No llores por mi Jimmy Carter — Happy Birthday, Mister President

Note to editors:

In Hilo, Hawaii, it is still President’s Day and in Paris, France, there is going to be a shortage of CocAinE for the next trimester following the historic sentencing of PUBLIC SERVANTS in the pockets of la mafia Calabresa, Bravo Italia!!! Now legalize Marihuana and the world will be a more sustainable place.

Dog’ma Diner and breakfast, no bed-no refund.

and, Pau Paccard, please relay to Hélèna FRADE (at 09h30 CET) que, ISSY-this-blog-is-made-possible-with-the-kind-assistance—of The Préfecture de Police— and their differently assorted benevolent madrinas at the Paris TOURISM board.

And, Pauline, Christophe DANSETTE is not fooling anyone, Öüï can clearly see that he is the illegitimate basterd’ spawn of Alejandro Jodorowski… Christophe is the long-lost “topillo de la Santa Sangre”.

And starring as president-elect Javier 🐍 Milei from Argentina 🇦🇷, Joaquín Phoenix in the role of a bicorne-wearing excentric.

A La Una, a las dos y… 🎶 Happy Birthday Mister President, happy birthday to Ewe. POTUS turns 81 and in México, his counterpart celebrates Henry Lane Wilson Day, over in Waco, Texas, Donald Trump, if elected again promises to bring back Ambassador Lane Wilson back from Concordia Cemetery 🪦 in El Paso, Texas, where the Manifest Destiny agent is buried with Gral. Víctor y Ano Tuerto.


But first, not to be outdone by our inter°net°work présentation, [Y]esterday, and also our useless art re-cycle improvisation on Thursday, The New York Times filled a room with double monitors, and sold the world a pretty 🖼️ frame for Each soul that bought that Bridge, wait for it, —wait…

Coming up: All The Pretty Frames 🎞️

… congratulations to former Mexican narco- presidents Vicente FOX and mister Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa for the victory of Javier Milei en La Plata, y por supuesto en Las Islas 🇬🇧 Malvinas, —también 🪖🪖🪖.

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