Nobody sleep — This Riddle is an inter°mission !!?

Yer’ As Cold As Ay’s. l’Étranger VOSTF (Foreigner)

I’ll win at dawn… 😲 Vincerò (3X).

“to decipher all this mess” (“déchiffrer tout ce gâchis”) is on the second to the last line ».

Spoiler Alert… it is the precursor of “group theory”, which just so happens to be code for a Nombre


Eye Am The Count!

Gooooooo, Dodgers! ☄️

… 🧛


Here’s another thing, 🇨🇱 El Conde 🇨🇱 era Elizabeth’s favorite.

Nobody sleep, nobody gets hurt.


El Conde no sabe contar 🧮 y por eso se enamoró de una contadora Cunt’essa de Francia. Issy, estás son las me°mo°rrias de Larraín Matte de Santiago.

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