Mooving on, Eye am the Invisible Hand on the balance

Mooving on, Eye am the Invisible Hand on the balance, and here is why, because not to be outdone by Them Canucks (accuradio), These Frogs (fip) added two cubicles to their portal, y por si sobrara menos, Cerf-panthère brought in a gator to draw cartoons next to the ZODIACO of 20minutes fr, but you know what? Eye has seen Lacoste y sus bordados and I know that in París no hay “caímanes” como en el parquecito de El Paso Times allá en “El Chuco” Grande… puros Pinches Q-vo’cles de Mediapart, es decir, BRONTIS À LA PRÉFECTURE, a media of anything is only half of a Luna Llena.

For context: in 2013, the Paris Prefécture required a full-OVERVIEW of what the Year Of Mexico in France was going to look like… silly faggots, I respect Queen, in part because of Dr. Brian May and his trademark Gibson 🌌 sound , on the other hand, I can’t stand Ted Nugent’s Les Paul ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎ shreads on account of him shitting 💩 his inseam 👖 to avoid the ‘Nam and have the opportunity to purchase underage POONTANG, —a discrétion… Goooooo, Dodgers!

Coke, Speed, Meth… at monoprice.


You’ve Come A Long Way Body Glove®️

But seriously, Beto O’Rourke, it’s funny, but if your Neighbor, Mr. Old, remains among us, then you may ask his mother if he loves him. I am Sirius, if Mr. old remains at Sunset Heights, he’ll tell you that like Tin Tin… Eye didn’t Land on Journalism 101, and the rest is history. Please remember that, mister O’Rourke, please remember that when you become your Beau Papa’s Texas Governor… say H.Ola to Louie Gilot.

Fair Use of France

®~. Living Color.

Ladies in Gemini ♊ SoFy Velasco and the Cunt DOWN on Artemis

Sponsored by Cristoanne Amapola and la Expansión de CNN on the Moon…

Must Show Work, not just a fucking CV

… about that “alligator”, Eye raised Lazarus before Lazarus even knew that he was down.


In any case, either pull your pants up or drag that Chemise Lacoste down your spine… if you even have one.

Pull Your Pants Up, a study on INSEAMs at the IHEAL… In this COURSE, the student will learn to incorporate Bell Bottom Blues with the Elephant Legs of Marilyn Manson, T-Rex 🦖 is a pré-requis to even listen like a Fly-on-The Wall if youse gonna shop on the Dark Side Of The Moon.


Intervention with SuzZana Pubeda 🤠 YEE HAW!!!

SHE’S BACK from her Été break… and Susie dear, te recuerdo que los únicos lagartos en Almeira están bordados en una etiqueta de Chemise Tovar y Su Costa Azul… no-que-no.

Volver — To The Moon 🤠🧭🎯 … HOUSTON, there’s a Shrimp on the Tautological Minérales del Parral, ¡Chihuahua! con esas esas viejas… ¡qué feas¡ me recuerdan a las malas palabras de LALO Galeano en el Show de SoFy Velasco en Siempre en Domingo con Juanito “qué vergas son estas” GUANABACOA?

Is this the welcome you want 💃🏻… let me make a security check y luego nos echamos el Jarabe de tu tío… in the mean time Love your Baby.

“The little wings” reference… as usual, you little cunt, you must show your work not just your bush.

Check ✅

The Death of a Clown meets Scoot-rodeo at the mall… in Lille.

Syndicated Suicide is Beautiful — Wabbit Ears Fuchs like FOXes-es

Sread’em if you have’em 📺

Wabbit Ears and The Squid on The FOXes-ese


Live from Ellis Island, it’s a re-interpretation of the cinematographic saga of Puzo, on the back of a… Greyhound Bus.

Issy, that last part reads like a LINE taken out of context from an Allman Brother’s track, but just because them camiones are chartered from Colorado doesn’t mean that the trip is not the Start of a new American Saga, not to be confused with the “Saga” at Jour et Nuit Culture Center in Saint-Michel.

Give me your masa 🌽 leave the Doritos®️ in the bus.

Synopsis, Little Vito, arrives from the Golden Triangle 📐 in Santiago Papasquiaro. A dumb redneck asks little Vito (short for Victoriano) his name, long syllables short, the FOX NEWS–viewing immigration dummy spots little Vito’s place of birth [Goméz Palacio, DGO]; little Vito became Gomes, because the Uniformed Goon was a Guerreiro from Lisbon.


After the Break, it’s bring Mi, The Q., But first, we switch, IT!, to McCallen, Texas, where “un sirenito” on vacation in Tampico, México, served as postre on “Juacho’s Plate””.