Who are you, and what did you do to Jacqueline’s SPECTACLES ?

How to win an Agrume 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 only on the Nathalie Piolé “prison show”.

And, Medhi Hassan, how Do, Ewe do, that thing you do? Are you some kind of Deaf, Dumb and, —Blind, Boy! Kidd 🐐?

Hey Nicolle, green goes swell on ya’, indeed…

A whole lotta spendin’ money.

Fuckin’ Commies★

Knock ⚖️

Bring back the 50’s!!!

The sad reality, Pundit, is that we are closer to 2050 than 1950, but that fellow from the Back To The Future movie didn’t know how to code, and so Old McDonald Had A Pharm… i ay i ay oh.

Ok, Medhi… How do I win an argument?

I’d tell you, but it’s gonna take money…

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