It’s Viarmes {not} Viernes — Hoy es jueves, don Hoyos.

Felices pascuas, Cerf-panthère… don’t forget that Halloween arrives before the Lamb.

Note to editors:
Please be advised that Öüï is a messenger {and} Eye has nothing to do with the bibliography {nor} the shuffle.

With that out of the way, mister Chess player extraordinaire, here’s that “Flush” i promised you about a month, or so–ago.

Transgender politics.

… And, Willie Geist, you know that the Gwar is over when MSNBC starts auctioning Russian Oligarchie yatchs with ORGY included in the spending bill.

Musical Track:
You Say You Want A Revolution?

But if you go carrying pictures of Poindexter aide [a War Criminal]
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow

Dear, ManyMeroChickens, or as the ASTROS call, IT!, in San Anto,
Poly means many.
mero as an adverb is Spanish for precisely, exactly {or} just.
—Poulos… ask Cibo Matto, because Chubby:
Know your Chicken, you’ve got to Know your Chicken.
{and} don’t forget your radical, because you’ve got to be able to house The Roots.

And here is why, COUSIN JOE, youse from Alabama, you of all pundits know that letting allowing your news GROUPERS¹ the opportunity to bring in a TSA agent in the role of a Beltway reporter is going to ruffle a few feathers with real veterans who have to go FIGHT A WAR for the reasons that THE REAL ALI refused to raise his hand on another human in CHINA LAND²!

https ://www .pewtrusts .org /fr /research-and-analysis /blogs /stateline /2021/09/14 /forget-the-alamo-depicts-a-racist-heritage-sparking-backlash

¹.~ English noun for a BIG FUCKING FISH {or} French for assembling {or} armando if you want to Square Dance the issue.

².~ Nuevo León.

Racist intelligence, or creative ambiguity? Ask Poly-mero-ketópoulos

Previously, on: “All Öüï are sayin’,” Reverend Al Sharpton is:

Next Friday, is the 13th of the month; and in Espagnol, Reverend Sharpton, its transliteration onomástica is El Martes Trece, now because youse an honorary Mexican on this here little wordpress®️blog, a most distinguished Mexican, not like that Santa Ana fellow who gave The Avengers of a bunch of SLAVE Traders (p. 4 of 25 N° 2537) the Lone Star State or Texas, (as the Very French named it, just to Taunt them Criollos)…


Remember to go and

If you do go [to El Alamo] then DO REmember and in FA Solo LA meas una vez, ? .:. A42094CC-1F8D-4705-AD2D-BD9634C7E739 🦇 Just Like OZZY did.

öüï here are going to say a Little Prayer for you before Crystal Waters “puts on her make–up” and tells your congregation how “She’s homeless” is the continuation of Aretha’s pseudo gospel* and veritable Canto de SOULBABY! G.L.O.R.I.A. a CHUY!… al Prieto Chuy, because el Güero Chuy is not my Cousin; los Prieto Sí.


And in Washington, we [the staff] are going to have to put Stephanie Ruhle on hold, she appears to be on a wardrobe malfunction moment with the white house* so we are going to have the Reverend on hold and for the record, we welcome A.M. Joy to this weekend’s timeline.

* one of the two, Nick Mulvaney or the Ruhle is going on stage naked. Meanwhile, the First Lady ya anda en pelotas, jugando al tennis en La Version gringa de Santa Anna pensando que ella es Maria Antonieta en La Casa Blanca, “WHO”, the Steph asks:

thinks that having the First Lady en pelotas, (that’s birthday suit, for nakid) y jugando al tennis was a good idea???

… and King Louie, goes:

Deer, Steph

Deer, Steph: öüï know that your Lavalier mic is n°3 .:. 7D65C111-E9BC-4554-ACEF-5C114653FA61

15 to the Left.

http ://nightflight .com /mel-brooks-1981-hit-made-him-the-first-white-artist-to-land-a-rap-song-on-the-rb-charts/


So—for the record

So, for the record Ms.Reid, in the beginning, “the congregation“ was going for BLOOMBERG, eh? .:. 34CDCC25-4057-427D-8858-E67384729FEC ⛪️ So basically, the « congregation », measuring from your recollection of how the ViP seating arrangement was FiXed at Brown Chapel, WE THE PEOPLE are to believe that the entire POLITICS NATION is still chasing the 40 acres and one mule promise? — Well, darkness, let Mí, introduce you to the new Cherokee Jeep, it’s like a Cadillac; but you can live inside of one if the Biden booster-shot doesn’t deliver after MICHAL BLOOMBERG, and the usual established political deities (santos del día) prove to be more of the same carpet-bagged grits. 🕊 All we are saying…

Oh, hey Negrita, regarding that pseudo gospel* from Aretha, Eye really needs you to not read the following non–consequential commentary because it will aim to reach the gods of PARODY, not necessarily the titans of punditry.


Efeméride: who would have known, that the same siege that cemented Manifest Destiny (Gral. Santa Anna’s ALAMO PROJECT) for them United States would one day, under the RULE OF A NAKED EMPEROR wannabe, sink that ship like the explosion that marked the beginning of the end of The Spanish Empire, ISSY, Purple Pundit, tell u.s. more — tell u.s. Moore, about Donald Trump’s “Alamo project” of 2016, por favor… “You know my name, pick up the Number”.

