, JOE.

« “Bittersweet news from me [KC⚡️DC] this morning [Hilo, Hawaii 11th Hour]. This is going to be my final broadcast with all of you of up ‘Way Too Early.’ » said The LAST COCA COLA on the msnbc’s.

Unless, Mr. Pérez, La France is like those shithole countries where our parents where born, in your case (you don’t have one) Peru, and in mine, nº 15 allá en la punta de la Chingada, which happens to be diametrically opposite to the recently departed Pablo Bartolomé’s nº 33 on the storage room’s layout.

Now if you excuse Mí for a second, mr. Pérez, i personally need to address Grama and for that i need to invoke a recurring character [very dear to my heart] that i named Teeny Tiny Cat. So please, mr. Perez—and rest of the good people at the place where Evry Ivry body knows your name, —and Roger— please understand do consider that this is called suspended reality in the dangling participles of The Cuba arc.

See if this sounds familiar:

https ://la1ere .francetvinfo .fr /martinique /haiti-une-semaine-apres-l-assassinat-du-president-l-enquete-revele-que-l-operation-a-ete-commanditee-aux-etats-unis -1058746 .html

— A Miami based Venezuelan soldier-of-fortune with ties to U.S. quasi-military policing agencies (knot Luis Posada Carriles) is contracted to assassinate a Caribbean head of state (Knot Fidel Castro).

— The customer is a militant revolutionary zealot who happens to reside in MIAMI (knot Orlando Bosch) and who is obsessed with installing a different ‘ideology’ on the island, SINEMBARGO the suspect is denying any link to the Port au Price murders (knot Havana tourists from The Italia).

—  Watch this Space, Rachel Maddow… bonus trivia: FAST & Furious is now showing in theaters, and aspersions and asparagus walk into a bar, hilarity ensues when The Salt and The Pepper are at-large in D.C..

15 de julio, Paris PM / 14 juillet, Hilo AM

Previously on, Las Fuentes de doña Vilma…

https ://www .fip .fr /evenements /fip-contest-listeners-portraits

 las entrañas

Entonces, Mr. Vladimir (Russian trombone player from the old USSR, affectionately called among the fellows, Mr. Putin) the answer is yes. Yes mr. Vladimir, you may have my travelin’ tripod chair after i die or i am killed at The Bourse de Paris. As a matter of fact, Mr. Putin, i enjoy your love of music and so you may have all of the crap inside of cubicle 15 at the place where Evry body knows your name. But not before i am shipped, Tovarish.

Ayotzinapa para pendejos.

15 de julio (la placa de Gilberto Bosques)

And this, Mr. Pérez, this is where you and your portraits come in, here’s the context (first) and then the template for the next speech of a Mairie de Paris sponsored vernissage… but FO’ist, Öüï is entering a photo contest, which happens to be open to All-Ages, All-nationalities* and, all genders (whatever that means).

* The catch is that you have got to be French; not necessarily Free.


Paris Centre… formally the 1690’s projects

For Hypothetical Comparisons and What Knots?

“Why Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Passage Was Removed from the Declaration of Independence”… only on BFM TV.

Off-Course, don Pablo Bartolomé, “el pueblo bueno” de Paris Centre, formally the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and, Fourth arrondissements of the current 75000-CEDEX Zip Codex, is going to interpret this monologue Draft as being about el artista, Roger Pérez—or even about you, Pablito.

https ://www .history .com /news /declaration-of-independence-deleted-anti-slavery-clause-jefferson

Anyhow, don Pablo Bartolomé, i could unfold a lot and a half of post card-sized cards with an annotated log of exchanges between your former self at The Place Where Evry Body Knows Your Name, and me. But i am not going to do that, i will only unfold one however, and it’s from the first 72 hours from the time that your former life form and i met.

And because i always try to finish what i start, i told your homeless ass (ese) that someday i would invite you to Segovia, Texas —a ghost town— with half of the population of the Place Where Evry Body knows your name. And because the Country that you adopted as your own insists on shutting my Draft down, the only possible means to take you to Old Segovia Road is through this imaginary trip through the road to Hell… which happens to be in OHIO… whose capital is of course, Lima (knot Peru) and you are never going to guess what gets built there, in Lima, Ohio… not Peru.


