And, Madame Hidalgo this is what a TANgent looks like

Told y’all that I Was Focusing on A RACK!!! You FOOLZ!!! Ha-Ha Ha Ha-Ha Ja Ja Ja!!!

Unclassified ♉ fighting… It’s KNOT a STING, Gordon Sullivan and LA NIÑA y LA PINTA FOLLOWS… SANTA MARÍA!!!


³~. Do not try to adjust your settings, mister Rey de Le Bon at The Biblioteca that Alice Copper built. And here is why, Kenneth:


You Must Read The Following with a David Ike’s “Saturn is Knot what Ewe thinks that, IT!, is”, voice… 👽👹🧟

…on account that Saturn, as the Cassinni Space Probe proved, Saturn 🪐 is a 📻 Freq, it’s trou! And with that in mind, we catch The Programming already in progress.

…. [B]ecause the Spanish Inquisition reads David Ike like Monty Phyton narrates The Beatles. And if you ignore that statement, as any SciencesPo/Sorbonne — ESCP/FreeMason at rue Cadet does, please be advised that you might end up indoctrinated into Mr. Mason’s « Family » in The France post Charles De Gaulle.

With that in mind, Cousin Joe, HOW DARE YOU, you son of a bitch! How Dare You 🥋 please be advised that you can’t have it both ways. You cannot be anti-CUBA and at the Same Time (motherfucker) wish that somehow Fidel Castro was running the Taliban just so that The Military Industrial Complex could negotiate and build aGuantanamoclone in Afghanistan, now that a Hellfire missile confirmed a new version of The Barbudos Baseball League  in that UNOCAL 76 local.

Capitalism is not going to succumb like Communism did in the Ewe Es Es Ar, Capitalism is just going to expose the failure of the “so-called” Greatest Generation that followed the collapse of La France del général Pétain y el Japón de los abuelitos de Fujimori 🇵🇪.

BASS! How Low Can You Go? with the Reverend Al Sharpton. But first, What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?³.


Never mind the tip on that hypotenuse, it’s a circumcised conundrum wrapped in a radical “casita” like the one used for solving las divisiones ➗ knot √

And, Katty Kay… Please remind Admiral Stradivarius that Öüï is not in charge of the themes we just go with the frequency³ .


… This week’s theme is REPLAY. As in, Elides Ochoa (una bonita disculpa por mal eskreber su nomenclatura señor) is on replay tonight at Seven.

Across The Atlantic

Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you. But the Théâtre is closed… véngase con El Grito and enter through the Concessions Stand 🍿

And, PussyKat, the tail on that there Scorpion is not a Sting, it’s a Blue Öyster Club question mark.

Al Tope con La Rue de Metz, 10éme

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