Good morning Latino USA this is, The VOA (1942)

According to Wikipedia :

Still to come, the illegitimate bastard lovechild of Governor Lepetomane and Brian’s mom. Only on The Apolline de Hierbamala Interview.


February 1 is the 32nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 333 days remain until Silvestre.

We begin today’s transmission in 1865 with the abolishment of Slavery in America (sin acento)… across the Atlantic, where the “Code ⚜️ Noir” was instituted by Molière’s representative at La Comédie Français, the Very French (1793) 🇨🇵 La Franche, those motherfuckers, déclare Gwar on them 🇬🇧 Rosbifs and them filthy 🇳🇱 Dutch.

But FO’ist! A word from our sponsors, Wikipedia, if you cocksuckers are going to ExPloRe, start here, you miserable Phucks… that goes for Ewe Too, Slick Willie⁴².

Over at France Musique, La Kerschovas showed her TROU COLORS and killed SEAN CONNERY, starting the 100-year Gwar between The BBC and La Maison de La Musique on Kennedy Avenue in Paris, Franche.

Blame it on Roger, ese hijo’ePuta!

1327 – The teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.

Battle Stations lining up against the Brits and Dutch.


Öüï now returns to his regular Voice Of America programming:

The response is immediate, Terry Jones (1942) in the role of a Nazarene mom sends his son, BRIAN, and Cardinal Ximénez, no less, on a Holy Crusade to counter-taunt them croaky Frogs and show these coq 🐓 suckers how to properly taunt an Empire.

In response, BFM’er TV sent a decoy Daphne Blake in the role of Vercingetorix’s daughter, named Adrenaline de Sousbielle. Her first task was to replace the monolith-carrying sidekick role, from the Gerard Depardieu who defected to Russia to crawl under les jupes of a Souvenir Russian Doll 🪆.

Adrenaline de Sousbielle’s first task, which she accepted with gusto al dente, was to infiltrate the Riskiest ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️ Ruskies (those child molesters) via Stephen Segal’s sexual appétit for Saturday Morning Cartoons, which Lorne Michaels (that faggot!) turned into a midnight ritual at the Rainbow Room and re-named, IT!, SNL.

Öüï interrupt this program …

⁴²~. 1996 – The Communications Decency Act is passed by the U.S. Congress.

Eye did Knot have Sexual Relationship with D.A.T. Woman, DeNiza Kerschova’s!

William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd Président of U.S.

Repeat as follows, unless you are from Andalucía.

… and GO’ill DeNiza, never mind the 13 because the Troisième Arrondissement is not just ONE Hot MINUTE past the 11th Hour in FRANCISCO Franço’s Coucou Clock… in HEX, you will find Nº 44 (a Hawaiian Pholk).

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