Guadalajara en un llano México en una laguna

Source: El Real Diccionarios panhispánico de Dudas (knot Deudas).

Note to Joe:

Our condolences to Morning Mika for the recent annihilation of Morning Joe by the Department of Transportation. It is clear that the Secy. leads from the front and doesn’t let NBC send a jet for the Set… like a, BLOODY MARY-sippin’, Private Corporate Jet Traveling pundit with a blonde for-a-wife does.

In the words of Saint Pete: to the people of France, I would like to say that Morning Joe was like a gift to the human race. We share in the pain but we also thank you for this gift to civilization… The Secy. of Transportation.

Deer, Congressperson Scarborough, your rabid dog analogy is stupid, the last thing that a RABID dog is thinking honing of in on when that canine is MAD, is food. Same goes for a Drunk Spending Socialist… Joe, Joey 🦘, !Pepé!!! For Crying out loud, a drunken Socialist is probably the most extreme example of a tightwad, next to a Jew in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Évry body knows that CEMEX no ‘dispara’ ni En Defensa Propia.

Here, let me Square your Alabama-latte-moonshine with a full moon…

Wait for it, wait…

And starring as the Black Knight ♟️, Congressperson Joseph Charles Scarborough, Comte de la vache d’Orleans… Any how, Reverend Al: And, Pete, NBC will figure it out, alas, on the BC part, not sure about the Nuclear part.

But FO’ist!!! We ketch-up with Katty Kay, and Adrienne Elrod is ‘dressed in Black,’ and Eye’s feeling Blue, tell Mí, Virgo, what can Eye do, tell me, Oh what can Eye do. Eye is not an astrologist because that’s as legit as a Knight at the Movies.

… and Katty Kay, Florence is above the Law when it comes to Israel. I’m Sirius, by Franco-Mexican standards, Florence is above Israel. But then Öüï is talking about a Colonial power and a Banana Republic, any how, Katty Kay I love the way you always line up your wardrobe with my frames.

Live from the ISS, it’s when the Moon hits your Ays like-ah big ol’gad fly, that’s a-more eh.

1.1.2. Las palabras llanas ( acento, 1.2b) llevan tilde cuando no terminan en -n, en -s o en vocal: clímax, hábil, tándem. También se acentúan cuando terminan en -s precedida de otra consonante: bíceps, cómics, fórceps; y cuando terminan en -y, pues esta letra se considera consonante a efectos de acentuación: póney, yóquey.

Range equals Llano.

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