A closer Luc³… Stay away from the Poitrine-de-Kaltenbach

³~. Ewe Sun ov’Abich 🫥

Smile… I know that you are mirroring my SIM card, well ❤️‍🩹, suck on this, choose your poison.


https ://www .elle .fr /Minceur /Tests-et-quiz /Que-revele-votre-poitrine-de-vous  

Fucker’s just beginning to rise… don’t be a VALLS, Darmanin —you Son of a bitch!

For the record,”[T]hat which is Below corresponds to that which is Above and, …», and vice-versa, also, the expressed written statements regarding the TAR that NETANYAHU instills upon the STARS of 🇮🇱 DIVA°D 🇮🇱 does not reflect in any way, shape or FORM, an anti-semitic statement, the people of ISRAEL chose a genocidal strong-man as their leader and, furthermore por si sobrará menos³; even in the expressed voiced opinion of a former editor of THE JERUSALEM POST, “we have not heard any words of responsibility by the prime minister;” said Yaakov Katz to an angry old man from Nantucket, Massachusetts, fixed fixated on Commuinty Colleges and commuting students who could care-less about what happens outside of their 9-to-5, let alone what happens in the Middle East.

³~. Oct. 16, 2023; 06h11 PDT, on Morning Joe:
https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /yaakov-katz 

For the record, Mr. Darmanin, I humbly relay that a PLANT, at the other end of them security cameras would do a better job than the aforementioned Monkees of the DGSI, with-all-due-respect! After the break, I will put a PLANT in front of your monitors and keyboard, so meet Mí, on the other side, because this scroll is getting a little long.


🪖📣 !Ahhhh-bout, Face!

So, with-all-due respect, Mr. FETET, of the general directorate for foreigners in France, I since°rely, or as JORGE SALDAÑA³ used to say on the the EXTREME reaches of the FAR LEFT in Banderilla, Veracruz, (MX), sincèrement, « ¡ las comparaciónes por eso son o°diosas ! »

³~. Si les singes du clavier de la DIRECTION GÉNÉRALE DE LA SÉCURITÉ EXTÉRIEURE ne parviennent pas à trouver qui est/était M. Saldaña, demandez à votre ambassadeur au Mexique, J-P Asvazadourian, de contacter ALICIA LEOS et elle vous dira qui était Sal°Daña.

31 de oct (actualización)

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