Entonces…all roads lead to Farm Road 2169

Anyhow, Madame Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Socialist-Fr., the following is a LEADING QUESTION:

Do you, Madame Mayor, support RAPE, or any other sort of micro-agressions, especially when these involve retribution for Politically Charged DIALOGUE?

Because if you don’t, Madame Mayor, then perhaps you should grant me, armando segovia, an audience, before things really-really derail and then BFM TV wonders how “the situation room” at Emmaüs got so out of control.

It should go without having to mention, IT!, but unless you [the non-reader of this blog] are in on the joke, like Willie Geist’s ophthalmologist is, then the fact that don Pablo Bartolomé was a Segovian by birth¹, should precipitate what follows in the next segment of my exclusive coverage of a lienzo that Öüï likes to call:

And in the role of Laura d’América, el tipo este: Antonio Banderas.

Entretien avec un vampire… no! Wait—scratch that…

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2021/07 /loret-de-mola-comparece-caso-cassez-vallarta/

And you know, Roger, I too sketch the portraits of French presidents, the difference is that you and I do different things, por ejemplo, Mr. Pérez, this portrait is that of President François Holland, with the added CONTEXT of his then Minister of The Economy and current General Manger of the Paris All-Star at Vincennes’ First 150 Anniversary of La Commune. 🗣 93D326FC-8449-459D-BB32-1E161E3FEC29 🎨 From what i gathered from our exchanges over the past 4-years, 2 since i began to notice your portfolio of faces from the homeless, and the down-and-out on the street (two separate castes in the French system) is that you, “paint people from the street, as well as the portraits of the Presidents of La France”, my response is —so What?
—What is the context?
Are you romanticizing the misery on the streets?

Armand, at le Thèâtre de Vampires, already registered that coven (punto y coma) so let’s transliterate the subject to the following:

¹.-)~ Or so he [don Pablo Bartolomé] told me when he first read my name on the list of SDF’s accredited to enter a very exclusive place in the heart of Châtelet where it should go without mentioning, Evry body knows your name.

Hoy no hubo Jazz. And, it should go without mention, that “I feel fine”, period

Key word here is “foreign legions”, not local why-no’s.

The Revolution Will Not Be Brought To Ewe by The American Priest at Saint–Estauche!


https ://arstechnica .com /science /2021/07 /tennessee-has-gone-anti-vaccine-state-vaccine-chief-says-after-being-fired/?amp=1

and You must remember this, i did mention 4 days ago that THAT ship was approaching; i’d draw you a picture of “the 1690’s projects”, Joy-Anne Reid, but i am too damn tired and besides, true-to-form the street wasted no time in letting me know that MADAME HIDALGO is happy to look the other way… let’s see what happens in another 4 days, Pablito.

1971… Öüï don’t needs know stinkin’ badges, like the Détente (C’mon Tennessee 💉🦠🧫, support National Vaccine[s] Day!).

8 Septembre 1944 — pg. 73 le débat Camus-Mauriac

ODÉON… where heros lie.

¡Viva Francia, —bola de putos!


I refuse to be “exceptional”, FUCK FLORIDA!!! And for once in my life, Mr. López has got a fucking point, unlike el infamous: ¡COMES Y TE VAS!

The All-Star Game 2021
Camus à Combat… was a fag, period

In local news, Winston Churchill is doing the Drunk Baby routine, and Chuckles de Gaulle is having a moment of Zen with the Philly Phanatic… and move over Buffon, Gianluigi just took over Saint-Cloud in the Sky… over on El Mundo de Le Monde’s exposé on Pio XII this is what Albert Camus wrote on the subject: les paroles du pape en faveur de la demo ne se soient pas fait entendre plus tôt.

