Corre y se va!

Interview with the invisible entity… It’s a fucking Myster-ï.

• El Borracho

Goooooo, Dodgers!

Mhaaaaa’m BHO.

° La Chalupa

• El Nopal

— ¡Lotería!

https ://www .bfmtv .com /societe /i-sometimes-miss-one-or-two-metros”: the hassle of Parisian metro users _VN-202211070038 .html

Over at the RATP, les frères Ampoule y les cousins Obscurité are improvising the PMCS on the wagons to Orly, antes de llegar a las olympiades del 2024 en La Isla de San Louis, and it’s all the fault of the COVID vaccine.

It’s Paris Photo seasoning
for your quiche
de L’Oréal.

First question ❓… Deer God, why is the Cuban flag siding with the Klu Klux Klan in plain Sight, according to the Beer pushers at 20minutes dot FRANCE?

Los hermanos Lumière are on vacation at the Grand Palais éphémère.

One thing that this humble bumble Blog agrees with, con “el mesías tropical” is this, Joséfina:

“¡Vergüenza!”, mantener bloqueo a Cuba pese a aplastante posición de naciones: AMLO

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/11/04 /politica /verguenza-mantener-bloqueo-a-cuba-pese-a-aplastante-posicion-de-nacionesamlo/

Anyhow, Denisa Kerschova, nevermind el baile de “la culebra”, motherfuckers at Le Grand Palais éphémère are avant-gardiste, or something like that, which is why « las guacamayas » are the last Paco I. Taibo pseudo Coca Cola on the screenshots of this precarious Blog.

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