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Told y'all about them Ukraine girls

Told y’all about them Ukraine girls

Across The Atlantic:

Historias de la historia que se tienen que contar, o algo así, en mp4 va aquí.

Septiembre es el mes de La Patria en Guatemala, Costa Rica también… and SONORA is our A, B, C, which should complement Radio France’s, “Do, Ré, Mí,” it’s as easy to learn as A STING or the police.

In the meantime, here’s your métro–wash ticket, there’s complementary coffee while you wait. Thank you and have an A1 trip (Paris – Lille)

En fin, el Centro Georges Pompidou is hosting a bunch of literary ho’s, but Won must be in good “standing” with the cunts that run 🕴🏼the joint.

You literally can’t make this shit up, soN! Which brings me to Patti Smith, 🕶️ Fuck that Cunt she’Ain’t no Alice Cooper.

First off, LA Courneuve moves to Fontainebleau (or just as near) and now this Redondo Beach moves to the Beaubourg, UnFuckIng belivaBLE 🐰… reminds me of that picture of Mí on “the cadillac’s³

³~. M1A1 boom trigger controls, hence, BOOM! Fire-fire Sabot.

So, Juanito wants to talk Shop, arre, pariente—Arre!, de arranque, Six Degrees of Ewe know who stipulates that Won can’t just pull Fidel Castro out of FIP’s ass².

²~. Must have the Say My Name, Polly Magoo 🥊 Draft-dodging CARD🃏!!! No Vietnamese ever called Mí a nigger. For context, the Autobahnen Authority could have numbered this route anything other than “A1”, like say Autoroute 3 (A3) but that would be stranger than SyFy, a coincidence, and you know what THEY say about Triangulations, eh?, Évry body has One.

So, yeah. Just the facts, ma’am!… From the TOP.

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