Deer, frogs… the following is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

And, Rachel Maddow… Money For Nothing is not correlation for your privileged DYKE  hate for Dire Straits, enjoy you Hamburgers in Paradise. Have Comey bring the sauce, baby, bring the Sauce “G-man”.

From the good people at El Mundo de Le Monde, en Marseille 👁️, but FO’ist! I wonder if Chris “softball” Matthews would agree… SARAjevo rhymes with SCARborough.

Phucking Peuk…
It’s like Revisionists at The Globe Theater, because you know, that’s why they call it Julieting filets.

https ://wcs-stl .com /juliet-vaginal-rejuvenation

Life on Mars… take a look at Juanito Guanavacoa in another life, acting the way that all Juanito Guanavacoa’s act, when they are MEXICAN COPS. viva rfpp . net


Here is your QuéSaco?

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /langue-francaise /expressions-francaises /2016/09/02/ -la-veritable-histoire-des-froggies

🌽 ³ 👻 🦉

And, GO’il de Niza, “intuition” does not factor in, motherfucking premonition. Boo!

And Reverend Al, premonition is not Superstition.

And Mika Brzezinski, maíz 🌽 will never live leave your stomach feeling full of shit, like Diet Drugs do, Mika, like the commercials that you peddle on your Morning Yugo Scarborough’s Show.

Tú be… or Knot two bee? I is The Count 🧛 not the cunt.


F.Y.I.: Joe does not deserve to be a progressive car. Morning Joe Scarborough deserves to be an obsolete relic of the Internal Combustion era. A YUGO… 🎶 … y sigue La Yunta Andando.


For context, Mika was musing if Joe Scarborough should get a new last name. She pondered on Izuzu, but that’s been done so thought that Subaru would be a proper fit for that no-good-dumb-country-evangelical-redneck-mormon. Long milage short, Subaru doesn’t fit him. Yugo, on the other hand is a perfect fit for the time period that he ignored the Forestier on that neck of the Woulds.

PSA… it sounds like pizza, but then again, this is the reason why las cuarto temporadas no son únicamente un show en Radio Franche con Seska DeVille.

Flip this… Leo dies, Juliet becomes a Doctor. After a trip to Brazil to get her muff trimmed, Juliet learns to shrink heads, it would only be a matter of Succession for the good Doctor to hook up with her OBGYN colleague to peddle a scheme to shrink a Vesica Pisces ♓ to Cherry Bomb standards.

Sponsored by Regina’s Secret… it’s a Stretch. Over at the Last Ana Cabrera Cabaret Before The End Of The Lindsey Reiser Show, our heroine remains reluctant to show her Legs… No ZZ Top for you Ana, NIX on The ZZ! Instead you get a Dusty Gibbons with no cool drummer 🥁 on the set.

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