Deer, Willie Geist… terrible Hebrew narration

All you need is Love 🇮🇱

Love is all Ewe needs 🥸

Now more than ever, fuck ISRAEL and their MacDonald- Douglas Fighting Eagles.

Smells like teen spirit, a film by Guillermo Del Toro, starring Pulitzer Prize winner, Raf Sánchez.


When your Charity-bombs drop you don’t see blood, you see CEMEX re-construction $$$, and Willie Geist, where is the other (voice) on the Morjo Show? Where is the Voice That SUPPORTS ISRAEL, getting out of Palestinian settlements.

You fuckers resemble the RUNNING MAN’s green room in Schwarzenegger’s MONTERREY METRO classic.

Never, did I ever imagined that your falafel dough didn’t stink once it turned into shit.

VIDEO. Food vendors on the run: near the Eiffel Tower, food stored in the sewers

Zionism is the New REICH 

For the record, if Mossad is not, let me re-phrase, if an IDF agent is not violently evicting someone like an American native from the place you that they might call home, then you one should not feel like a “rat in a cage”. Again, Netanyahu (the Israeli leader) escalated the situation, it looks like Israel got themselves a case of the “Mexican narco-defensas”. No es lo mismo but it is part of the whole enchilada, heck, Lieutenant Colonel Hetcht, the narco-defensas even called themselves “crusaders”, or “templars”, or something like that.

And one more thing, can you imagine The Eiffel Tower being lit up with Old Glory if January 6 of 2021 had gone the way of Rudolph Giuliani and President Trump started dropping cruise missiles en Michoacán, or god forbids, in Durango?

Now, that! That would not be kosher.

But wait, if you are still not reading, how about launching a military expedition into Irak instead of the place from where the 911 terrorists actually boarded their “flying carpets from”.

Any how, August 10:

How fitting: La Vie En Rose 🌹, on a day like today, Piaf made The Great.

Thank God, Davis Ignatius, that the Jews are In-step ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️ with Netan-HITLER, now will your WAPO-ass be wearing a BROWN Shirt, or will you be living La Vie en Rose in PARIS, France?

And isn’t it ironi[c]Ross. 

Up next, it’s Leni Riefenstahl’s, “nopalitos à la Netanyahu”, with your host, Guillermo del Toro, happy birthday, Ewe 🐑.

And Raf Sánchez, 0h in Tel Aviv… again how fitting, the horror on the good side of the tracks, how is the smell of death and bombs on the wrong side of the tracks, any babies on the Palestinian rubble?

Metallica KILL EM ALL goes here. Arrogant Zionists. How does it feel? It’s funny when the same it’s said about little “barbarians” in Palestinian kindergarten playgrounds, so, yeah, Willie Geist, Fuck Donnie Deutsch, and his brand up

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