And, Leonardo da Vinci… Leave the paint brush 🖌️ take the canoli

Only on a solo* cup… bring in the GO’ills!

A quick programming note 🎵, you might have noticed that recently the ordinary French (knot to be tied together with the very French Touch) have not partaken in National Sports They, c’est normal, LA FRANCE IS ON VACATION. This is how they (the VF⚜️) won the GwAr against Sergeant Pepa in Spain, although it must be stated, that I have never been there. Mucho menos, Agent 🕵🏼‍♀️ Stephanie Menou, en Salamanca 🧑🏽‍🎓… but Eye has been to SciencesPo and that is where all your Mexican RATAS get their oats sowed.

⁹~. and by SciencesPo, of course y’all know that i am referring to Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela and Nathalie Piolé’s evil fetus, l’ancien rancio’Este:


https ://www .ncregister .com /cna /procureur général grillé sur les préjugés anti-catholiques et pro-avortement lors d’une audience au Sénat

*~. And, Starfuckers, youse so vain, you probably thought this shit here was about you. Issy, it’s all RELATIVE because They’re Beautiful Peep ‘Ol.

According to Jorge Jarris On, a grammar Nazi at the RAE 🇪🇦 in Spain , “first of all, the RAE clarifies that it is “mandatory not to put the ACCENT if there is no ambiguity” and that it is “optional” to put it in contexts where the person writing perceives risks of ambiguity, once the Coded Message is unpacked by non-readers.”


And, Julie Gayet… With all due respect:

Pay no attention to La Kerschovas, she’s just channeling her Carrots 🥕 on that Frame 🪖 🧏, meanwhile on the Three Little Lawyers on the Dumb Scarborough Show, the criminal trials that MSNBC doesn’t follow are more than meets the Mur Daughs on the River Grande, Bravo if youse a 💩 stain on The Stein.

Playball ⚾!

But FO’ist!

When the moon hits Yer’Ays like a bigga’ pizza π, that’s Calzones 💜.

And, Mika B., Knot to Be outdone by your little “Viejas Feas” show in The Persian Gulf, las puertas de Versailles is having their own tanga spectacular summit. It’s right after the motherfucking COWS go back home and the memory of Ovalie 🐄 is just a piece of hooves on your steak tartare 🍳.

With that piece of animal by-product from the abattoir de los matanceros and without further ado, Öüï shift-switches, It!, over to The Week in RER View.

And, check the record on the Juanito Guanavacoa show, last week on Sunday, Juanito Guanabacoa was on Second base navel gazing about his projections to engage full-frontal, and not by proxies, that research that his three jobs don’t allow him to engage in.

Lucky for Juanito Guanavacoa, he too is on vacation, that’s what a post at RFPP, affords him by law, and besides, Juanito Guanabacoa already made the great, Juanito Guanavacoa is already cashing-in on that French retirement before he touched Sixty-fo’, nigga!

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