“¡A todos los que quieren y amán a Marilyn Monroe!!!

Es cosa del otro jueves

³~. Ángel Fernández (Standard Charter²)… Y que chingue a su madre “La Doña”, Félix.

What A Fool on The Hill Believes 🔫 sponsored by Ol’McDonald… Hey, 19th!

²~. Le Parisien N⁰ 24182, page 7, —ed

https ://www .tsfjazz .com /programmes /made-in-china /2022-05-26 /19-00

⚽⚽⚽ Now Öüï knows WHO The Parisians are rootin’ FOUR.

…⚽ “Half-time Show‽… Öüï don’t need noHalf-time SHOW!!!

Come Away With Mí

Texas!!! I can’t fucking “Believes” that Chuck Norris let Norah Jones down.

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