You just don’t strike Mí, as an Alex

From Jazz to Rock

3 Credit Hours

Intro to Music 2112

Requirements: Math 101

Por ejemplo, in this section the student will adjust for inflation and, check the pressure at Évry station.

Ex. One:

Explain how a bass player’s under the books 📚 payday in 1975 compares to a construction worker’s day take in 2022 Île-de-France, extra credit if someone can explain the Go-fund Me fiasco of Adrianne Elrod’s political campaign debt payoff.

Note to self:
“Grow a pair,”¹ and create a go fund Mí page to continue to expose the Tentacles of Mexican State Corruption in Paris, France… circa 1975

Easy to say after Cité crushed these 🥑’s with their Seal Setting Press… Anyhow a They’s pay for construction work (in the black) is 90 euros, if the Colombian hiring you pays you on Friday, which it is not always the case. BANZAI!!! 💋

¹~. As told to Mi, by the clerk at Cité.


Los Hilos de Sasha

I love you Colombia… You look just like Venezuela, but without the bells and whistles on the Flag… Jackie Gleason told Mi so in Little Havana…

Reprobados en Brasil.

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