Ladies in Gemini : la Doble U presents: Cocaine Shark

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Espectacular de Plata
… continued from page 179 (If you are out of Schiltz’-es-ese) get a rosé:
_mange au lit. Autour, toutes les miettes, les paquets entamés. Un seul souhait : qu’il parte. J’ai peur de dire, j’ai peur de l’incruste. Je dis. Claude ramasse ses affaires et s’en va sans remerciement ni reproche, laissant ses débris derrière lui. Ainsi va sa vie. Claude a trouvé sa raison d’être à travers la Bagagerie, il en est devenu le président. Il se dit dans l’entourage qu’il aurait une retraite de La Poste, qu’il pourrait être logé en banlieue. Il s’accroche aux Halles. Claude est un petit homme, ses cheveux et sa barbe bien entretenue s’allongent, il prend des allures de vieux druide, style Panoramix.

Later in the programming team USA is charging against team ORANGE NAVEL, an A.I. flying squadron from the Nether-regions in the Benelux who could not cut the scene during the last World Cup in France 2019, champions without a cup by any other name, just like team USA who despite their Jaggernaut-status on the woman’s FIFA circuit, they can’t hold a “pay-check” to any of their male counterparts… meanwhile in Miami, Messi scored a double, and if futbol statistics were a slugger’s average, it would be safe to speculate that Messi is striking .400, period!


Lucharaaaaaaán, dedos a tres caídas sin límite de tiempo

Team USA will find out later tomorrow in CET if they are holding a pattern not seen since the Theys of Alexander the Great in Egypt or even that skull-fucker Khan in Yehuling. With all fronts being local, Team France hit a wall with Jamaica and as Ambassador Asvazadourian in Mexico knows, it’s getting harder and harder to get across the border, and in French Guiana « Las Bleus » will be trying to keep up with the Brazilian Havaianas at high-noon on Saturday the 29th in CET.


Behind the Crane in New York… It’s the legacy of baseball in the Negro League, Mick Jagger stars as Tina Turner… one last time, and rolls over to second on a WYmann Error. WYmann, a founding father of Her Satanic Majesty Players switched teams at the turn of the Twenty First Century (on FOX) and joined the Ted Nugent Michigan Molestors League where he is lounging on a .237 batting average. Wymann got distracted from Keith Richards throw from the Mound of Venus (the big V, for Vulva) when he set his base-line on the bat-girl who was only bringing Bill his fucking Louisville Slugger so that he could do his thing. Naturally, when you are a star, (some guy at the White House said it) the Commissioner let’s you get away with it… just like with French police administrators, —apparently.

Jumping Jack Flash… motherfucker hits the light switch and he’s on stage before the lights come on.
Over at chez Meacham in Tennessee, Jon is enjoying his “Adult Needs” time with some fresh new pornfantasy cinéma from the vaults in the cave de l’Excellentissime Monsieur Ambassador, JonStone Asvazadourian en la Colonia Hidalgo (knot de Paris) de Barcelonnette.


En México, La Lucha Libre cumple 90 años… ¡ARRIBA JUÁREZ!!!

Senado de la República entrega reconocimiento a leyendas de la lucha libre mexicana

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