Balls are pussies, y los huevos de Guanabacoa, también!

Willie’s “Good Morning, America”, was turned into a love song in France.


Issy, SoFy Velasco, there was a time when Francisco Belmonte covered the Mexican Narco news but that was all just a show, it’s a known NAZI tactic that goes back to Josephus in Galilée… and then the French Establishment awarded him that French Retirement for services rendered to the prefect de la bendita CITÉ, and that was it, it was time to shift gears, become a “botones*” and a radio host for the Capitalist Chapter of Communists in Paname.

*~. Look it up, at the Four 🧑🏿‍💼 Seasons of Paname.

And ladies in Gemini, never mind the transitions, in the coming hours, (if allowed) the Black Blocks de France will be the official guard for this week’s 14th Edition of When Frogs Turn 64. The event celebrates the assasnation of a French university student by extreme-right—skinheads.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20130606 -activist-brain-dead-paris-skinhead-attack-meric-neo-nazi


🎶 Sarah! Gritaba Caro Quintero, Sarah… ay Sarah como te quiero.


🎶 En el Estado de México nació, JUAN es del ZACA-zona-Pa, dónde creció…

I am jealous of the girl with the pocket pussy, que baila con El Hula-Hoop, de Enrique y Ana… Y que chingue a su madre SARDOU. Ahora tócame una de guitarras sud Américain en BOTZARIS de Puebla.

Any how, i had the opportunity i-esther-day, of all theys, to revisit the March of Ayotzinapa to the 20th District City Hall, a few years ago in 2014, it’s relevant today because it’s Elections day in Mexico… I wonder if Juanito Guanabacoa even remembers Mexico or, if that is the reason why he confuses la i-latina con las WHYS. Good morning America, Eye am your favorite Sun 🌞.

On our next segment we say goodbye to Amnesty International for ex-Mexican cops because The  PARIS Préfecture de Cité is about to roll-out a brand new Safe Haven for North Korean law enforcement refugees. And I swear that i-am not making this up.

https ://www .rfa .org /english /news /korea /policeFed up with corruption, North Koreans are attacking police, secret document shows


My Struggle… with German ovens and the i-Grec de CaYetano Ventoso en rfpp

🎶 Pam, para-rahm Pam! 🤹 All To-get-her Now:

MORAL 🧭 Compass para principiantes

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /cultura /2023/6/3 /los-traductores

My Struggle… with Brazilian y griegas…


Anyhow, SoFy estos no son cuentos Chinos, that was last week’s theme from Mi Mexique Ranch, cómo dice don Juanito en su antiguo relajo por el HSBC de Belleville a un lado de la antigua  Cantina Solidaria de comunistas salvajes… hoy es un Penthouse where The Paris Tourism Board is going to move their domiciliation.

Aus-Tral-iA is the Enemy.

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