Vos sabés — Cadillac Drive

TM 9-2350-264-10-1 W/Changes…

20h44 CET:
🇲🇦 No – Fue – Chilena

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs 🪐 are not what you think that they are.


And, Denisa Kerschovas, that’s a Heck of a Cart house that youse draggin’… goes real swell with them Tati’s 🛍️, any hoot, Kerschovas:


Over at the Washington Post-toasties, congress person Scarborough, just recognized that Cristiano Ronaldo is just as petulant as he is, why just listen to one of them Ronald Reagan defense fits that congressperson Scarborough— that Capitalist Pig— usually rants and roll during the Mornings Mika Show. Nothing like Messi, who everybody loves, despite Messi’s biggest handicap, which of course is having to go through life as an Argentinian 🌞 … it’s quite the handicap, having to go through life as an Argentinian, just ask the Pope in Rome, not the one in Avignon–sur–Aix.

In Paris, France, Cookie 🍪 Monster just stopped Casablanca from taking over Europe and made ATLAS Shrug. Next time bring Elephants, but regardless of the outcome Morocco has done more for fútbol than any Mexican selección ever has. In the end it’s L’Argentina contra La Abominable Selección del Cookie 🍪 Monster.

I hate you Cookie 🍪 Monster,
Sincelery, Wednesday in Hilo.

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