Fiesta mexicana — Buy your tickets at the GPEMC*

Georges Pompidou European Medical Center à Balard, mention the “code” Dr. Poisson and get a free Car Wash with your trust fund.

The Granite State episode in Nice, France. Now, why Juanito Guanabacoa would, out of the Bleu Marble, show me a snapshot of the entrance of the research lab of the GPEMC where Dr. Poisson used to work at, remains a great “mystery” to Mí, but I know that it was just probably Mí…

Across the Chessy-sur–Disneyland, it’s Sol Major ☀️ with a Whining Gibbous 🌖

And since nothing happens in a vacuum, and the fixer broke out them Naipes, let just start by reminding y’all that Eye was on his way to Australia on his way from Cucamonga when all of a sudden, them Stars started a’Blinken in Antony, next to Park Heller, in Sceaux en Lobos³ 

Paz Corona, en Carina… Agua de beber, as Screamed by OASIS Gallagher 🍉 🔨.


³~. 92160 RER B to Rungis 🌽

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