Fo’ Fiddy Cent… Is it still Mexican Cinéma³ They today?

O.K. Compu°ta°Dora


“O como dicen los franceses³”

But first, preliminary pôles Relay that David French is really, —Dutch… ⚾ let’s play Hardball. David grew Belge, but he was really a reject from the LUX, in that unholy triad, The BeNeLux. Fucker thinks that Le Mans is in Normandy.

³~. El Alternativo con Jorge Sal°daña

Objects in mirror are closer than a VAGOS rearview mirror.


³~. Roger that, for the next 55 minutes in Panamæ time… and then it’s “Hail, hail rock and roll”, motherfuckers!

After midnite’…

Don’t fo’get Colorado ⛷️


Money for nothing and your FRENCH RSA for “la Gloire de Marianne”. It all makes sense now, Mr. Hollande, I get it. Why not bring the entire CDMX to Saint-Germain-des-Prés? Yes, it’s been done before, but I am not going back to la ñ institute.

https ://mallorcainforma .com /2023/08/16 /prision-para-seis-jovenes-detenidos-por-una-agresion-sexual-grupal-a-una-joven-en-un-hotel-de-magaluf/

In local news, The Spanish government unjustly incarcerated 6 fine-French-fellows 6 from the Charolais and Limousine cattle farms. “la manada”, as the local newspaper in Palma de Mallorca refers to the 6 fine-French-fellows 6 , was sequestered by civil guard goons after a “snitch” at a local hotel called law enforcement officials to see about a British espontánea that was blaring a Nirvana song in the middle of the streets of MAGAluf.  

Dogs and Cats living together! Mr. Mayor, it’s the end of the world, “who Ewe gonna’ call? Casper the friendly fucking ghost? Good luck with that slime.

Sources close to la rue Gabriel y Champs Elysées relay that the man at la rue Honoré en Le Elysée is already making reservations at Le Meurice in Tuileries. FLORENCE Cassez is already drafting a battery of Public Funds grants to shoot a documentary about the ordeal of the 6 fine-French-fellows 6 from the Charolais and Limousine departments from France. Juanito Belmont is busy scoring the soundtrack, along with Max Guitar, and SoFy Velasco is AI-ing the script of esa corrida in Spain. 


⚽ 💃🏿 vS 💂🏻‍♀️ ⚽

⬇️🎤… Thanks Obama.


Pago en especie:

with musical guest, Tropicalísimo Apache y su éxito del año del caldo en La Chingada, “La Burlona”, followed by Banda La Pobreza y El Conjunto La Mentira.





Eye quotes:


June, a vieja,

los miraba y se reía.

La comedia de AMLO, “let’s get some breakfast tacos” at Deaf Comedy Propaganda en El Museo del Correo National.

What I mean, Mr. Hollande, is that all that I asked Bruno and his Mexican cinéma brown-shirts (yes, it’s another edition of Godwin’s Law) was to respect the language clause, because there was a REASON for me (as a CCT holder) to not learn your stupid little faggety language. David Zonana 🎺 said it best in cinematography spic…

This work is for Mexicans, and Knot for the followers of Francisco Belmont en 👊 Paris Fréquence Plurielle.


La Gaviota, French édition.


Vacation They.

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