Previously at The Fountain of Youth, Ximénez was at it

Deer, Jonathan LeMire, goat is to Bambi as dog is to Wolf. Just sayin’.

For context, mister Baldy (John Heilleman*) filled in for The Wallace last night in Babylon 2, long story short the City Slicker could not tell the difference between a 🐕 cocker spaniel and a Pharm Animal, and what’s worst, the son of a bitch classified said Farm Animal 🐐 with venison meat.

By the power vested in Mí by Cardinal Ximénez, John Heilleman ass is to be tickled-to-death with a feather 🪶 by monSignor Ed Rooney aka Jeffrey Jones.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0090091042 /fullcredits

You’re Poison 🧟 mister Trump.

And in the role of Alice Cooper, the baddest Rack with a wooden gavel in Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi. Madame Speaker joins the Comfy Chair at The Morning Mika Show.

There’s more to the picture than what that middle stripe from the weekend before Christmas 2021 shows… a Saturday night to be precise in case the intrepid Paywall at Mediapart wants to do A SHOE LEATHER reporting verification with the people who store the records of what happens around their pristine Parisian blocks.
Any how skip your ‘viSion’ below 👇 this cutline for a synopsis of the follow-up to a night of fun between a dozen or so dwarfs and Sexy Sadie at a nice little place called Le Terriene d’aventure just in front of the Colonne Médicis.

~. For the record, Goggle Maps has the “Basketball court” where Le Terrienne d’aventure pin 📍 is supposed to be dropped by the app. The link is a reference marker to plot the landmark.

Sinópsis for the night of December the 18th of 2022…

An undocumented homeless man finishes his nightly coffee break at a Place Where Évry body knows your name and heads over to this reference point where he thinks that he will lay his head for the night, or at least part of it anyhow. En route, he seems to be the only one who notices an intoxicated Anglo-american young woman surrounded by a dozen or so, men. Things would go downhill for the young woman in the following two hours. The time is between 22h and Midnight in CET. Not a cop stirring, not a creature walking by gave a fuck, until the girl was carried out of Le Terrienne d’Aventure right along this reference point just below Mars and Taurus:

The French named a fucking cheese after it, fuckers even put an accent on all that 👃 funk, Carlin said it was funny, and Öüï agrees, let US have some fun with the Two Inquisitors at the Centre Pompidou (médical wing of a Brave New World, with black feet and even a Darker heart).

… Many Ales, the breakfast of champions, drink an Ale a They—Break a Safe any day, better than spinach, Mike Barnacles, —you son of a bitch!.

Previously on, “It’s not RAID, it’s a Blue Öyster” question mark.

All Eye Kneads on my Comfy Chair is to GO DE Pinta* with an Ale A Day.

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