Mientras tanto en Puebla, arriba de la rue Bolívar en Botzaris…


PiPoPes en francés… Öüï begin today’s procession of the inventor of  ⚽ “The Beautiful Game” ⚽ with an update of our inter dimensional 🍄 trip of WHERE ARE THEY NOW segment at the Puebla Pavillion at ButtesChaumont, where the former Puebla de Sarah Goza, Mickey BARBOSA, of morenafrancia fame,  has been forever sentenced to a bouncer post at the Pavillion’s entrance where he acts as “el cadenero” de Pérez Prado, interceptando “espontaneos” from the the Fréquence Paris Plurielle who are always trying to weasel their Güey, into The CIROC, which is CIRCO if you know BdO.

https ://www .m .e-consulta .com /nota /202205-05 /virales /batalla-de-puebla-fue-contra-espana-dice-barbosa-en-desfile

Over at the Arabesques de los bascos de Issy–les-Molineros, aparentemente, según el mono con el micrófono, BENITO, es Benoît when Knifes are out on Benedicto † en la Cross de Malte, thanks for the bolony sandwich 🥪, lovely Dorothy 💎 slippers that you wore during your tenure at The 💊 Vatican, you should have worn TACOS de Fút…. like Bergoglio does.

Allegretto a pulmón…

A capella is for fags that who follow, this here, es decir, aquí, aquí Todo_SE_HACE a Pulmón.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /le-bal-d-allegretto-repetition-generale-de-la-saint-sylvestre -6727697

Any how, as expected, an enterprising Paris Tourism Board graduate assigned to the BnF Repository at the 13eme Arrondissement de Paname, had Kerschovas dragged by a gang of hard-hitting nigga’s from the ATALIAN Security Corp, and in true Congolese fashion was told “to Never-ever_EVA’!!! », set foot at Mitterrand’s gift shop.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /africa /fighting-picks-up-between-m23-congolese-army-eastern-congo -2022-11-11/

Por aquí, Señor Arantes, pasamos por un mole poblano y luego hasta Antares.

The time warp that bent Kerschovas stay at the BnF, better than any Spice Boy ⚽ de Beckham 🇬🇧 en trapo de luces 🇪🇦 ever could, placed Denisa on the 📻 radio 📻 en garde vue, otra puta Vez!

Synopsis :

People Who Know, know BO (body odor), and Kerschovas scene at the Bibliothèque national Française really-really_Reuilly stinks of Dee de Droit. Eye tell y’all… “It’s SABOTAGE!!! ».

And he is bad, Bad Le Roi Brown 🟤

“De uno por uno, y dedos en dos³ », cuatro poses tres minutes.

Happy Friday, it’s the last of the year in Central Europe Times, and tomorrow, at the Pan-STARRS telescope on the peak of the Haleakalā volcano on Maui, it will also be the last in Pineapple 🍍 Express to Antares WARp.


Jump to Kerschova’s MAMBO en el Danzón del Salón de MONCAYO… en Puebla, not en La CDMX.

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