Rock of Ages — Sad Al Süd

But, seriously folks, in Andalucía, it’s “The Armpit”… of Le Monde, it smells like a Beast, Eye’tell ya!!! A Beast, pero sí, AFIRMATIVO: I’ve never been to Seville, —on a Cadillac.

Florida, Florida, Florida!

… All Eye needs is a Pint of Ale a-day—Oh!… and a remake of STRIPES starring Mike Barnicle and Admiral Stradivarius as two Russian ‘criuts 

The Bank of America Bucket List.

Synopsis, Barnicle and Stradivarius Star in Stripes Like US; a pair of old geezers sign up for a «bucket list » Russian getaway. Goldie Hawn cameos as the Commie Bitch.

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