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The Power of “Plaint Stuff” : Fables and Frankness in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republicanism


Journal of the History of Ideas
Volume 72, Number 1 (Jan. 2011)
by: Arthur Weststeijn

Based on, The Works of Bacon… six degrees to a KNEW BRIDGE, Francis.


³~. And here is why:

Because, KEVIN KILLEEN, by the time Run-DMC arrived on the Number 4 edition of Volume 72 of, wait for it, —It’s Tricky, but not in a New Generation tricky güey, ok? Ok?

… Coke break

So, yeah by the time the October of 2011 edition of the Journal of the History of Ideas hit the University of Pennsylvania nerds, “The Political Bible in Early Modern England [was] Hanging up Kings“, starting with that fellow from the MELVINS band from Still°I°cum, Washington, just across Pierce Community College. It’s right there on page 549… he swore that he didn’t have a gun, so LOVE must have smoked that C°O°B°A°In.

Ta Lki N Ghe Ads
or how I learned to love
from the
talc in heads

It’s a naive melody from 1983, y además hay que ser francés para poder narrar la Historia del Mundo, únicamente los franceses, los mas bellos; los mas puros; los mas inteligentes; los mas… “uy, uy, uy”, excelentísimo embajador de Francia en México ¿qué otro superlativo se le pude abnegar a semejante regalo para la humanidad?… « hijos de Dios », parfois.

… mais pas Aujourdhui, Jacques, knot to THEY

Houdini1993, but first:
Öüï switch, IT! over to Mercer Island, WA, where, “The Paperback Revolution: Mass-circulation Books and the Cultural Origins of 1968 in Western Europe,” or how I learned to love the “Indignezvous” crowd in France, Page 613 on the October 2011 edition of the Journal of the History of Ideas, by Ben Mercer.


One year later

Republicanism after the French Revolution:
The Case of SisMONDE de SisMONDI

Journal of the History of Ideas
Volume 73, Number 1 (Jan. 2012)
by: Nadia Urbinati

But FO’ist, what are the odds, Katie Phang, what are the odds that the Bo°Uga°In°Ville°A is playing the talking heads wardrobes… you know, in Paraguay and Bolivia, that plant is called Brisa³ y santa Rita²; Argentina and Uruguay also call that Ar°Bus°To° the same. Intersting Ph°Act! Jack, is that the flowers on that Bu°Sh° are hermaphrodites.

³~. Carlos Curbelo, former Republican congressperson in Florida
²~. Fernan Amandi, from the NYT

In Colombia, Ewe’s knot gonna believe what Brisa is called?

The Southern Birds’ threshold with Grua, by Pava’Vassoughian 🦚 👖 Aquarius graphic courtesy of Star Walk2.

— That’s right Mr. Wonderful, in Colombia “la trinitaria” is called Siempreviva, among other “aliases”, —ese.


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