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Figs out!!! … from the Times in Moscow, 90210.

Gregoria… deja ya de joder con esa Virgo ♍

“Russians who are coming to Georgia should never forget they are coming to a place that is under attack from their country,” said Data Lapauri, the owner of Dedaena bar.”


Unnecessary Sharpies™️ 🖊️🖊️🖊️ » … First DOWN! — Saturn 🪐 Devouering His Son!!!


And still to come, it’s 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall already smeared with gravy from Mr. Pink(man) and Spaghetti al dente de Donald Trump… en Puerto Rico, 🧻, 🤽, 🧻, 🤽, …

In local news, Mama Russia is taking a CUE from Lady Liberty in Ellis Island and Russian draft dodgers just turned La Maison de La Radio at JFK Ave. In Paris, France, into CANADA, (oh, the humanity) the acoustics and the building are big enough to fit the Leningrad Cowboys. The Ukraine Girls can’t wait for them Ruskies and their Siberian privilege to arrive and Georgians have a special place in their minds for years’ past.

https ://www .themoscowtimes .com /2022/09/18 /we-dont-want-to-serve-occupiers-backlash-in-georgia-against-russian-emigres- a78792

Perry Dearie reports, Mason is standing next to that ugly Mexican.

Over at la Fundación Televisa, President AMLOvich issued out a decree stating that Russian draft dodging refugees are welcomed at PLAZA GARIBALDI.

Marcelo Ebrard, the guy who shows his birth control spectacles in the absence of the Mexican president’s face on the world stage, made it clear, that the CDMX Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, reserved La Condesa, y La Colonia Roma to Paola Ramos Friends from Miami and New York.

Goooooo, Dodgers.

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