Dear, Philippe Labró, meet the Reverend Al Sharpton

Issy, mr. Labro you may call Marte in any language that you wish to call Mars in, you May call Mars Nikki, or Volta, including AUSSI: en la lengua de su chingada maternelle… pero no se lo vaya usted a decir a doña Vilma Fuentes, because she’s got Friends in High places. Eye guess what i is saying is that Frenchys are gonna French, so… have at it, Philippe, you crazy « américanologue », you.

Anygüey, mr. Labro have you met my Man at Politics Nation, the Reverend Al Sharpton? He happens to be an honorary Mexican on this here most non–consequential blog. With that out of the way, let u.s. gather here (Rue Bolivar^; antes Rue Puebla*) and —no pun intended— Bliss this Mess, AMen, CarMen.

^ p. 78, just Below Rue Bolero
* p. 605

Lorde, we ask that you allow, our Sista Maddow to invocate Between Two Ferns and that our Cus’, Rachel Glasses, is allowed to take the contenders out of the TRMS studio. A–men… Car–men.

With prayers out of the güey, mr. Labro, öüï call upon el Niño Luc’s Soul Brother and overall ‘ugly Mexican’, Samuel Stein, to read from the letters to the Marianne Faithfuls to reflect on the false equivalent of making parallels across imaginary lines (drawn on the sand), por ejemplo, Aunt Scarborough:

Dear, Rev

Dear, Rev .:. 7D79D777-27C3-4A5B-BFB2-233121E2634F ⛪️ Now we are not drawing parallels between kiddie porn peddlers like SAY, the good pastors at The Light of The World church in Jalisco, México, and any given Baptist congregation in say, SELMA, Alabama. 🕊 “All Öüï are sayin’,” is

Attention battlestations
Attention battlestations

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise, Güï repeats:

Dirty Cher

You’ve heard of “Dirty Diana”, it’s not one of D.O.S.

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise… it was the cher. D.A.T. D.A.R.E. bitch, wait scratch that! insert witch instead, first took care of “domingo” and then she went straight to Mardi like a Tree on Sonny.

Las rues:
Stéphane, B., « Dictionnaire des Nomes de Rues”. MÉNGUES 1977–2005. 75002 Paris.

La Semana que Philippe Labro:
https ://www .cnews .fr /monde /2020-03-06/ la-semaine-de-philippe-labro -le-rebond-de-biden-les-sauts-de-halsman-933542

Líneas para lelas:
https ://elpais .com /internacional /2019/05/28 /actualidad / López-Obrador-La-Luz-del-Mundo-y-la-agenda-evangélica.html

Hoy no hubo eclipse… Dear, Senator*. Crenshaw (R–TX)

The Moon in Paris went on S.T.R.I.K.E.

TimeStamp: 20h10 in CET

Everybody's wondering

Everybody’s wondering, not just “How high the Moon” but where did it go? .:. Baldy Velshi has all the shapes figured out and Emmanuelle just added color to that script. .:. 28882945-E233-4CA1-8FD0-36BFB7C5F82C —_¡|¡_— MSNBC… the place for hot nerds.

Our “Color Shapes” verification reporter has the Details and, a Hot Nerd in Red the coordinates on the missing moon. It appears that a disgruntled Romanian fogged the Parisian night sky on account of a Short Supply of Red Red Wine… scratch D.A.T., “a” Short Supply of Red Red Blood.

Still to come:
Saturn steps into the Space of Capricorn, which stands for the “Order of Things”, the “Don’t you dare Ask Why?” the die that casts Authoritative regimes; lucky for u.s. there’s a Moon in between, and contrary to the “fake news” the Moon is the little rock that could, “lunatics” is a misnomer for regular people. Whitout Without the Moon, Mr. Hayes, this fucken planet is off of it’s RAILS, starting with D.E.M. Waves.


TimeStamp: 22h12 CET; in Paris, Texas, it’s the 3 oh–Clock hour.

Digresión (Fuck The Alamo)

First off, Senator Crenshaw, (in this most non-consequential blog, Sir, there are no representatives, down here, all of you motherfuckers are Senators; right now it makes no sense that the Senate is an extension to a wanna–be Caesar) nice patch, where’d y’get it?

White Wabbit

Actually, Sir, that recalculation about how Iran deals with u.s., was brought upon when Trump took it upon himself to dismantle two-step[s] forward on account that Melania has a “thing” for Obama .:. 22E53245-21CB-45FA-A332-D17E1B706A49 🕊 And with regards to sending troops as “security details”, or something like that, please be adviced D.A.T.:
“One pill makes you Larger, and One pill makes you small —•!•— and the One that MIKA gives you, don’t do anything at ALL

Go Ask Alix, when she’s ten-feet TALL”.

Earlier in ‘the’ programming we [the staff] had a brief window of opportunity to get a visual of your Morning Joe appearance. Right now, our logistics and supply chain are a lot like “the” raccoon comercial of a well-known insurance company, literally; so when it comes to WiFi access the signal comes and goes, right now (because of the Metro strike in Paris, France) “the” Eddy Currents are at a low, not so during Morning Joe, during that time slot the RATP releases a volley of trains just to keep the natives at-ease. Morning Joe for me is High-Noon Pepe and for the French it’s lunch–time and so, trains run almost normal, add to that, that my hole-underground is right next to the Disney®️ Rail (Line B to Cheesy–Chessy) so consider the fact that that line, is working close to normal. Sooooo, this in part (Eddy Currents) is the reason that i only caught the part where you seem to justify the (Mike Pompeo’s horse’s-ass whisper) attack on Iran.