Houston… Zeus is being a major Dick

In the mean time, Come As Ewe Are.

Bajo El Azul de Tu METH stereo… Así Como, Tú. And Starring As “The Regis”, The EDF á La Défense.

It came to pass that Jan de La Ville Net mandó a la Verga la ruta a Vega, it turns out that she took Metro Line 12 to BALDERAS where she caught up with María SABINA 🍄 and The Egg man 🥸  Paco Calderón stars  🤩 as Elpidio The Prefect of La Cité.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Saint_Sabina#:~:text=Saint%20Sabina%20was%20a%20saint,the%202nd%20century%20in%20Rome.


Intermedio entre tuitions.


What are the odds…

Reforma y Mississippi… St. Regis à La Défense.

Oh, The Humanity… Jan de La Ville Net se fue a La Vega, but first she made a Stop in ROMA, because as every Salma knows, ROMA es AMOR… The Double Decker is a dead giveaway! That’s Zeppelin right there.

Ticket to Ride en Español

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