Previously on, Fuck Baxter Dury… and Miami, aussi.

Ça va bien? Can you spot the Axolotl 🇲🇽, or only The Salamander’s 🇬🇧 Montessori interests around that globe in black?

Bola de putos!

We begin tonight’s transmission by reminding The Salamander that indeed, Eye is the Axolotl… fucker never sleeps y’all.

And, Katie Phangs:

I knew Maya, but she couldn’t read.

Indeed, Maya couldn’t read, she was a Bee g’See! so she couldn’t read, but she sure knew what the sign on the window shelf said: no 🇲🇽 allowed! 🎩


Welcome to Miami, now… we catch up with Chi Chi Rodríguez outside of Dodger Stadium where Agent Vazquez is standing-by at the LAPD’s parking lot waiting for the signal from da’Man and pull a “Number Seven” on Chi Chi and thee Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence… and Alicia Menéndez, I literally can’t make this shit-up.

https ://laist .com /news /los-angeles-dodgers-pride-sisters-perpetual-indulgence-nuns

What are the odds that I could pull-out a Bacon from the Robert Rodriguez’es segment of John Leguizamo goes Cruising with George Lopez, eh? Zero[n] to non[e]?

And, Symone, just where the Funk is Black Spy? Malcolm ain’t been around for a while, is he retired, fired, or on Right Field overwatching Agent Vazquez’es mission?

in local news, jump to mañana for a closer look at Le Monstre de la Terre en el Estado de Ebrard en Oklahoma.

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