Stop the presses-ese! Mika got hooked on Bark At The Moon³ — Juneteenth follows (in two years)

Still to come, The Battle of The Econo Babes, get that blonde off the set!

Don’t Worry About Me (Ramones)
Eye’ll Bee D.A.R.E For Ewe (Bon Jovi)

³~. It’s like hooked on phonics for white people who can’t understand Eubonics and/or Jive Talk.

Showtime at The Apollo, 3éme Arrondissement, 75000—CEDEX via Orly-sur-Rungis.

But first, Sam Stein is so 2016… and Ugly Mexicans still don’t give a Flying Circus because LOKI, Jon Meachum, LOKI is the only thing that matters at Buzzfeed. Eddie Gloude reconstructs “My Nigga’s in Paris” and Eye swear that Armando Segovia, that’s Mí, is knot making this shit up…

at the close of this segment, no word if North, Saint, Chicago or, Psalm WEST made the game… Goooooooo, Bostonnes!

https ://nypost .com /2022/06/12 /ozzy-osbourne-to-undergo-possibly-life-altering-surgery/

So Tired follows, and Willie Geist does not approve, and here is why:

https ://www .youtube .com/watch? v=2j3kF2EexDo 

Eclipse: Ozzy Osbourne «hurlera à la Lune»

Le rockeur a chante «Bark at the Moon» au moment précis de l’éclipse du 21 août (2017), lors d’un festival à Illinois aux Etats-Unis.

Deer, Dr. Kenji* on the Willie Geist Show, coincidentally, do you think that the Jay-Z and his baby daughter at the NBA Finals clip after the Eddie Gloude Junior ‘re-construction’ segment was like Providence in Rhode Island?… Let’s ask “shifty the impregnator”.

Because Willie Geist hates Bone Movies… if he is not the star of the tube, or maybe it’s because ‘that guy’ from the All In Show, a friend of ‘the’ Hamilton… the son-of-a-bitch dared to call the moon a dead Rock in the sky, —or something like that.

Lost Faith Emergency Caps:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/08/21 /ozzy-deserves-restitution/

After the break, it’s “Cousin Joe got ran over by a CRAZY TRAIN” and the War Pigs are about to take the power, it’s August of 2017, and the deplorables were just a figment of the FBI’s imagination.

HAMBURGERS IN PARADISE are 16€ without fries… and the Chef shrunk the beef, Patty, and the Republican MACE in South Carolina just Fry’d RICE at Trump Tower.

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