It’s Viarmes {not} Viernes — Hoy es jueves, don Hoyos.

Felices pascuas, Cerf-panthère… don’t forget that Halloween arrives before the Lamb.

Note to editors:
Please be advised that Öüï is a messenger {and} Eye has nothing to do with the bibliography {nor} the shuffle.

With that out of the way, mister Chess player extraordinaire, here’s that “Flush” i promised you about a month, or so–ago.

Transgender politics.

… And, Willie Geist, you know that the Gwar is over when MSNBC starts auctioning Russian Oligarchie yatchs with ORGY included in the spending bill.

Musical Track:
You Say You Want A Revolution?

But if you go carrying pictures of Poindexter aide [a War Criminal]
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow

Dear, ManyMeroChickens, or as the ASTROS call, IT!, in San Anto,
Poly means many.
mero as an adverb is Spanish for precisely, exactly {or} just.
—Poulos… ask Cibo Matto, because Chubby:
Know your Chicken, you’ve got to Know your Chicken.
{and} don’t forget your radical, because you’ve got to be able to house The Roots.

And here is why, COUSIN JOE, youse from Alabama, you of all pundits know that letting allowing your news GROUPERS¹ the opportunity to bring in a TSA agent in the role of a Beltway reporter is going to ruffle a few feathers with real veterans who have to go FIGHT A WAR for the reasons that THE REAL ALI refused to raise his hand on another human in CHINA LAND²!

https ://www .pewtrusts .org /fr /research-and-analysis /blogs /stateline /2021/09/14 /forget-the-alamo-depicts-a-racist-heritage-sparking-backlash

¹.~ English noun for a BIG FUCKING FISH {or} French for assembling {or} armando if you want to Square Dance the issue.

².~ Nuevo León.

Racist intelligence, or creative ambiguity? Ask Poly-mero-ketópoulos

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