Eye wishes that he was an [H]artist… chingue a su madre eL/A que no se ría en Libra

In Hilo, Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is nothing but an ARIZONA resting place for the Star of ’36, Chuy Oh When’s.

Dale gas, Chuy!
L’américain Jesús J’aime Oh When’s est l’un des stars des Jeux de Berlin, Chuy, a sus 23 años de juventud se lleva 4 medallas de oro de regreso a Alabama, mientras que el anfitrión d’ese evento, un ex alumno de la Escuela de Estudios Superiores en Harte and Graphic Design de Habsbourgville y, líder del Movimiento de Regeneración de Baden-Württemberg, Adolfo Hitler, se queda con la seguridad de que al regreso de mister Oh Whens a Lawrence County, Alabama, su colega en EDGEFIELD COUNTY, South Carolina, Strom Thurmond (1933) will work his entire life just to ensure that SUPREME Justice Clarence Thomas eradicates all of the Negro Baseball League’s accomplishments in the Woodstock, New York Circuit Court.

It’s the other They in paris, yes, paris with a little fucking judgemental pi, and here is why Marianne, you keep sending your clochards to do THE PRÉFECTURE’S bidding. Is this what France is all about? The collaborator gene is in you, Coq Sucker. Heil Hitler… this of course, includes you, Magreb… pronounced, Maghrib. In case you think that there is ambiguity in my ambidextrousness.

This is not the picture… please wait for Sauce

Foto goes here

Öüï apologize to Katie Thang, this snapgrab is not the photo in context… Eye is an Anti-Dentite!!!

Sorry for fucking up your name.

because Évry body all of a sudden wants to be The Most amp’d up rock and roll band in the Post-Boris era… the Humanity.

Naturally, them fo’KIN Sirens hitched a ride on my coffee pot .

Don’t be fooled, some might interpret them tú ex’es with La Colonia Roma’s numeral de A VEINTE!, but Öüï does not select the route en Los 7 mares—¡BhoMba!

Hoy no hubo deconstruction en la infrastructure. But seriously, enter at your own peril and Eye hopes that you like your Americano wit, AS33

¿En donde esta la biblioteca?

¿En dónde está la biblioteca?


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