How opportune, Tomás el Corbillon, is drinking Topo Chico and Lime, Madame Ville Net, that alkie, got tipsy with the Mic.

… and She Don’t Care 💅🏻


Not to be outdone by The BBC, the French invent the Double Decker AND crispy tacos 🌮 would never be the Same.

Sources close to Saint-Michel quote a junkie at the scene saying “Je m’en bats les couilles,” or something like that, our translator was on a cigarette break.

Two things are for certain at the end of August in France. The FO’ist is la muy mentada “rentré” literaria en las librerias de France Culture 🧫…  and the Second, is the Beguine of National Sports Day, starring the Yellow Vests on them couilles de Jupiter.


Now Eye is not here to criticize, but Tomás, qué Feo Estás, ChePillín lo dijo mejor entre el Teatro de Los Dos Pueblos, lo cierto es que Jan took the big bus because Tomás drives like old people fuck.

Any how Öüï now returns to our continuing coverage of Breaking Bat y Can. On this episode, compared to Vega, I am SIRIUS, and Arcturus can kiss my ass!

Ale break… Musical guest, The Beatles in LipSynch 👄

Eye found the assistant… check it out:

Never mind the Met

Let’s cook some Math!

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