Ladies in Geminin never mind VIRGO… heeeeeer’s Bob “La Pla[i]nte”

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii:

In Memoriam … Must show work! 🙇🙋🙆🤷🤦🙎🙍🙅🏼.


With all due respect, it was Knot Mí who changed the scene of the crime from Henry IV to that islamist “dude” who murdered al profe de Francés en un lycée.

In local News, for The Audience in Pineapple 🍍 Express, French Président, Emmanuel Macron, will go to Arras to give his republican (little R) eulogy, which pretty much transliterates to “our thoughts {and} pray°ers are with Ewe ».

At the memorial, the president will use the opportunity to award the the Legion of Waterloo to a DGSI funcionario francés.

Lettuce 🥬 y Chile Verde Ancho 💚



Bob “La Pla[i]nte” is the DGSI employee of the month.

And, president Biden, I love Community Colleges just as the guy next d’Or in Nantucket, but Eye just lost his train of thought, wait one…

And, Susana Pubeda… Stay out of this one.

Lettuce 🥬 y Chile Verde Ancho 💚 …


… Heck, I reckon that even that Major Pesquet fellow, in his best days at the ISS, he wished that he had the fucking imagination, sans gravité, —of course.

But don’t take it from SIRIUS, why knot ask the pampered one “Polaris³” that cold 🥶 motherfucker is the one with the Nukes and cares not about the NUDES sent by that fag, Beetlejuice.

Gad Elmaleh, Susana Pubeda! You did IT!, a-Gain.

³~. Megadeth… Peace Sells, but who’s buying?

Only A Fool Would Buy That, Dan!

Never mind the spell… 👁️📍🌘 ❤️‍🩹

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