NOTE to non-readers, if you thought that the maker of asegovia3 has been equating the events of the 1871 insurgent movement known as the Paris Commune, with the recent January 6th treasonous march on Washington, instigated no less by the 45th President of The United States of America, then EWE’s a fucking dumb-ass. These those i meant to write most recent (maga crowd) parallels are closer to PIO XII than PIVS Nonus.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pope_Pius_IX

Articles and editorials from Albert Camus
Éditions Gallimard, 2002

Indeed, Mike Barnicle… you Son-ova-Vichy! There hasn’t been a Starting Pitcher since the “Great Bambino” who can hurl a baseball from the mound at an effective speed limit on an « upward mobility super highway¹ » and then as your sorry-Bostonian ass said, “put on á helmet and head to the plate,” and send François Mauriac’s Académie fastballs all the way to The Moon, baby! To The Moon, not just a few kilometers from the Ozone layer, —ya’Bum.

In Entertainment gossip and French touch innuendo Catherine De•neuve and George Bras•sens had a baby and the little fucker, Jean Manuel, was delivered on Old Segovia Rd… Willie Nelson turned out to be the dad.

Unless, Cousin Joe, UNLESS… you count LOUISE MICHEL’s double-duty at the start of the FIRST 150 ANNIVERSARY OF LA COMMUNE DE PARIS à Vincennes. Extra-extra motherfucker (pg. 179, 8 Septembre 1944— Le journalisme critique).

(an Angel-ino, to put it mildly… and pay no attention to the colors on this section on account that it is, The 2021 Camp Town Ladies All-Star Game from Colorado, it was supposed to be in Georgia, but fuck’em, it’s for the good of the order).

Here’s an Habanera for the ocasión…

¹.)- Chris Rea — Road to Hell

🎶 I wish Eye Knew how it Feels to be Fr… with Susana Poveda 🇪🇸

_Cont’d from:

Insofar with our exclusive interview with Roger Pérez, el artista has revealed the concept behind Cian Eyes, and how Mr. Pérez got to France, however; one thing that Mr. Pérez has not made clear _-*!*-_ BACBD6BE-95A1-4673-85DF-D23F920D6884 🎵 ¿Quién pondrá fin a mi diario—al caer, la última hoja en mi* Calenda•rio. JMS… (Si la muerte pisa mi huerto).

* El destino quiso que fuera yo, Sr. Bartolome sin las casas, siendo que los lunes es mi permanencia y por eso, los martes amanece el lugar con música en la entrada.

🎵Well i‘ve never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music

Three doG Knight

And, Mr. Bartolome, once you cross that UMBRAL you don’t Have to Worry about “the curse” of Babylon. Why just listen to The American Priest in Paris, because if Mr. Pérez was not hyperbolizing on the Soundtrack for last Thursday’s portrait session at Saint Estauche, then HIGHWAY TO HELL, yes, the same Highway to Hell that brought you Hells Bells, was blaring from the ENTRAÑAS of the Lord of Vandières and Cernay’s final resting place.

Sin Embargo, if you are not a regular none reader of this blog then YOU PROBABLY MISSED our exclusive coverage of, An American sermon on Ascension Day, at the end of May, then YES!, EWE would be forgiven because you would have no way of knowing that it was our very friend without the “D” (aka) an American Priest in Paris who invited Bon Scott and the Young’s to do a set at the Church of Commerce à Les Halles. JUST THE FACTS, and yes AFP—you may source that with the Church’s log.

For the record, —if you are in on the joke— there is a reason on my log for this obituary, which i reckon is going to rub some people in the wrong way. Without Mr. Bartolome’s “input” on a February morning, there would not be a trail of paperwork from Emmäus–to–Medicines San Frontiers–to–Amnesty International (Paris).

Ladies in Gemini, meet my Old Horse, Rocinante sans plomb.

Full Circle. Destino Manifiesto al revés… a developing lunar cycle. |Foto por Armando Segovia. “This is not a free cultural license”; al contrario. Existe una atribución 4.0 de CreativeCommons: CC/By/NC/SA. || copy-left.

Today, Rocinante Sans Plomo is a hearse, and Öüï is carrying a very special edition load to Hell, Welcome Pablo. Relax… i know this little bar in Austin that i know que te va a gustar.

De cualquier manera don Pablo Bartolome, you where parked on my number (33) which ( punctuation aside) is directly at 180° from The Guardian at the door that never opens, nº 15, —off course.