Previously on Susana Puveda’s 8 billion lesbos

Misa de calaca présente à Saint~Merri, featuring Los Amigos de México en Francia as Los Hijos De Romero Deschamps, a 🎥 churro about French CHARROS and the French Professors at the “afamado” IHEAL, the “elitist” SciencesPo and of course, la bendita Sorbonne.

🎶 Que alegría cuándo me dijeron,
Vamos a la casa del señor…


Televisa presenta: las Olimpiadas de Paris, featuring Lola Á. Bravo y la mano de… Bernardo Gómez, of course:

… en fin, “¿Dónde la escondes, Felipe, si te robas cátedra[l]”

COTEJADO. Any how if you can spot George Harrison peeking out of Jesus Right Axila, then you are probably a Rolling Stones fan, you heretics!


What’s the matter, King David, why have all your swin°ging dicks from the Israel propaganda machine been Lt. Colonels, and why has the only Labia on that beat been Major at best on the screens?

IDK¹, IDF², AITA³ for noticing the glass ceilings that Israel is not willing to break.

Knock, knock … I know that you are just hanging around on the other side of them Red Doors.


Across The Atlantic and over el golfo³ de Tehuantepec Norma Is paralleling a very depressed 🌬️ 🌧️🌊 Aline.

³~. Golfo is slang for ‘sharp-dressed clochard’ allá por La Quinta de La Chingada (the Mexican president’s personal hacienda)… not necessarily a pachuco.

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