Lo bueno de… nº 752 is that Ain’t no Jazz on Independence They

Musical Guest:
Little Wing y Nora La Rebelde

Little Wing

Le Monde is watching and, IT!,
does not approve, monsieur Montaigne.


Total … nationalize French fuel ⛽, like Georgina Moreno suggested with The French CFE†

Los Pelos de Sasha 🤓 starring The Star Hustler and Bill Nye the Bat y Can ⚗️ batch.

Las Tangas de Frida Tam-Tam… ¡Viejas Feas!!!

It’s like the Nutty Professor for Tha French Touch, —those motherfuckers.

But first, Sí Ria, ria like it’s the end of Le Plomb.

Texas is the new Sí, ria.

The French Kiss in the form litros y litros, y m’as litros de JP-8.

From Le Monde… the call is coming from inside former Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture:


Little Wing as target practice for Hei! Joe 🎯

En Paris es el día de El Regreso Literario en El Parque Samuel Coty (rue des Écoles) just a few steps from the Clooney’s neighbor, les finlandais-es-esos…

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