The Only True Thing in LIFE… it’s La Lucha Libre

Told y’all that Venus was 🔥 “Ulero” Ulero Ulero…

And oh, by-the-way … Zeppelin goes in the pancracio

Que se oiga, Ulero.

Cowboys from HELL… Tu, abuelita en bicicleta 🚲

Lucha libre is good vs evil… Besides tequila…

Con Ustedes, La Sonora Santanera*

Los Luchadores… and if you think that tonight’s STRAWBERRY 🍓 MOON is a Magical Mystery Tour, then it is evident that you don’t know what COLORADO is about, —John.

In Rome, the Romans called it CAPITALISMO SALVAJE… but this most non-consequential blog is not adequate enough to make you come, like I made the Deadline broad come last night… check the Internet Machine. It’s Trou 🕳️… silly Wabbit.

Straight out of La Plaza Olvera…


After the break it’s Circus from The CAF de Paris, it’s the PAN part of The Circus. And over at The Avi Velshi Show, it’s Talibanes en Power.

Hoy No Hubo Jazz, puro PhunK.

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