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Six Degrees of Bob Dylan en TorreónTime Signature en VOsTF
Of course anyone can play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, that’s easy; any Monkee with a set of keys to the sesame can play a trivia game. Let Mí know, Raphaël Moran of proceso magazine, when you master Six Degrees of, “Eye can probably put Mí into this {SET} in less than three beats”. TOURELLE by the Güey below it actually translates to “torrecilla” or « torreta » if youse a FEDERALE. Now according to WORDREFERENCE . COM, “Torreón” translates to « BASTION », « TOUR de DÉFENSE », or if youse a non-reader of THIS MOST NON-CONSEQUENTIAL BLOG, a « DONJON ».


En effet, je ne peux pas imaginer comment la chanson a pu être enregistrée avec tout le groupe jouant ensemble (dans le style préféré de Dylan), car il y a tellement de rebondissements dans les paroles qui sont gérés. Parfois, un battement supplémentaire apparaît à la fin d’une ligne, parfois la ligne prend un temps supplémentaire ou deux à la fin. La signature temporelle change énormément au fur et à mesure; I can imagine Frank Zappa rehearsing this to perfection, but not Dylan!

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Une alerte lancée peu après 3h

Context from L’Oratoire’s rez-de-chaussée follows after an en-Cuesta desde la Tierra del Fuego.


Our apologies for the lapse in time-frames incurred in the last 48 hours in the Hilo – Paris décalage, teChNiCaL differences-se, se nos cruzaron por los güevos and that is no lie, nothwithstanding, Denisa Kerschovas has been liberated from la Garde Vue at the new siege of the Paris Centre commissariat, casi esquina with Au Pied de Cochon.

De Alba…

Öüï ketch~es–Up with Wednesday’s Primetime en Torreón, Coahuila, where Robert Zimmerman takes on the role of a Carbon Robber Baron cabrón named SENATOR Armando Guadiana (morenaSantos Laguna).

Our Thursday morning had US measuring our plumbing utiles with the president of the bums at the Place Where Évrybody, especially à Matignon, knows your name. Naturally, and Eye means this literally, not figuratively, Öüï suffered but like Cookie Monster expressed after the Versailles and Casablanca match, Öüï also persevered such profane perversités of the brai.n of a Monkee 🗝️ with the keys 🔐  to the Sesame, and as Ewe will discover, Chris FarleySir Paul Macca is full of shit, and here is Y (pronounced as WHY, güey):

Yeah… What he said, was horse puckey; Évry body in France knows that “no good deed goes unpunished”, only the VF† are allowed to get away with such frivolidades while living on the res–de– Calzado… Mooo 🐮.


With that in mind, here is a ¿Qué saco?, dijo Yo, d’€sto la Kerschova, who apparently was not alone, a little Kerschovaito accompanied the former Allegretto hostess.

It appears that The Night Before, Kerschovas got into trouble with the spirit of La Pompadour, who as the layout of the Louvre has it, haunts the hall next to the Jardin de Enfants en el malecón de Mitterrand en arrivant au le Carrousel del Louvre.

Kerschovas-es snores eran más sonoros que la misma Dinamita, it’s part of her Bohemian (grove) heritage.

Postcards from The Edge to U Tú, Katty Kay.

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Jump to SIX DEGREES OF Adolfo López MATÓN, Mexican president WHO MADE A PASS AT then FIRST LADY KENNEDY. Read all about it 📐 📰 💥.

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