Full moon gazer on a Snowflake’s Knight

Like Ah- Bigga’ Pizza Pie… Amore.


With Musical Guest… Los Burritos [bonitos] de Belleville… Oye Cómo Va 🎶


This one is dedicated to John Mill Ackermann y Sus Esfuerzos ayotzinapos por el HS*BC… do ewe Remember los borregos, —John?


yada, yada, yada, goes here

And, Katie Phangs… please relay to the Humpty-hump Steele, that I’ve got The Bass, The Double Bass and, El Bajo Sexto in my toolbox, so nevermind about Artificial Intelligence… because the moment that the power grid goes off, and your gadgets don’t work, that’s when the Freaks are going to come out. So if youse in Paris, enjoy your White night.

But enough about the base… Let’s “flip” IT!, Over to la plaza del teatro de los dos pueblos donde:


It’s The 1st Fingerbang Title before The End of The Last Lucha Libre Match in today’s CATCH 🧜🏻‍♀️


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