Deer, President Biden, that is not a word…

What is the definition of a TERRORIST, let’s ask Atty. General ANTONIO GONZALEZ, how about it, Alberto, was LUIS POSADA CARRILES a militant, or a Netanyahuist™️ … And Mike Barnicle, Fuck yoU, and Donnie Deutsch. 

Luis Posada Carriles — America’s “militant”

Over on the MSNBC PLUS streaming network, it’s the pilot 🪂 episode of, The Grammar Nazi, starring of course, The Soup Nazi and a kindergarten cop.

Don’t Go D.A.R.E. 🕊️… 🐦‍⬛


Let’s PUT IT IN A BIGGER CONTEXT, Netanyahu is not the Jewish peoples best friend. Just like Hamas is the perfect CELULA QUE EXPLOTA… o algo así.

Do not, Eye say again… Do not touch the Bleu Lobster those rouge homards, BOIL’#EM ALIVE, because that’s the backward difference of EVIL 🙈.


ISSY, the following is to be read in the voice of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s buddy, “The Gover°Nator” Schwarzenegger.

But first, Öüï now returns to President Biden, who sounded just like, or similar to nº 43, —el hijo de Bush.

Jesus Christ, Joe! It’s a fucking contraction, my god! The FO’ist Lady is a wordsmith, the Shame, Mister President, the Shame.

Here, allow me to fix, IT!, for Ambassador Blinken:

Iran, if you are monitoring, I have a Con°Tract°Ion for you, “don’t”. 👊🏼

Honey Don’t, honey don’t —Eye say Ewe will when We won’t ah-ah, honey don’t.


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