You want Mí… That’s all D.A.R.E. is to it

100 days remain until the end of the year.

It’s Easy! Sadly, this blog is not adequate enough to make you… come my way, hueön/a.

Previously on, “Never mind the shark, bring Mí, Moby Dick! ». Nicolle Wallace re-created how Leonardo DiCaprio jumped the Whale.

https ://www .spanish .academy /blog /your-ultimate-guide-to-chilean-slang/

Still, September sweetly slurps Soledad sin seriedad.


Any hoot, Natty P.1, do you know why the letter es in the English alphabeatriz is comes before the letter ti?

Because… silly frog, this blog is not adequate for that. It’s like putting Nicolle Wallace on a FOX News pundit squad.

However, nothing stops you from either plotting or formulating a theory. The Trick is that you must show your own work and Knot cue (Q) Before A{R}E.

Knot to be undone… following the French president’s stern no-no to Vladimir in Russia, Leonardo DiCaprio sent his personal guard to Australia to secure an important supply of cetaceans for his Donjon.

Issy, Murder By Numbers is for fags, Évry body knows that it is always 📰’s, not 🐷’s or their fairy “madrinas”³.

³~. Please refer to Fletch replacement for fantasies.

Rabo de Nube

… and, Nathalie Piolé, volunteering Phat Basterd’s pole position is not an image anybody wants to see 🙈.

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