Kitab al-Jabr vía Chessy-sur-La Rue Principale


Hoy no hubo French Chansons… because out of sheer shame, George TOROgood, moved to Paris, Oh, the humanity, Giuliani is French, he clearly can’t Rock and Roll, bad—very very Bad.

Dees Nuts meets Dos Pernos, hilarity ensues when Donald goes to jail.

https ://www .tampabay .com /news /education /2022/04/18 /florida-still-wont-specify-why-it-rejected-math-textbooks/

POMPONNE-sur-Marne_ Florida still won’t explain why it rejected math textbooks, but buccanniers sources close to The Raiders relay that the ban on math has more to do with finding a political scapegoat for the “Florida Man Party” than what Pluto’s pimp is perpetrating for the next Frontier land donkey show on Main Street U.S.A..

Told YOU ALL YESTERDAY… “This has been done before” on Highway 61.

Our France correspondent/stringer/shutterbug/SDF and undocumented tourist-at-large, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo spoke to Pluto’s Pimp, a man from Chessy-d’Issigny, who Évry body calls Walt.

And like Rock and Roll, the French know knot how to debate… mostly because they debate in French.


mister Walt, what in the fuck is going on between El Ratón Miguelito y Chucho El Pluto; and what is señorita MiEnerba’s role on this Main Street U.S.A. float?

Walt d’Issigny:

It’s not a float, Dairy Queen! It’s a banana split! That’s what it is…


_here’s another thing you should Google, Algebra was created to provide practical answers for land distribution, rules on inheritance and distributing salaries.

Coïncidence, Mrs. Wilson?  Nope, just a correspondence.

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