Over at Radio France-farfelue… It’s a Knight at The Opera

Colors mixed with Candela… a little to the left, please. Anyhow, Apoline de Hierba mala… tell Jérôme to tell me one about Bandidos “cachanillas” who recreate La Muerte de Pancho Villa en tiempo real.



Knight at The Opera, featuring Rodolfo Brownwater-Bowlmier and The Viagra Boys.


NORDAKA Y Malesherbes productions, in collaboration with BFM’er 📺 welcomes its exclusive artist… exclusive “bandidos” expert Jérôme Pierrat.

SEGURIDAD 🇲🇽 x $20 pesos mexicanos
Baja California:
Narco y política,
tras la masacre en San Vicente Ferrer

https ://www .sudouest .fr /justice /attaque-a-l-explosif-d-un-centre-lgbti-a-tours-un-catholique-integriste-de-17-ans-en-garde-a-vue

Previously on Cigarros A Hong Kong con el asesino del tal ARANGO.

… Ahora sí, marmotas de Barcelonnette, ya llegó su Zopilote, y traigo carne de carroña para Pierrat y J.R., does anybody remember J.R.? 😆😆😆😆 His trip to 👁️ Calexico 👁️ was sponsored by the directeur de l’Opéra de Paris Alexander Neef.

Eye can do this all They.


Today’s QuéSaco answer: Eye see nothing por el ojete de la Fuente de Stravinsky, menos por el de don Edgar… 🎩 not sure if The Devil is in the details, Maistro 🪄

Over at The Heart of The Orchestra it’s “Now, now, Christian Marlins, let’s not bring in Ms. Elle Gansa into the reflection de France Musique”… with regards to The Maistro del Sistema.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /au-coeur-de-l-orchestre/actualites-de-l-orchestre /démission-de-gustavo-dudamel

I wanna ROCK right now!


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