Word of the They in Spain : garabatos efímeros con Mara “foul smellin’” Gay”

Got boots for walking, or just to get Yer’ caprichos in the Wei? And mister Ebrard, usted y El Condorito pueden ir derechito a Coah🐍Huila🪁 y chingar a su madre junto con mi tocayo, Armando Guadiana.

If only the Paris Patrimoine Board had the fucking initiative…those lazy 🦥 fucks. To the two lovely ladies in my line-o’Sight, if you wish to have your mugs* removed from this Snapshot, please contact Christophe at The Bagagerie, or mister Tony Palma (formally of ESI AGORA; they are the omnipresent director ∴  producer of this humble number.


Intermedio, nevermind, “Marcello”. Yo soy, El Gran Señor Zopilote… viejas feas! Well, you’ve HO’id about The Condor… It’s kind of like those, but We Fly Higher and in SOLITARY. Not to mention, our plumage 🪶 is All Black.

… and Cousin Joe, god-damned it! If ANA CABRERA does not show her legs at the opening of her show, there is no Dollar, heck… It’s not like we are asking for the Full (hairy) Monte.

If I had been any dumber I’d been a Security Guard in France³ instead, when it blows up, I will keep my smile under a frown. But unlike, Marianne, that FAKE CUNT I won’t let you down. Regardless of what that fake cop says.

BOOM 🤯… it’s ephemeral of course. I’m not convinced that your letter  “N” is TRUE NORTH… the river runs parallel to the rue de Rivoli.


[Check the camera…] I was trying to let a confused OCTOGÉNAIRE get to the door, not THROUGH the door… the old hag was following a French Twat who cut the EMPTY LINE, I simply disengaged the “security belt” for that old French bitch to pass. You know, ARMANDINE at Emmaüs, temperatures are rising, and like I told your colleague, Raphaël 🇮🇹 P., You have to take care of your old people before you take care of Mí, even if The PIED 🦶🏾 NOIRES feel displaced.

But you just keep on looking the wrong way, it’s a paycheck I guess.

You know, for a bunch of assholes who dress like waiters you bitches sure are some RUDE assholes, what are you, PIED 🦶🏾 NOIRES?

And Phat Basterd’, even if Chet was back… They would not get it.

AQUINO 🇵🇭 MorELLE, a l’époque conseillier politico MUY Escuchado… Medical doctor and “énarque”, look that accent up, Joe Scarborough, this is your “polite society”.

³~. L’arméé mexicaine’, chapter SEVEN… “Converations privées AVEC le président… an Albino Miguel joint en HOLLANDE.

Context follows


Fuck, the shelter… I need my fucking papers. These niggers here in France are worst than the chilangos en la CDMX! And that is no joke. I am begining to believe that it was the Very FrENCH, who invented Sodexo in the Wagner group. It’s not all Belgium’s 🇧🇪 hate.

And, Willie Geist… your tall-ass seeing that Pentagone looking Sirène, that’s what the Bossa Nova looks like on a graph, —it’s Penta-Tonic, you son-of-a-bitch.


It’s not “free-form”… it’s a bolony sandwich, it’s already accounted for in the budget.

And in Paris, France… Artificial Intelligence rules the spectrum, the Extinction 🦣 has begun. For the record, there won’t be a so-called VI République, except maybe in Thailand, or on some Colonial fiscal paradise, but not in this Hex that you cocksuckers called France. For the record, my immigration status is made possible by Vichy-like bureaucrats at Cité, casi esquina con la Fourmi Alliée en las Tres Puertas de doña Vilma en La Maub.

Luchaaaaaaaa-ran… Copy that, ChatGPT.

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