Aux captifs du Mans à la Libération de Châtelet

Ewe just keep on thinking is my fault… Mustaine follows:

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20220318 -60th-anniversary-of-the-evian-peace-accords-between-france-and-algeria-war-independence-colonisation

 but first, thanks for going ARMY because, all characters and events on this blog—even those based on real people, including the characters of South Park—are entirely fictional.

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With that in mind, Mr. Palma, it’s like I told Raphäel (not that one, Pablo):

i did not Land on your charity boat at la rue des Bourdonnais, i was put here, there and Évrywhere by the same people that put Vichy in/on the cosmetic aisle of épiceries next to Monoprix™.

The only way that I am getting off is when you Marianne, throw me overboard, and even then, i will hang from the rudder like a refugee from sub-Sahara in that “big country” called Africa.

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Why would you look at Em nombres… say, D.A.R.E. mister Tetris, zat’ an inverted 666 gettin’ HIGH, or is that 45 on the 1776 just a güey of life.

But that’s just me, —until I am not. And if you are the consular authority in L.A. who authorized my jornada in France, way back in 2010, then the timestamp below should remind the Dépôt group at Cité that The Song not only remains but it has always been, —about “Men in Tights.”

Hola, guapo… say there for the past 5 minutes or so that you have been at Agora (Emmaüs) your Rostro has not shown nothing but contempt towards little ol’ me (Armando Segovia), however, that smile from ear-to-ear this morning as I crossed the threshold to El Patrón House confirmed to me, that La Laguna is not a figment of my imagination, —the library of DVD’s 📀 📀 📀 outside of la rue des Bourdonnais this morning were a DeaD giveaway, by the way,  the Indiana Jones feature next to Tom Cruise’s “collateral damage” was like ice on the cube.

And another thing, French citizens, you now have confirmed “BLACK BLOCKS” in fake Chinese-made French gendarmerie uniforms beating protesters at Grand Boulevards, but don’t tell Reuters™️ about, IT!, least that Cerf-panthére doesn’t get paid like the fortune teller that she is.

Collateral Chameleon… fuck your packaged Karma and, —thank you for the bolony sandwich. See you mañana, at meal time.

Meet me with J.R. on Allegretto with La Kerschovas, majo.

Anyhow, precious, i have never asked what your name is but it is clear that you have come to replace Fey, my favorite antagonist at Agora, non-the-less handsome, i like pussy, or as you French people call it, your only resource around The Globe, but I Do appreciate that Shadenfreude on your mask… I can see through it.

Now, before I get on with today’s record,

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